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  • What does it mean for the application developer to run an application in Kubernetes?February 3

    Typically application developers, take J2EE for instance, don't prioritize infrastructure-related concerns when designing an application. It's hard to interface with the traditional non-programmable infrastructure. A traditional approach is to build

  • front page isn't referring to front--page.tpl.phpNovember 23

    In my template (page.tpl.php file) I have five regions/sections. Header, section#main_prefix, section#main_suffix, and footer. I also have these regions declared in the .info file in my theme. However, my frontpage is only displaying three of those r

  • A ton of errors in panels content editor

    A ton of errors in panels content editorOctober 29

    There's a whole slew of errors at the top of my panels varient content editor page and I have no clue where to start in even fixing them. Most of these errors have been here since I started working and I have no clue how they got there or how to fix

  • Guard/LiveReload/Sass/Compass CSS Caching IssueOctober 5

    Here is a quick primer on my setup. Running an aurora sub theme that utilizes guard, guard compass, guard livereload. Basically what is happening is I make a change in a sass file, the files compile and the style change is shown right away on the bro

  • Breadcrumbs aren't working at allSeptember 20

    I'm trying to get my breadcrumbs to display in a default site template with panels, but they aren't showing up when I go to view my pages, although everything else is. It also says that they are there in layout designer. I downloaded custom_breadcrum

  • Unable to compile css with AuroraDecember 26

    compass watch Change detected at 02:13:25 to: style.scss error sass/style.scss (Line 20 of sass/partials/global/_base.scss: File to import not found or unreadable: aurora/susy-grid. Load paths: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/txmo/sites/all/themes/txmo_aur

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