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  • Split multiple values from QR code by semicolon with ADF programming

    Split multiple values from QR code by semicolon with ADF programmingFebruary 17

    I have the following QR-Code that contains 10 EAN-13 barcodes separated by a semicolon: If you scan the QR-Code you'll get the following data: 8712514099587;8710624611019;8710624175122;8710474114340;8712100264405;8710624989545;8710624907600;400698515

  • Create a Barcode Overlay on a PDF with an instransparent Background (iText)

    Create a Barcode Overlay on a PDF with an instransparent Background (iText)February 17

    Currently i adding an Barcode with the following code: PdfContentByte overContent = pdfStamper.getOverContent(page); Rectangle pageSize = pdfReader.getPageSize(page); Barcode128 code128 = new Barcode128(); code128.setCode(barcodeText); code128.setCod

  • What EPC ID prefix to use?February 15

    This is a bit of a 'I give up' question but.... The situation My company is using RFID tags to track the movement of stuff (hire-able stuff like jack-hammers etc) around large industrial sites. We are managing this by using RFID tags and a smattering

  • Barcode Reader Application - For tractability of raw MaterialsFebruary 14

    I want a read data from an Barcode reader and manipulate that in my software application. I am struck with how to get the data read from the as input to User Interface screen. I have the following doubts 1) Please suggest me some tutorials links wher

  • QRcode can not be captured in google sample mobile-vision?February 14

    I am going to customize the mobile vision google sample to use in my app. The problrm is that when i tap the QRCODE can not be neither recognized or captured. I use the latest version of SDK 24 and Google play service 26 Android 4.4. I also tried oth

  • Barcode english output map with french keyboard how?February 12

    i am using French keyboard layout. mine barcode reader giving output in English So how map with each other Using coding or any other way.. Thanks

  • Barcode scanning using native iOS 7/8/9 - does an iOS module exists?February 12

    As of iOS 7, Cocoa Touch supports reading data from barcodes and other types of metadata natively. Does anyone know of a git repo with an Appcelerator Titanium module that implements the native iOS features used to discover and read bar codes in real

  • QR data in incorrect formatFebruary 10

    I am using C# to create a backend service to read and interpret QR codes and return the string data. To my limited QR knowledge, there is a checksum embedded in the code disallowing erroneous data interpretation from an image, so I went on to assume

  • Formula for EAN-13 Barcodes? Crystal ReportsFebruary 10

    i currently have this formula for Code39 barcodes in Crystal Reports This currently generates a barcode for the data supplied in the data string The code: Dim data as string Dim chk as number data = {Opdracht.Barcode} chk = 0 Dim Result As String Dim

  • Handheld barcode reader interfaceFebruary 10

    I like to read the barcodes with barcode reader ,am using CODE Barcode reader Barcode readerI like to see the scanned content what exactly the scanner is reading if its is having any extra chars or non printable chars as we have an android app to sen

  • Free iOS library to scan PDF417 barcodes

    Free iOS library to scan PDF417 barcodesFebruary 10

    Are there any free scanning libraries with PDF417 capability available to integrate with iOS Apps? If it supports Android, then that would be even great.

  • Does SQL injections only apply to webpages or will it also work on "normal" programs?

    Does SQL injections only apply to webpages or will it also work on "normal" programs?February 6

    My question what the header says, but I'm mainly interesting in knowing about injections via barcode scanners. https://youtu.be/qT_gwl1drhc?t=22m36s It seems dangerously easy to hide injections for the person who do the scanning. --------------Soluti

  • error in tcpdf barcode generate in loopFebruary 6

    I am generating barcode in html format in but there was error in loop. I am not getting what exactly i am doing wrong the logic was good. Can any body help me for solving this problem. Below are my code: include("../../config/config.php"); requi

  • Android Camera.Parameter.SCENE_MODE_BARCODE doesn't work for most devicesFebruary 2

    When we try to set camera parameter to scan BarCode, I'd like to set scene mode to have a better performance. I saw this code Camera.Parameters cameraParameters = camera.getParameters(); cameraParameters.setSceneMode(Camera.Parameters.SCENE_MODE_BARC

  • Serial data through bluetooth in JavaFebruary 1

    I bought myself a bluetooth 2d barcode scanner to learn a little bit about programming and incorporating it into programs. However after I bought the device and tried to do some research on how to implement it. Can someone point me in the direction o

  • ionic cordova Barcode Scanner only QR CodeJanuary 31

    I use cordova barcode scanner to integrate QR_CODE in an application. But often, when I scan a QR Code the barcode scanner found an UPC_E code. I must to re-scan the QR Code to find it. As of now, I use the following code to re-scan automatically (bu

  • How can I use the Dolphin 70E's hardware scanner in an app?January 30

    I have a Dolphin 70E that has a hardware scanner. I would like to use this in a an app, but ZXing always uses the camera in the device instead. I have looked into Google Goggles as well, but running into the same issue here. Honeywell has provided an

  • QR/Bar Code Scan from Gallary Photo using ABBYY Cloud - iOSJanuary 29

    Scan QR/Bar Code from my Gallery photo but I don't know how to pass Base64 Image data in URL. Here is Documentation URL - Cloud OCR SDK Documentation For barcode reader

  • how to add product details in barcode in zend?January 28

    This is how i'm generating barcode but i dont have any idea how do i add product Name and product price in barcode. $barcodeOptions = array('text' => 'Product Number'); $barcode = Zend_Barcode::factory('code39', 'Image', $barcodeOptions); $filename =

  • Sytem requirements for libdmtxJanuary 28

    I am using libdmtx for decoding 2D bar code.The system requirements for using that library is not known.I have tried installing the library and its dependents and calculated all the memory of the dependents in linux but it dint help much.For a minima

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