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  • Dell Server Refuses to load drivers, or detect image/RAIDFebruary 5

    I have a Dell Poweredge T110 2, with a Perc H200 raid controller and running SBS2011. Recently one of the disks in the non-OS raid began to die, so we thought we'd upgrade to larger disks, so I changed over the disks, and removed and re-generated the

  • Small Business Essentials 2011 restore from backupFebruary 4

    I have a SBS Essentials 2011 Premium Edition that has experienced a hdd failure. No original install disks to be had and no emergency boot disk. There is, however an external backup drive that dutifully made daily backups. The problem is, there is no

  • How to restore with Duplicty if Temp space has 0 available?February 3

    Normally this command works properly for restoring: duplicity restore -t7D --file-to-restore folder/to_restore file:///where/is/the_backup/ /where_to_restore --no-encrypt But today I am having this error: Temp space has 0 available, where_to_restore

  • Restore files that are not in the Bacula database using a Bacula file deamonDecember 29

    I have a backup made with Bacula on tapes. Files are not listed in the Bacula's catalog. I want to restore files inside the directory, listed one per line in needed.lst (last line empty) onto a remote host remote_host using the file daemon which has

  • Restoring SBS 2011 backup files without another server?November 17

    A small businesses has a Windows Small Business Server 2011 server and uses the SBS Console to make backups to external drives to be stored off-site. How do you restore files from these external backup disks without having another SBS 2011 server? I

  • Regular backup and archival options for a client device that runs MS SQL Express including restoresNovember 13

    In the current environment, a client application has been deployed on a single endpoint device e.g. laptop. The client application records & retrieves information that is needed for regulatory and compliance purposes and as it stands today, there is

  • Do I still need a backup if I have a redudant storage system with rollback capabilities?October 6

    My organization recently bought a storage system. It has 1.5Petabyte, with RAID6, and there is an online synced mirror in a physical different location. The system allows rollback / file recovery, by default allowing up to 30 days but this can be inc

  • Cannot restore duplicity backupOctober 3

    I've created a backup of my home folder, to a remote system, using duplicity 0.6.26: duplicity --no-compression --no-encryption . scp://... while being in the home folder. Now I seem to be unable to restore the backup. I've copied everything from the

  • Baremetal backup issueOctober 3

    While taking bare metal backup in windows server 2008R2, In that backup selection SAN disk(2TB) also automatically selecting.If I try to remove SAN disk, It is showing an error like "This volume cannot be removed from the backup because it is a criti

  • Failed physical DC restored to VM. How to go back? September 4

    I've a DC (no secondary in thie environment) with the raid controller failed. I've retored it temporary on a VM using the backup (ShadowProtect). On the system partition I have 2 SQL Express DBs used by software installed only on clients. On a separa

  • How to restore a guest Windows 2012 R2 VM installation/backup from VMWare to OpenStack?September 2

    I have a VMWare VM with Windows 2012 R2 installed in DC#1. The machine has terminal services set up with user accounts and permissions, lots of software installed and bunch of things configured that would probably take me many hours or even days to r

  • Elasticsearch Snapshot Restore with MergeSeptember 2

    I'm experimenting with Elasticsearch in relation to backups and restoring data. I can back up data into a snapshot using curator no problems. I then physically delete the files related to the index (to somewhat simulate a HD crash etc.) I restart Ela

  • Advice on migrating RDS MySQL databases from one AWS account to anotherSeptember 1

    I am currently planning a migration of AWS resources from one account to another. This includes several MySQL RDS instances. After some research it looks like a "dump and load" strategy is needed. My goal was to dump everything that was part of

  • mke2fs says "Device or resource busy while setting up superblock"August 25

    I'm trying to test restoring a backed up linux file system /apps (ext3 filesystem) /dev/cciss/c0d0p7 177G 3.8G 164G 3% /apps I ran the following command to take a dump: /sbin/dump -0uz -f /backup_labeir1/apps.dmp /apps Then I deleted the /apps folder

  • SQL Server restore operation reliabilityAugust 16

    I have a simple backup scheme on my SQL Server 2008 R2 that performs a weekly full backup and a daily incremental backup. Backups are retained for two weeks and everything works fine albeit there are two small issues: 1) After the second full backup,

  • Importing bacpac file with 25000 tables on SQL Server fails with timeoutJuly 21

    I'd like to import a bacpac file that was exported from an 500MB DB that however has around 25000 tables. The bacpac itself is around 18MB. Importing through the UI of SQL Server Management Studio fails with OutOfMemoryException so I'd use SqlPackage

  • Examine MySQL INNODB folderJuly 13

    Consider the following situation. I currently have an Ubuntu installation installed in my Virtual Machine. This installation has mysql installed in it. Data for the mysql-server can be found under; /var/lib/mysql A default installation contains; Fold

  • Restore shows tape volume errorJuly 6

    I have used the below command to take dump on my RHEL server: /sbin/dump -0uz -f /data0101/backup_labeir1/labeir1_150622_123050_^apps.dmp /apps The dump is successful, but when I do a restore using the below command it gives the error: [[email protected]

  • HP Data Protector restore destination not honored?

    HP Data Protector restore destination not honored?June 22

    I have HP Data Protector 5.5 installation backing up a single server. Now we have experienced RAID troubles on the server and I would like to restore the backup to antoher server before commencing any recovery actions on the original server just to b

  • Backup and Restore Multiple MS SQL DatabasesJune 17

    We have switched to a new CAD package at work (elecworks) which uses MS SQL Server to store it's data. Unfortunately, it seems to use a separate database for each drawing that is created. We are currently creating new drawings every day, which presen

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