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  • The Top WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    The Top WordPress Anti-Spam PluginsApril 8

    Spam is a constant annoyance for website developers and users. For websites, it usually comes in the form of unwanted messages repeatedly posted on your website. However, by using a plugin, spam can be easily handled by your WordPress website. In thi

  • Can I reuse the Akismet API key used on old version of my website? April 8

    I have a site with old version of Akismet plugin. I'm doing a major update/reinstall and I need Akismet API key to reactivate the Akismet plugin. I didn't find the key neither hardcoded anywhere in the plugin code nor stored in the wp_options table i

  • Contact form won't submitSeptember 8

    I posted this on the Stackoverflow site and haven't received much assistance with the issue. I hope that, by reposting it on here, someone could please offer me any assistance. I am creating a theme in Wordpress, using an Akismet form and a jQuery AJ

  • Batch approve commentsJune 1

    Akismet went crazy and sent several hundred comments to spam. Right now, I have to manually mark each comment as "Not Spam" and then manually move all of them from Pending to Approved. Any way to do this in a more efficient way? --------------So

  • selectively disable akismetNovember 17

    I need to disable Akismet for comments written by one of my registered users, since there is a problem that when such plugin is enabled they do not appear. I have some familiarity with php but I am unable to understand the right place to insert my if

  • How to spam-filter a custom content type with the Akismet plugin?October 21

    I have several inputboxes and no textareas in my custom content type. Can I use Akismet that comes with WP for that? If I can, how to do that? E.g. If I have 5 inputboxes like: name, address, city, telephone, email in my form that is saved from the f

  • Does Akismet plugin expose any hooks, functions, class that can work with custom code?July 30

    I have custom code that handles comment insertions using wp_insert_comment. Does Akismet plugin expose any hooks, functions, class that can work with the same and possibly elsewhere where custom forms for user content submissions are involved? Or do

  • Check spam in custom form - akismetApril 8

    I have a plugin that has input form, I have decided to check submitted data with akismet. I do have API key, WP comments are filtered correctly... here is, what I found: http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/2010/03/akismet-plugin-theme-stop-spam-dead/ problem

  • Why do I get email notifications about comments that Wordpress has already determined are spam?April 2

    I have a wordpress.org blog that I host on my own site. I have the Akismet plugin installed, and in general I keep both up-to-date (e.g. at the moment, Akismet is at version 2.5.7, and Wordpress at 3.5.1). From time-to-time (maybe every week or so),

  • Auto-deleting comments that trigger the blacklistFebruary 21

    By default, the WP 'blacklist' feature finds comments containing the blacklisted string and moves them to the spam folder. What I am trying to do is change it so that instead of going to spam, the comment goes directly to the trash (or even better is

  • Why does akismet prevent jetpack comments from appearing in my moderation queue?October 18

    On the blog I run, when I have Akismet activated, it somehow prevents comments posted via Jetpack from appearing in the moderation queue. I know it's Akismet because I have disabled every plugin but jetpack and received comments in the moderation que

  • How to deal with small scale comment spam on small commercial sites? July 10

    When I've built a few sites for small businesses in the past, I've historically been able to do without anti-spam measures. I now have several sites which get maybe between 5 and 20 spam comments a month each. I have it set set so all comments must b

  • Activate Akismet on installation with akismet keyFebruary 17

    I want Akismet to be activated by default on installation with my Akismet API key. I am making my own distribution that I will use on my own sites and I want the plugin and key to already be activated when installing a new wordpress site. -----------

  • Akismet plugin is deleting spam despite preferencesDecember 13

    Curiously, Akismet is deleting old spam comments after a period of time (I'm guessing within a week). This box is NOT checked: Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old. I've sent a message to Akismet support more than a week ago but

  • What do comments with [-] mean?March 24

    I get a bunch of comments that simply repeat the title with '[...]'. ie: [...] Some cool post title [...] Is this spam or is wordpress doing something wrong? I have the akismet plugin enabled. --------------Solutions------------- Its most likely to b

  • A spam bot loves me, what can I do?January 3

    I'm receiving many many spam comments using the same username and I guess it is a bot that keeps on submitting comments. In one week I get around 100 such comments (which is quite a lot for my small blog). I want to have a look at all comments that a

  • Auto block ALL IP's indicated by Akismet?December 23

    I'm thinking of blocking all IP adresses indicated by Akismet as containing spam. Something like cronning select distinct wp_comments.comment_author_IP FROM `wp_commentmeta` JOIN `wp_comments` WHERE wp_commentmeta.comment_id = wp_comments.comment_id

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