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  • Is it possible to create azure file share mount on WebJobs VM?February 17

    Can I use net-use to create a mount inside a Webjobs Virtual Machine? It usually has C: & D: drives. I get an access denied error! Z:\ net use [drive letter]: \\[storage account name].file.core.windows.net\[share name] /u:[storage account name] [stor

  • Azure WebJob initializing without startingFebruary 17

    I have an Azure WebJob that is periodically called to start and look for new blob uploads in my Azure storage. Today the WebJob is not able to start. The status never changes from "Initializing" to Starting or Running. The latest log shows no er

  • Azure TrafficManager: how are initiating referer Urls from failover servers seen by endopoints?February 17

    We use the Azure TrafficManager and we have certain endpoints that would like to check the provenance/referer domain of incoming calls (raw IPs being a bad idea in the cloud in any case) I am wondering if or how TrafficManager handles the outbound re

  • Is Console.ReadKey(); fine for an azure webjobFebruary 16

    At the risk of asking a stupid simple question: I have a console application that uses servicestack framework to listen to a redis queue. Eventually I want to publish it up as a continuous azure web job. I've seen examples that use: host.RunAndBlock(

  • Can't reference json file in rootFebruary 15

    I created a new Azure WebJobs project which is a console app. I placed a settings.json file in the root and I'm trying to access it using the following code but I keep getting an error that says it cannot locate the file. I think it's looking for it

  • IConfiguration in WebJobs Console App with NinjectFebruary 15

    I have a new Azure WebJobs project in which I'm using Ninject for dependency injection. I'm also trying to use some class libraries from an ASP.NET Core 1.0 project. I simply copied these DLLs into the BIN folder and referenced them. However, when I

  • "InactiveInstance" WebJob Status for Continuous and Singleton jobsFebruary 15

    i have created a continuous webjob on azure, and it is running as singleton by adding is_singelton to true in the settings.job. sometimes, i notice that it gives me status of InativeInstance. what does this mean? please if any one can describe it sim

  • Add command line arguments to Azure WebJob deploymentFebruary 12

    I'm deploying webjob to Azure using VS2015, but cannot find way to add command line in webjob-publish-settings.json. Is there any way to do it? --------------Solutions------------- You can do this in the following way: Add a run.cmd file to your WebJ

  • Execute an SQL stored procedure with an Azure WebjobFebruary 11

    I followed the steps on this page to create a webjob that is scheduled to run every five minutes. The purpose of the webjob is to execute an SQL stored procedure. The problem is that I can't find any script to make the webjob execute the stored proce

  • Disable "azure-jobs-host-output" / "azure-webjobs-hosts/output-logs" messagesFebruary 11

    My goal is not to clutter blobs. • I am using latest webjobs sdk at the time of writing (ver 1.1.1). Using Queues, running WebJobs, creating files, deleting files and writing database entries. • I tried searching but it seems that "azure-jobs-host-ou

  • Error while publishing Azure WebJob for "staging" enviromentFebruary 10

    My Project Configuration: I have a web application project (Visual Studio 2015 update 1 + c#) that includes an Azure Webjob. The Webjob is part of the project configuration. Looks like this (location: ProjName -> Properties -> webjobs_list.json): {

  • How do Azure WebJobs prioritize messages when monitoring multiple queues?February 9

    I'm using Azure WebJobs as part of a project at work. These are configured as continuously running jobs that monitor a number of different queues. As queue messages are received they cause various API commands to be run. The issue I have is that some

  • Use Azure webjobs and queue storage to execute at a given timeFebruary 8

    My goal is to push a message to the Azure queue, and have the webjob handle it at a given time. E.g. { message : "remember the milk", time: 2016-02-10-10:10:00} I could do this naively by dequeueing the message, check the timestamp, and put it b

  • Why does my continuous azure webjob run the function twice?February 6

    I have created my first azure webjob that runs continously; I'm not so sure this is a code issue, but for the sake of completeness here is my code: static void Main() { var host = new JobHost(); host.CallAsync(typeof(Functions).GetMethod("ProcessMeth

  • Azure WebJob Publishing: Last in WinsFebruary 6

    So I have recently setup automated deployment for my WebAPI that also has FIVE webjobs. But the problem is that I deploy the web jobs as FIVE distinct build steps within the VSO build definition and after the deployment is successful I don't have FIV

  • How to gracefully stop an Azure WebJob written for NodejsFebruary 5

    I'm aware that using the a setting.job file one can gracefully shutdown an Azure WebJob. This is my file: { "schedule": "0 */10 * * * *", "stopping_wait_time": 120 } I had written a WebJob in javascript. The WebJob runs on No

  • Azure Web Job run in separate process?February 4

    I have the following solution setup with 3 VS Projects all running in Azure: -ASP.NET MVC site -Azure Web Job -C# Data Project MVC site and Web Job have a reference to the Data Project. In the data project I have a static List<> "cache" wh

  • Azure Triggered Webjob - Detecting when webjob stopsFebruary 2

    I am developing a triggered webjob that use TimerTrigger. Before the webjob stops, I need to dispose some objects but I don't know how to trigger the "webjob stop". Having a NoAutomaticTrigger function, I know that I can use the WebJobsShutdownW

  • SimpleInjector - Azure WebJob with TimerTrigger - Register IDisposableFebruary 2

    I am currently developing a webjob that has multiple TimerTrigger functions. My job processes actions that have a specific schedule time. So I use the TimerTrigger attribute to have a specific scheduler per processor. Each Process is encapsulated int

  • What is the external web address to my webjob?February 1

    I have deployed an Azure webjob that is running as a web socket server. I can see by the webjob log that it is running and waiting for sockets to connect. I cannot figure out what the external web address is to that socket server. Let's say my azure

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