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  • How can I run selenium tests in parallel with JS?February 17

    I've been checking out https://theintern.github.io/. I have also looked at https://karma-runner.github.io/0.13/index.html. I have found ways to run multiple suites in parallel with either system. However I have not found a way to run multiple tests w

  • Assert not available in page object? - Cannot read property 'ok' of undefined.February 17

    I have a small nightwatch test that is reading a price and checks if the value is a positive number. browser.getText ('.price', function(result) { var myPrice = Number(result.value.replace('-.','').trim()); browser.assert.ok(isPositive(myPrice), 'pri

  • Newman xml artifact does not include Projects name only tests nameFebruary 17

    I'm using Newman to run automated tests for me, then I inject those results into TestRail. About the xml artifact that Newman generates I find it a bit limited, it only includes "name" per test cases, not for project name. The Idea is to run a t

  • How to check table of doubles with empty cells? [on hold]February 17

    I have a UI table of double values. Cells can be empty. RowInfo class describes each row of specific table. So, there is a common Equals for all Info classes. I have no idea how to use this one because it skipps null values. I need check that cell is

  • Android: Espresso doesn't wait until fragment or activity is shown so every test failedFebruary 17

    I know there are a lot of questions around this but i can't find anything to help me :( I tried to use Espresso for generate UI-Test for an android app. After beating dependency issues (because some libraries are included two times in different versi

  • casperjs select not working for angularjsFebruary 16

    Tried all solutions given in How to fill a select element which is not embedded in a form with CasperJS? and tried many more links. Situation is this that I can not change code below to add any additional attribute and jquery or javascript solutions

  • Find table id with multiple attributesFebruary 15

    I'm trying to find attribute using find_element_by_xpath with multiple attributes. HTML: <table id="idMainGridhistoryHeader" border="0" class="adodb_dbgrid" qhelp="2.2_zahlavisloupce"> ... </table> <t

  • Which one is best tool for website automation toolFebruary 15

    I am searching an opensource tool for testing clients websites. If anyone has any idea so please help me. Thanks --------------Solutions------------- If you like the .NET framework, then WatiN is worth checking out. The website doesn't have to be don

  • Im ultra new using watir webdriver. Need some guidance for noobsFebruary 14

    I'm using: Ruby 2.2.1 Rails 4.2.3 Sublime 2 repo: https://github.com/fahenao/_bot Every time I get to the last step of the only scenario i have defined, the window just freezes. A minute later I get this error message on the terminal: > Net::ReadTime

  • How to test a command line tool with Travis?February 13

    I have a Python3 command line tool project on GitHub. I activated Travis on the project, but I couldn't find a proper way to test my tool. In Travis documentations, there are several modules for testing and some tutorials, but they all give examples

  • cant find an element in the browser (Selenium, Java)February 12

    im building an automation project using Selenium, Java, Cucumber.. i have 3 different classes at this time running the automation code - Container Class: storing all the WebElements as single methods - View Class: where all the logic hapens. exp: Per

  • TestNG Not able to fail test from threadFebruary 12

    I am using TestNG with Java. I have a dataprovider method @DataProvider public static Object[][] dataProviderMethod() { return testCaseDataProvider; } and a test method @Test(dataProvider = "dataProviderMethod") public static void executeTestCas

  • valid data verification through selenium RC/ Selenium 1.0February 12

    How can we verify the data under graphs/charts via selenium RC. I do not want to connect my selenium with database, Is it possible with any other way to verify the data present in graph.

  • Python Nosetest multi-processing enable and disable at Class/Package levelFebruary 11

    So I have a directory with sub-directory of Acceptance Tests. Most of my tests have no dependancies on each other, expect for one suite. Is there a way I can tell nose when it reaches this class to execute the tests sequentially. Then once it hits th

  • Docker worklfow of testing imagesFebruary 11

    what is the "best practice" workflow of testing dockerized applications in a CI/CD process? Run tests and then create the container Create the container and run test against interface of containerized app something else?

  • casperjs not started after fresh install on macFebruary 11

    I have uninstall node and node modules and then install everything again including casperjs. But my previously running tests are not running anymore and producing error: FAIL CasperError: Casper is not started, can't execute `wait()` # type: uncaught

  • Robotium: How to automate button click in the RecyclerView row?February 10

    I am using Robotium (Version: 5.5.3). I have a button in the row of RecyclerView. I want to automate the clicking of that button on a specific row. solo.clickInRecyclerView(index); only automates the clicking of that whole row. How can I do this? ---

  • Java+Selenium fails with exception- when trying to handle this exception?

    Java+Selenium fails with exception- when trying to handle this exception?February 10

    Could you, please, explain, why the following code fails with exception, when the purpose of this code is to avoid it's failing with exception? package test; import org.openqa.selenium.NoAlertPresentException; import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.Firef

  • How to get One value from an array (protractor)?February 10

    Is it possible to get One value from an array such as: Array ( [id] = 100917 [sid] = SM0ddb860df74148f19f57b314bfc80b39 [date_created] = 2016-02-10 12:04:08 [date_updated] = 2016-02-10 12:04:08 [date_sent] = [to] = +996559138088 [from] = +15674434357

  • Is it possible to load Silverlight plugin by CasperJs?

    Is it possible to load Silverlight plugin by CasperJs?February 10

    I need to test my web application. I want to check console.log information during load Silverlight plugin on my app. But PhantomJs have not installed Silvelight plugin, and i get this: I've tried to add pageSettings with loadPlugins:true but then i h

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