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  • i have a problem with the responsivity of my site [on hold]February 10

    i have a problem with a site i built www.hadran.co.il, the site looks good but in the phone it looks very bad. its go left and many more problem, can anybody can go to the page threw the phone and tell me what the problem can be? and their is deffera

  • How to add background image control to page admin controls?

    How to add background image control to page admin controls?December 24

    I understand that each page is assigned its own class such as .page-id-22 & I can use that to assign a background image to it using the stylesheet but I've seen a theme that adds a control to the admin section of the page itself, which is what I'd li

  • Custom css author role

    Custom css author roleDecember 19

    I need a code snippet to load css (extra style sheet?) when a author is logged in. This is for a custom dashboard and post "page". The screenshot is what i mean by post page. I want to hide stuf by css for only authors. Things within the red cir

  • Media Upload not working after hiding some elements from functions.phpDecember 19

    I have put the below code in functions.php. (It's used to hide some options from client.) But the problem is, after adding these codes, images are not uploading, can't even even uploaded photos from library or while creating a new post. Someone pls h

  • How to add a class to wp-admin custom sub menu item?November 3

    I was given the following code snippet: <?php add_action( 'admin_init','acme_custom_menu_class' ); /** * Iterates through the menu items in the dashboard and then applies a custom class * to the 'Posts' menu item. */ function acme_custom_menu_class()

  • wp_is_mobile() inside jsJuly 27

    I've stumbled upon a issue that i can't fix. I've implemented a autocollapse menu ..all works fine UNTILL i go to mobile version where the wp core's menu bugs out with my menu js code. Basicly i have a js file that contains the auto-collapse menu cod

  • Can't resize logo in responsive theme?July 26

    I've been knocking my head against this one for hours. I haven't dabbled in web development in years, so I'm very rusty. I setup a new website, clearerlines.net, designed a logo for the header, and installed it using the custom theme's(Nova Lite) opt

  • prevent front end theme from injecting css into wp-admin

    prevent front end theme from injecting css into wp-adminJuly 25

    I've created a custom child theme of parent theme Cordillera. This is my child theme's header.php (<head>): <!DOCTYPE html> <html <?php language_attributes(); ?>> <head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=

  • Change in the admin stylesheet files doesn't seem to influence the admin areaJuly 10

    So I want to customize the admin area in wordpress, including the admin toolbar and the admin menu. But no matter what I do it seems to have absolutely no influence on the admin area. I have a complete fresh install of wordpress, with no themes insta

  • conditionally update css on edit.phpJune 19

    I want to change the background-color of each row in the posts table based on some date checks. The css I need to change is tr#post-nnnn {background-color:$myColor} where nnnn is the post number and $myColor is an array of 5 predefined colors. I have

  • Simple CSS admin pagination

    Simple CSS admin paginationJune 12

    First of all thanks for your time :). I have a dropdown menu option for the admin menu..but the pages still render at the menu edge. Any css trick to position pages correctly? Thanks in advance.

  • Add visit site to your toolbar instead of being in the dropdown

    Add visit site to your toolbar instead of being in the dropdownJune 10

    I'm looking for a way to move the "Visit Site" link from drop-down and add it to the main toolbar, just like in the image shown below: --------------Solutions------------- Not complicated, but a little tricky to get timing right. Something like

  • theme injecting css into wp-admin

    theme injecting css into wp-adminMay 4

    Some of the CSS from my theme is being used in wp-admin. For instance "Add New Page" on /wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=page is coloured blue, which comes from my theme, as stated by Chrome code inspector. This is my theme's functions.php: <

  • What is the best way of replacing css property in load-styles.phpMarch 18

    I am loading a custom CSS file and overriding the .nav-tab but until my styles loads I still see the default background color declared by wp_admin . What would be the fastest way to override its background property. Is there specific filter that I co

  • Pulling apart & understanding the WP Admin Menu FlyoutsFebruary 28

    I need some help, or advice, on [how to] understanding the Admin Menu Flyout submenus. I've narrowed it down to the following key components: ul.wp-submenu This is the actual submenu, used to display the Accordion style menus underneath the active pa

  • Adding HTML tags or css classes to admin columns

    Adding HTML tags or css classes to admin columnsJanuary 21

    Is it possible to add a custom class to the links in admin columns? I'm trying to replicate the labels below. I'm using WP 4.1 and my CPT is using 'show_admin_column' => true in register_taxonomy and I have two custom taxonomies I'd like to apply thi

  • How To Differentiate Drafted product and Publish Product through Color?January 21

    I want to set a different color border for product drafts and published products in my WordPress backend page. If there is a drafted product in my WordPress product listing page then it should have a red background color and if there is a published p

  • Deregister CSS style file from WP footerSeptember 19

    When user is logged in WP add in its footer this CSS: <link rel='stylesheet' id='open-sans-css' href='//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans....' type='text/css' media='all' /> That style is not registered inside my theme, if I change my theme

  • Simple/basic use of get_current_screenAugust 28

    I would like to load a stylesheet on only 3 admin pages: post.php?post=7&action=edit post.php?post=10&action=edit post.php?post=18&action=edit I was trying with admin_enqueue_script but it doesn't seem to be capable of such specificity (see my

  • Is it possible to be more page/post specific with admin_enqueue_script?August 28

    I am using this code to load a stylesheet in the admin, but only on post.php related pages: function my_enqueue_for_post_pages_only($hook) { if( 'post.php' != $hook ) return; wp_register_style( 'custom_wp_admin_css_for_post_pages_only', get_template_

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