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  • overlay-filesystem that can differentiate between metadata and file content?December 16

    AFAIK with aufs when a file is touched (ie. only it's metadata changed, not it's contents), then the copy-on-write mechanism of the file system will copy the whole file into the r/w layer, essentially duplicating the file. Say, I only want to change

  • How does AUFS store deleted files?September 1

    When I change a file in an AUFS-mount, that change gets stored somehow in the rw-layer. It is clear how new/changed files are stored in the rw-layer, but how get deleted files remembered there? --------------Solutions------------- All union filesyste

  • apt-get upgrade with /usr/bin on aufs fails to create backup linkAugust 17

    I'm trying to update a frugal persistent (root and home) install of antiX-15 x64 from stable to testing. I changed the source lists and ran apt-get update. apt-get upgrade then fails with the following error: Unpacking perl (5.20.2-6) over (5.20.2-3+

  • Making aufs union mounts read-writeAugust 12

    So I've got two systems, lucyvanpelt and schroeder. lucyvanpelt's /home is exported read-write to schroeder via NFS. Its location on schroeder is /mnt/home/lucyvanpelt I want to union-mount it with schroeder's home, so I do as follows: mount -t aufs

  • git server via ssh access alternate root (like svnserve -r root)July 16

    Is there any more elegant way to achive this? I want a dedicated git server for a multitude of (LDAP)users and multiple repositories. The repositories actually reside on a different server mounted via NFS. The users already have accouns via LDAP and

  • aufs root on gentoo/funtooJuly 1

    I have used an aufs root before on gentoo years ago, but cannot seem to get it going now. I am using genkernel-next, I would imagine I used genkernel before as well. I am using funtoo with aufs-sources and have aufs built-into the kernel (not a modul

  • AUFS only changes permissions of the topmost directoryJune 6

    I have two writeable directories branch1 and branch2 tied together with AUFS on Debian 8 to the mount point union. Mount options: br=branch1=rw:branch2=rw branch1 and branch2 each contain a subdirectory dir with permissions 700. When I change the per

  • AUFS: How to create a read/write branch of only part of a directory tree?May 22

    AuFS (another union file system) allows us to merge two trees into one, even when those trees overlap. We can then direct writes to the merged tree towards one of the branches and reads to another. The classic use of this is with a flash file system

  • How to properly unmount AUFS filesystem used as root filesystemApril 20

    I have an embedded system that has an (always) read-only root filesystem with a writeable filesystem overlayed on top of it. However, I'm having problems on system shutdown unmounting or remounting it as a read-only filesystem (which results in thing

  • aufs fs is being mounted before component partsMarch 13

    I'm having issues at boot time. It fails to mount the aufs (and so suspends the boot asking if I want to continue... no good on a server) I thought I had set up my fstab to mount the aufs AFTER the component parts: # <file system> <mount point>

  • How to emulate union mount behaviour with LVM in CentOS?

    How to emulate union mount behaviour with LVM in CentOS?February 20

    In short, I want to create a system restore image. My idea with AUFS is like the image below Now, as I require this mount setup at boot-time, I don't think I can do it with fuse and will require AUFS kernel support, which, CentOS 6.x doesn't have. So

  • Docker in Crouton - VFS consuming astronomical amounts of spaceJanuary 21

    I'm attempting to help out a roommate who has installed Kubuntu on his Chromebook using Crouton (it's basically just a fancy chroot run within ChromeOS). I helped him get the Docker daemon running, using some advice from this issue on the Docker gith

  • How can schroot works with aufsNovember 26

    I'm using schroot with aufs. Currently, my conf file under \etc\schroot\chroot.d looks like [trusty_chrome] description=Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty running Chrome and Adobe Flash directory=/srv/chroot/trusty_chrome personality=linux ... union-type=aufs union

  • Docker - Force to Use AUFS Instead of BTRFSJuly 25

    I am having significant problems using Docker on my BTRFS filesystem, and I suspect that is due to a lack of stability with the BTRFS driver. I would rather figure out how to switch the fs driver than ask multiple questions about the problems I have

  • Do files with equal name conflict in unionfs (aufs)?July 8

    I just tried to mount two folders in one using aufs on Debian 7 wheezy. The command I issued is the following: mkdir /test1 mkdir /test2 mkdir /test mount -t aufs -o dirs=/test1:/test2 none /test Then I wanted to see if files with the same name would

  • AuFS read only branch as another read only branchFebruary 14

    My goal is to use an AuFS read only branch as another read only branch: I've got a directory dir0, then I make : mount -t aufs -o br=dir2=rw:dir0=ro none dir1 This gives me - dir0 - dir1 #read only dir0 - dir2 #write layer of dir1 I now want to use d

  • "No space left on device" on AUFSJanuary 10

    In my own custom OS, I use aufs for mounting packages on every boot. These packages can be added/removed on the fly. The size of the storage device is 2.0 GB and size of total packages is 1.1 G. But whenever I try to copy a few files, I am greeted wi

  • How to start aufs for two local directoriesDecember 21

    I'm trying to create a sandbox for testing an untrusted software. I'm using Debian, I have installed aufs-tools. When I try to mount a minimal example with the following command: mount -t aufs -o dirs=./write=rw:/=ro none ./mount I'm getting: mount:

  • Is it possible to disable copy on write for AUFS?December 2

    I would like to set up a union mount with aufs such that new files can be created on a writable branch, but existing files cannot be modified. Is it possible to disable copy on write so that if an attempt is made to modify a file that already exists

  • Aufs Whiteout removalSeptember 25

    I'm using AUFS for merging 100+ branches for a project. At runtime, I frequently add or remove few branches. Now, If I have a branch named "firefox-21.0" and If I update/modify one of it's file then AUFS creats it's whiteout file (.wh). So far s

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