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  • How do I curve a textbox on the lower part of a circle without the text having to be upside down, in Illustrator CC?April 4

    I used the "type on a path" to make a curved textbox on the top of a circle but when I want to have the text curved on the lower part of the circle it has to be upside down.. Any help is appreciated.

  • Reszing moving object not working

    Reszing moving object not workingApril 4

    I am unable to move resize object in illustrator. Some times it work some times it doesn't. You can view in below GIF. I have tried uninstalling/installing illustrator again. Updating/downgrading but still same issue. I have also tried to delete sett

  • Illustrator: how to reproduce line art

    Illustrator: how to reproduce line artApril 4

    I am interested to find a proper way of reproducing the below line art example. What I've tried: -I've created two layers with paralel lines with different widths using Blend/make option. -Using the Object tool, I've created a circle, used as a clipp

  • Adobe Illustrator Maximum Size?January 11

    We know Adobe Illustrator allows a maximum dimension of 577.95cm. I want to design 1200 CM *150 CM Poster and 360 DPI. How I can do this in Adobe Illustrator ?

  • Illustrator: how to cut and delete a group of elements

    Illustrator: how to cut and delete a group of elementsJanuary 11

    I have the following group of elements created using Blend/Make option in Illustrator. Is there any possibility to delete the selected left part before the guideline? I've tried eraser tool but is not so precise, I can't use it as a rectangle/delete

  • How to create this type of stuff in illustrator?

    How to create this type of stuff in illustrator?January 11

    please share me video tutorial if you have. and what name of the style? --------------Solutions------------- There's no "specific" way to make these type of illustrations. BUT... from what I can see, you're focusing on pattern designed illustrat

  • How to obtain many different sublayers with each individual piece of a logo in Illustrator?January 11

    Okay, so I was asked by my Graphic Design teacher to create a logo for my school's new bowling club. My instructions were to modify the picture of our mascot to include a bowling ball and pins and other things like that. That part is fine I understan

  • Question on how to set new documentDecember 7

    1.In Photoshop when i set my document there are many unit preferences to choose i.e pixels,inches,cm,mm,points,picas and columns.when can i use them?do they have the same function? 2.What is bit? what is the difference between 1,8,16 and 32? 3.what i

  • Automatically transform curves to polygons in AI CC

    Automatically transform curves to polygons in AI CCAugust 21

    I have a script that reads SVG coordinates and creates a dot on each anchor point. The problem is that it does not work with curves so I need to transform the curves of any shape into straight lines - example: A basic object like that is somewhat eas

  • Objects do not abut precisely in Illustrator CC

    Objects do not abut precisely in Illustrator CCAugust 20

    I am trying to make a logo with a pattern of varied transparencies since the client wants a transparent png logo. No matter what I try, I cannot get the squares to line up perfectly. It looked fine as a solid object, but when I added some opacity to

  • Illustrator Pathfinder Minus Front Not Cropping Circle Shape Precisely

    Illustrator Pathfinder Minus Front Not Cropping Circle Shape PreciselyAugust 20

    I'm trying to cut a circle shape with a rectangle overlay and it's changing the shape of the crop somehow. This is similar to the pixel grid issues except I have the align to pixel grid off. So IDK what's going on. Here's what happening: 1. I Add A C

  • Match Illustrator text to 3d ObjectAugust 19

    I created an object in Blender, imported it into Illustrator, and I want to put text on it that matches the perspective (hopefully using the 3D Rotate tool). I know all the "hacks" and "eyeballing" methods to do this, but I was hoping

  • Designing a website mockup in Illustrator

    Designing a website mockup in IllustratorAugust 6

    I am designing a website in Illustrator and then handing the PDF off to the web developer. What size in inches should my mock up be? --------------Solutions------------- You should be setting up Illustrator in pixels not inches and this only depends

  • Change transparency of multiple objects

    Change transparency of multiple objectsAugust 5

    I am fairly new to illustrating with vectors using Adobe Illustrator and I'd like know, is it possible to change the transparency of a fill for multiple objects without changing its color? Basically like in this mockup: Of course I can achieve this e

  • issue with alignment with two objects

    issue with alignment with two objectsAugust 5

    I'm trying to make puzzle piece, so I want to cut out circle from rectangle, but somehow I can't make their left sides to coincide :/ Does anyone had same problem? As you see when I click 'Horizontal Align Left' icon, it's what I get on pic.

  • Illustration Banner 5x3 mMarch 1

    I have a question about a illustration I need to make. The illustration will be used on a banner of 5 x 3 meters. Normally I work with Photoshop. But if I will make this illustration with Photoshop for this size my document will be huge. Ofcourse I c

  • vector images for collaring in HELP ME!March 1

    This is my first time using Ai. I have been asked to send Ai format vector files 9 inches x9 inches, to an email, so that it can be used for a colouring in book. I am an artist not graphic designer!!! I have done the artwork. So, now I scan it?What s

  • Auto creating artboards in Illustrator?

    Auto creating artboards in Illustrator?February 29

    I have an Illustrator file with icons set up in this fashion on one artboard. Is there a way for me to create artboards for each icon for export easily, without going in and having to click each icon? --------------Solutions------------- There's a sc

  • What is the best way to achieve this linear pattern? [on hold]

    What is the best way to achieve this linear pattern? [on hold]February 29

    I need help creating such a graphic in illustrator or photoshop using simple tools and maintaining the perspective effect in sharp folds (contrary to wrap tools) I tried mesh tool but couldn't figure out a way to have the slanted effect.

  • should i apply the layer mask on the layer i've been working on before closing it?February 28

    I'm working on an artwork I did by hand for an invitation, cleaning it up in Photoshop...when I finish editing, should I apply the layer mask on the layer I've been working on before closing it? because I'm going to use it afterwards in illustrator..

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