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  • LyX: Some author affiliations not showing (achemso)December 11

    I have a document in LyX using the "American Chemical Society (ACS)" document class, with several authors from two different institutions. Some authors, however, do not have their institution displayed (the dagger symbol does not appear above th

  • Changing achemso bibliography style in tables?December 3

    I am having a small problem with the bibliography style of the achemso package. This style essentially creates a superscript after punctuation which is fine. However, when I am creating a table, I would like to show the reference full size and not as

  • keyword printing with achemso templateOctober 6

    I am using 'achemso' package template on MixTex 2.9 and trying to print my keywords, but could not succeed. I have read that there is a bug fix report on the 'change history' section of the achemso document for keyword printing, however, could not fi

  • Several alternative affiliations in achemso

    Several alternative affiliations in achemsoSeptember 8

    I need to have 2 "altaffiliation" for an author using achemso, meaning: \author{author1} \affiliation{uni1} \altaffiliation{Contributed equally to this work} \author{author2} \affiliation{uni1} \altaffiliation{Present address: uni2} \altaffiliat

  • @BOOKMARK error with .bib file of achemso-demo template

    @BOOKMARK error with .bib file of achemso-demo templateAugust 16

    I am trying to compile a template provided in JACS website by Joseph Wright. Although it is compiled w/o any error (if I exclude the package mhchem), when I add my .bib file, I have an error message saying that ! Paragraph ended before \@BOOKMARK was

  • chemgreek.sty error with achemsoAugust 15

    I am trying to use achemso packages donwloaded directly from CTAN. Although I have installed the packages to the location MiXTex2.9/tex/latex, I have an error message saying that 'File `chemgreek.sty' not found'. I have texmaker as a tex editor and t

  • Reference not showing paper title

    Reference not showing paper titleAugust 1

    enter link description hereI am a new user of Latex. I am writing a paper for an ACS journal where the references are required to show the paper TITLE. I am using bibdesk for managing my citations. But when i typeset, the references do not contain th

  • BibTex problem w/achemso packagesJuly 27

    I am trying to use achemso package for my bibliography and having problem with my references. I keep getting error message saying that "! Improper alphabetic constant. <to be read again> \protectl.26...ed properties \cite{bierbaum03a,stuart08}&

  • Achemso installing problems, Windows

    Achemso installing problems, WindowsJuly 19

    I will try to explain where my problems are, where after hours of trial and error I still do not get achemso running. Maybe its an MiKTeX Package problem I have or I really do not know anymore, thats why I will try to ask here. I downloaded the achem

  • Compound referencing with achemsoJuly 15

    I would like to reference the compounds in my schemes with achemso in a manner similar to the options given by chemstyle, but is that possible? The documentation for achemso list a scheme environment but the \schemref macro fails --------------Soluti

  • Remove star after \author and remove footnote thereof with achemso

    Remove star after \author and remove footnote thereof with achemsoJuly 12

    I am preparing a report using the achemso document class. I do not want to write an article, hence I do not need to have the * and the footnote "whom correspondence should be addressed". I tried \author[\empty]{name} but this messed up the text,

  • JACS communication: Author information section does not appearJuly 4

    I'm trying to write a publication with the achemso package, for a submission to JACS, communication format. I don't know if it's the expected behaviour, but I found no way to create a section "Author information". In some publications, this sect

  • Does it matter if I use .\ in my Journal field in the bib file?June 12

    When using bibtex and citing a paper should I use journal = {J. Am.\ Chem.\ Soc.}, or is journal = {J. Am. Chem. Soc.}, OK? I know in body text when you have a period that isn't after a single letter you are supposed to mark it as not a sentence endi

  • ACS achemso package for I&EC ResearchMarch 3

    I am not an expert of Latex and I am trying to use ACS Latex template to write a paper for I&EC Research. I started to modify achemso-demo.tex to write my paper, but I got a bit confused with the references. I created a bib file in Jabref for the ref

  • Does achemso no longer support "submitted" BibTeX entry types?February 6

    Looking through old documentation for achemso.bst, I noticed that it (at one time?) supported a submitted entry type for articles that have been submitted but not published. I was unable to find any reference to the submitted type in the most recent

  • achemso package not running, bibliography generates errosFebruary 5

    I am trying to write a paper using the achemso document class for the first time. I had worked with LaTeX previously using a different document class (book) and I had only used the achemso package to keep track of the references and have the referenc

  • With bibliography style "achemso" publishing years of books aren't bold

    With bibliography style "achemso" publishing years of books aren't boldDecember 10

    I'm currently using achemso as my bibliography style. And i have to cite some books, but unlike for papers the publishing year for the books does not appear in bold numbers. Does anybody have an idea how to change that? I have only tried putting \tex

  • How do I remove the symbols near the authors names in Achemso?November 14

    By using the Achemso package, I encountered the following problem: I have a list of authors, all with the same affiliation, except for one that has also a new affiliation. \author{Author 1} \author{Author 2} \altaffiliation{X} \author{Author 3} \affi

  • Meta-data in achemso class: journal-appropriate affiliation format

    Meta-data in achemso class: journal-appropriate affiliation formatOctober 22

    I am using achemso to prepare a manuscript for J. Phys. Chem. A. Everything looks great except that the author/affiliation page has affiliation info both in the footnote and below the author list. For the journal I am submitting to, no affiliation in

  • achemso + chemmacros incompatibilityAugust 26

    The combination of the achemso and chemmacros package used to work, but now I've upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 (TeXLive 2013, I believe) and I get the following: \documentclass{achemso} \usepackage{chemmacros} \title{Title} \begin{document} \end{document}

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