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  • Optimally Connecting 2 routers to avoid double NATJanuary 9

    My d-link DSL router router is a wired only router. It has just 1outport - Ethernet port & this connects to the WAN port of a Linksys WRT 110 802.1N WiFi router . If I keep the DSL router in "router" mode & let it authenticate my ADSL IS

  • DSL and WLAN router working on LAN portsDecember 30

    I connected DSL router with WLAN router (disabled DHCP) over LAN ports. Internet is working. Can someone explain how this works? --------------Solutions------------- The router will also consist of a network switch. You're just using it as a network

  • Some problems with connecting two routerNovember 26

    There are too many problems with the dsl and telephone line in my area so all dsl providers ceased their service here. So my dsl modem became useless Then I contact one of the best internet providers and they said they are providing wireless Internet

  • How flow control occurs between ADSL modem and DSLAM?October 21

    When Adsl modem gets the ethernet packets, it forwards them to DSLAM at Central Office by phone lines,as i know ethernet protocol uses pause frames for control flow so what kind of protocol is there between the ADSL modem and DSLAM? What happens if D

  • Disable telnet service on routers?September 10

    I have found that the telnet service is running on a router. Telnet is publically known to be insecure. How does one turn off telnet service on adsl routers? Please advise how one can disable telnet on BT Home Hubs? Searches done (only 1 listed due t

  • Router lights are green, still unable to access internetAugust 10

    I have a TP Link modem router (TD-W8901N 150 Mbps wireless-n ADSL2+ modem router). My ISP had given me a phone along with the connection. But since I didn't need it, I removed the splitters and connected the phone line directly to the router. The rou

  • Router behaving strangelyAugust 4

    I am facing a strange problem with my router. The problem is as follows.When I turn on my CPU the internet in the router goes off.When I turn the CPU off, the internet turns on in the router.Router and the CPU are not connected in any manner.There is

  • Connecting 2 ADSL2 Modem Router in one splitterJuly 24

    I am having a new ADSL2+ Modem Router. I brought it few days back when my old one got complaint. It's working well but it doesn't have good connectivity in specific places. Today I received my old Modem Router replaced from service centre but not I h

  • List of router to allow the editing SNRJuly 13

    I would like to buy a modem (or router) that allows me to edit, through telenet, the SNR values. I read on internet that I will get something plus in terms of prestations of my ADSL line. Does someone know which router I should buy?

  • ADSL WiFi Router : Make clients see each otherJune 1

    I have a wireless ADSL router (TP-LINK TD-W8901N) which I'm using to connect two computers to the internet (using the wlan interface). Now I want my two computers to be able to discover each other and to be more precise I want to remotely control one

  • Wireless network managementMay 12

    My (wireless) network implementation, goes like this : 5 ADSL lines (Up to 24 Mbps) but they work aprox. @ 4-5 Mbps. I want to support 60 clients on the same time. The routers we have available : ZTE ZXHN H108NS -> Annex A(PSTN) I was wandering what

  • Convert ADSL wireless router to AP, not able to connect to internet wirelessly

    Convert ADSL wireless router to AP, not able to connect to internet wirelesslyApril 4

    I have a Zyxel P-660HW-T1 v3 ADSL2+ Wireless Router. I have a PPPoE broadband connection. There is a CPE on the rooftop. An RJ45 cable comes down from the CPE to my house. I need to have wireless connection to my smartphone and laptop. To achieve thi

  • Change wifi router password of TPlink TD-W8951NDMarch 13

    Recently, I found out that someone changed my router's default password. So, I have not been able to log into the router setting of my TPlink. While opening, , it asks for password, and while I tried to log in through my old username and

  • How can I fix DNS resolution on second router in home network?March 7

    Symptom: Delays of up to 30 seconds resolving DNS when plugged in to or Wif Connected to second router. Ping can take just as long via domain name, near instant via IP No problems when connecting directly to the router with direct internet connection

  • How to enable PPPoE Passthrough in DS-Link WR151DNDecember 25

    My ISP provides the internet via PPPoE and if I enter the user name and password in its connection wizard, it can't connect to the ISP server. As I learned, it requires PPPoE Passthrough (aka PPPoE Relay), but I can't find any settings in the routers

  • Internet connection becomes very slow after a while December 25

    Since past few days my internet connection isn't working properly. It becomes very slow after 2-3 minutes. I have to restart the modem after every 2 minutes to use it. nothing seems wrong with my PC. I didn't install any new application. ------------

  • Using LAN port instead of WAN portJuly 31

    I have a small query regarding WAN port use on the Router. Why is it not possible to use the regular LAN port on the router to connect to the ADSL modem+Router(with just 1 RJ45 port and 1 RJ11 port). (just changing the default ip to the current netwo

  • can i use my wireless adsl2 router+modem as modem only?July 23

    I have tenda w150D wireless router+modem. Its antenna is broken & it doesn't support dd-wrt. Now I wish to buy a router that does support dd-wrt. So can I use this current router+modem as modem only and buy a new dd-wrt supported router? ------------

  • Block Facebook video on routerJuly 15

    I would like to block video playback from Facebook, what url should I block in my router? I already tried these links video.ak.fbcdn.net & video.l3.fbcdn.net but still no luck. --------------Solutions------------- I'd look into ScriptSafe. It's an ex

  • More than one ADSL WiFi Router with Modem on LANJuly 12

    We have three ADSL Wifi Routers which are connected to my ISPs, these are wifi access points for the various computers that we use at office. Devices used: http://www.dlink.co.in/products/?pid=451 and a similar wifi router/adsl model device from DLin

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