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  • How do I create a speckled textured background?

    How do I create a speckled textured background?January 14

    How do I get this sort of background texture? Short of time-consumingly adding them bit by bit with a brush I have no idea how to get this effect. --------------Solutions------------- Brush would be one way and depending on the brush, not that time c

  • How can I change the background of a post in tumblr to a picture file instead of a color?March 8

    I need a code that I can put into my tumblr blog HTML that will change text post backgrounds from just a color, to a picture url.

  • How to run some admin (Owner) root apps in background for all Users?January 26

    I'm using CyanogenMod 12.1 (Rooted) I want to set up a multi User system with me as the admin. I want all or some of my root apps to run in the background. I don't want the root apps to be shown to the normal user if posssible. Note: I need to run so

  • Android app Background Image TypeDecember 7

    I used a 720p*1200p png 8 bit (142kb) image as a background of my app. But this image make slow my app. What type of image do I need to use for best smoothness?

  • divclass:hover + divclass2 - not workingFebruary 17

    Here is a JS fiddle When I float over the entire size of the panel, img height+text area height, I want the text area (gray) to change to pink, and the transparency of the title to be 100%. I can do them individually but not he same. I have read some

  • How to send a URL with php in the background?February 17

    I have a question where I have been struggling with for the past 5 hours. I try to send a url without being redirected to that url. I would like to see it being processed in the background. When I search on google I can only find how to send a url wi

  • A dynamic window on a full hd wallpaper in wpf

    A dynamic window on a full hd wallpaper in wpfFebruary 17

    Hi I wanted to know if i could create a dynamic window on an image that when the window moves or Resize the picture won't change at all but the window will show the picture with size of it's width and height. I need the window show for example from p

  • What is a good representation for a "sticky" area? [on hold]February 17

    I'm prototyping an editor where you can layout HTML pages. Some elements should be sticky, i.e. the user can put elements there that must always be visible in a responsive view also. QUESTION: What is the best way to represent that an element should

  • I want to Run a Service all the time Even App is closed,killed or terminated in Swift IOSFebruary 17

    Here is sample code service that i want to run all the time internal func backService() { dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue(DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_HIGH, 0), { () -> Void in let anObject = try! Realm().objects(remindertbl).filter("status =

  • Background image to fill only half of divFebruary 16

    I have a div with a set size which I need to add a background image to. However I would like the image to fill the width of the div but be cropped to take up up say one third to a half of the height of the div. I've managed this using a pseudo elemen

  • How do I get a background location update every minute in my iOS application in order to update serverFebruary 16

    I have tried various approaches, but none of them works beyond 3-4 hours. I did try solution given in this link How do I get a background location update every n minutes in my iOS application? But even this works for 4 hours in background and then th

  • PyQt4 get table cell colorFebruary 16

    I have what I hope to be a simple question. I would like to have a table, where upon clicking a cell its background gets colored, and upon clicking again - uncolored (back to white). The idea identical to a checkbox, but I don't want a checkbox in my

  • How is this "connected dots" pattern done? [on hold]

    How is this "connected dots" pattern done? [on hold]February 16

    I was wondering, if anyone could help me reproduce this "effect": I've noticed that this effect is often made with compound path, but I don't understand the process of it - do I have to make polygons at first and then make outline of them? FYI:

  • How can I add shapes to anchor points in illustrator?

    How can I add shapes to anchor points in illustrator?February 16

    I'm trying to make a connected dots background quite similar to this. What I'm doing is using the pen tool to make triangles and then manually dragging circles to the anchor points, is there an easier way? I've tried using circular arrowheads, but th

  • How to get a background from a video?

    How to get a background from a video?February 16

    I need to get a background image from a video. I am thinking about running the video for about a minute or so to get it's background. Upon playing the video, the program will check what pixels changed every frame, then from that I think I can build a

  • How to make windows form a background process?

    How to make windows form a background process?February 15

    so I've been seeing applications run in the background in the task manager, but when I create an application it displays in the apps section(here's what I mean): But here is what I would like to achieve(to make it a background process): Thanks, all h

  • Change background color of Div to value of variable using JavascriptFebruary 15

    I have been trying to change the color of a div to a randomly generated hex color code which is passed into a variable. How do I make this work? HTML <p id="demo">NULL</p> <button onclick="generatePassword()">Generate

  • How do you dynamically change the background color of a JavaFX MenuItem at runtime?February 15

    There's no setBackground method in the class and setStyle("-fx-background-color: green;") doesn't seem to work. --------------Solutions------------- Look up this thread, Although setStyle and "-fx-background-color:green" should also wo

  • CSS3 Hero Image: Whats the best pixel dimension and Image Size for a full screen responsive background?February 15

    CSS3 Hero Image question: Whats the best pixel dimension and Image Size for a full screen responsive background? Whenever I use the cover property, it always seems to miss out most the image. Thanks, Steve --------------Solutions------------- Used ph

  • travel distance needed to trigger significant location change update and accuracy of given locationFebruary 15

    I've searched the SO on this topic and the newest result I could found was from march 2014 and iOS7. How are things regarding significant location changes standing now? I am interested in the accuracy of the location I get and more importantly, how m

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