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  • How can I display JMockit Coverage report with decimal percentage?February 17

    I have generated JMockit coverage report using ant task, but currently it just saw me round up value of percentage coverage. i have thousands of class, so it take too much time to increase round up percentage of coverage. I need to see progress of co

  • Manualy trigger jenkins to clone from a git repoFebruary 17

    I am new to Jenkins.I was wondering if there is a way to manually trigger Jenkins to clone from a git repo to my local directory . My requirement is to have a trigger system that will clone the code to my local so that I can run a ant script on that

  • Is it possible to add Std.Dev to the JMeter Ant HTML Report

    Is it possible to add Std.Dev to the JMeter Ant HTML ReportFebruary 16

    I would like to get Std.Dev in the JMeter Ant Task HTML Report.How do I do that? I tried to modify and add in the jmeter-results-deatil-report_21.xsl , but thrown below error BUILD FAILED D:\JMETER\apache-jmeter-2.13\apache-jmeter-2.13\extras\build.x

  • Barebones mySQL java connector issueFebruary 16

    I'm trying to setup a mySQL connector and I'm not sure what's going wrong. Here is the error: SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/db?user=root&password= Here is my java: // ESTABLISH DRIVER INSTANCE try { // The newInsta

  • Sencha touch and Phonegap, sencha app build error

    Sencha touch and Phonegap, sencha app build errorFebruary 15

    I've been trying to integrate sencha touch with phonegap for days now. But, I can't seem to understand how to fix this one particular error, it occurs every time I run the command. sencha app build native or sencha app build Here are the lines mentio

  • Custom PMD rulset file on Jenkins Ant build not workingFebruary 15

    Here's how I am trying to load and reference the ruleset.xml file, <property name="xms3k-build.pmd.rule.url" value="${xms3k-build.url}/${xms3k-build.version}/ruleset.xml" /> <property name="xms3k-build.pmd.rule.file"

  • How to set classpath for ant in maven antrun plugin?February 15

    I am trying to call ant from maven with the antrun plugin to build a third party library. The ant file needs to be called as ant -lib path/to/some.jar all I can't figure out how to set the path to that some.jar from maven. Examples I find all require

  • error: package org.apache.log4j does not existFebruary 15

    I've installed liblog4j2-java on Ubuntu 15.04 because some Java project (that I'm trying to build with ant) complains about error: package org.apache.log4j does not exist. But that didn't help. I don't think that I need to hardcode anything in the bu

  • Eclipse error when launching ant build target

    Eclipse error when launching ant build targetFebruary 15

    I recently installed a newer version of eclipse (Mars, 4.5.0) and created new projects that pointed to my existing folders. Those projects include ant build.xml files, so I added each project's build.xml file to the eclipse Ant tool window. The files

  • Java Makefiles AlternativesFebruary 15

    I have a project that can be completed in any language. I wrote my project in Java. For the submission, the professor asks for a tar of our source code along with a makefile. From what I have been reading, it sounds as if it is not necessary to have

  • How can I provide a conditional jvmarg for the ant junit command?February 14

    Our shop has multiple build and test environments (Jenkins, Ant 1.9.6) set up on Java 6, 7 and 8. On Java 7 only, in order for our tests to run successfully, we need to add the JVM argument -XX:-UseSplitVerifier. I can't use a condition inside junit,

  • Dot symbol in java antFebruary 12

    I am new to Java Ant programming and I see this snippet of code <classpath> <pathelement location="${executor.jar.file}"/> </classpath> I see that the project has an executor folder, but what's the meaning of .jar.file? In gene

  • Ant build success even syntaxx errorFebruary 12

    I am using Drools DroolsCompilerAntTask to build the packages binary files such as below <taskdef name="compiler" classname="org.drools.contrib.DroolsCompilerAntTask" classpathref="drools.path" /> <target name="

  • How to run `ant` in an out of source way?February 12

    Trying to build an Android application, I got to the step where I have to run ant. The process fails with the following logs: ... [echo] ---------- [echo] Building Libraries with 'release'... [subant] No sub-builds to iterate on -code-gen: [mergemani

  • Generate keys in gradleFebruary 12

    Currently I'm using ant XML to generate keys and sign jars. I would like to eliminate the XML in the future by converting everything into a Gradle task without using ant.importBuild and not having to manually create keys with keytool -genkey. I belie

  • ANT macro exec path across platform and Windows case problemsFebruary 12

    I'm looking for the correct way of covering all bases when setting the PATH for the exec task in ANT. I've currently got this <property environment="env"/> <exec executable="cmd" spawn="true" dir="@{dir}" &

  • ANT Scrip to deploy a War file in MobileFirst Server to create run timeFebruary 12

    I am using Ant script to deploy a war file in mobile first server to create run time.But I am not sure about the ANT Script ,I am getting errors regarding database configuration . This is the error I am getting by running Ant Script :- Building proje

  • Could not find or load main class NotifyAdministrator in java antFebruary 12

    I write small snippet of code for learning "Execute java code" in ant the program code public class NotifyAdministrator { public static void main(String[] args) { String email = args[0]; notifyAdministratorviaEmail(email); System.out.println(&qu

  • Ant build fails to mkdirFebruary 12

    I'm currently trying to get a private server for an older mmo that no longer serves the US going. I am by no means a Java whiz, but I have been googling and beating my head against a wall for several hours now with no luck. I'm using eclipse for this

  • Drools Unable to resolve ObjectType during ant buildFebruary 11

    I am using DroolsCompilerAntTask for the ant build and I am getting the below error during the build rules: [compiler] Unable to resolve ObjectType 'Result' : [Rule name='Test'] For the rule file I have package rules import com.drools.info.*; dialect

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