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  • How to navigate through views without changing the url?February 17

    Using angular 1.5, I'm developing some features and views, where I pretend to perform some navigation, keeping the url untouchable example: 1) Access to url myapp.com, shows login form 2) login success (do stuff, doesnt matter now) 3) view changes wi

  • Unknown provider error - AngularJS App issueFebruary 17

    var myApp = angular.module("MyApp", ['ngRoute']); myApp.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) { $routeProvider. when('/', { templateUrl: 'partials/cart.php', controller: 'ctrl', resolve: { categories: function(cartService){ console.

  • AngularJS splitting routes results in module is not availableFebruary 16

    I'm using AngularJS 1.3 on a large single page app and I'm trying to split up my routes file. I'm following the advice from the following question and have run into problems finding my new module How might I move AngularJS Routes into separate file M

  • How to include my angular controller into my ui-router modelFebruary 16

    I am a newbie in angular. I want to include my controller lib/AppController.js into my ui-router module to display on the index page. Kindly help here is my index.html <body> <div ui-view="home"></div> </body> Appmodule.j

  • Angularjs routeprovider.when for set of conditions and one controllerFebruary 12

    I have 3 urls(blog, help, tips) for routing which will be having same controller and same html page. rcapp.config(function($routeProvider) { $routeProvider .when('/csv-validation',{ templateUrl:'csv-validation.html', controller:'csvController' }) .wh

  • How does Angularjs routing work for applications outside the browser?February 11

    I am creating a single page app (mobile/desktop) using AngularJS. Based on the limited knowledge I have of AngularJS, I think the routing for the apps/websites is based on urls and $location/$location.path directive is used. However, in mobile or des

  • Design - nav that sending dataFebruary 9

    Iam building my first angular app and I have a design question that I'm racking my brain couple of days. I got a nav and lists in the nav. Every li is sending data to a function in a controller that getting data from server and showing the data in a

  • angularjs and brackets live preview: The simplest code doesn't workFebruary 8

    I'm a newbie to angularJS and I'm trying to make the simple thing to work but I fail. HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.4.9/angular.min.js"></script>

  • Angular route provider not workingFebruary 7

    I have MVC application with angular. Iam using route provider that is working fine on debug mode but when Im setting my app on iis it's not working, the site url should be: server/applicationName/#/Routeprovider But actually the url is: server/applic

  • bootstrap component tabs, carousels etc not respondFebruary 3

    Until my contact page was a static HTML ie contact.html the bootstrap component tab, carousel etc work fine as soon as I used ngRoute, routing to a partial view these components functionality no longer worked. is anyone ever had this issue? ---------

  • AngularJS routing doesn't workJanuary 29

    I can't implement angularJS routing in my page, when I first made it, it worked, but after browser returns nothing. Code: http://plnkr.co/edit/lIXeC0X6SkzXKcr8hoAp?p=catalogue app: angular.module('$routingApp', ['ngRoute']) .config(['$routeProvider',

  • Getting a # in URL from angularJS $stateProviderJanuary 27

    I am getting a strange # in the middle of my url for example if I try to go to localhost:8080 where I have my AngularJS app running I am redirected to http://localhost:8080/#/home. I don't understand where this # is coming from but I suspect it has s

  • Angular routing based on a conditionJanuary 27

    I have been trying to find a way to implement angular routing which routes based on a condition rather than which link the user clicks route1 -> view1 route2 -> view2 To add complication, the condition itself is evaluated on the result of a service.

  • AngularJS: Routing runs controller twiceJanuary 26

    I'm trying to build custom radio buttons, and I've discovered that my controllers are being executed twice for each instance. I have not specified the view controller twice. That seems to be the common problem. I'm using angular-routing, and the rele

  • Display different template on selecting an option in menuJanuary 20

    I'm trying to display different templates on selecting the menu options. I'm able to display it, but I want the menu to be displayed along with respective template selected in menu list (i.e., I want both menu and the respective option selected on sa

  • Angular otherwise doesn't work in case of a hrefJanuary 18

    I have the following in one of my templates (under a folder name "partials") <a href="index.html">« Back to search</a> in one of my js I define the routing in the following way: var app=angular.module("app",['ngRo

  • Implementing Dynamic Routing in Angular2 (Typescript)January 17

    RouteConfig class which can be used to decorate a component (@RouteConfig) with routing capabilities has certain route definitions defined for that component. Now, the catch is to have these route definitions injected at runtime (dynamically). The re

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