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  • Cordova / Phonegap BeaconsFebruary 15

    I'm working on a phonegap project where I try to implement a beacon plugin. However, I'm having a hard time to make it work. I tried the following: try { var delegate = new cordova.plugins.locationManager.Delegate(); cordova.plugins.locationManager.s

  • CMS for proximity marketing (beacon) [on hold]February 15

    I'm looking for a CMS to work on proximity marketing. Do you have any suggestions based on your experience, maybe a CMS which have a SDK to connect to it ? I'm on the development of an APP to improve user experience. Thx

  • 401 with Google Proximity APIFebruary 12

    after following the step-by-step instructions (https://developers.google.com/beacons/proximity/guides) I can successfully enable the Google Proximity Beacon API and create both API key and OAuth 2.0 client IDs for the App I created in the Google Deve

  • How to track who an email has been sent to? February 8

    I am having an issue where I am trying to see who has clicked on a link in an email that I send to multiple people. At the moment, I create a unique url for each email but I am worried that these are being forwarded. I wanted to know if it was possib

  • How can i implement a background service scanner for Eddystone devices with kontakt sdk?February 2

    How can i implement a background service scanner for Eddystone devices with kontakt sdk? i saw the example kontakt-beacon-admin-sample-app but i don't understand it. This is a service that don't work. public class BeaconRangingService extends Service

  • uuid, major and minor of an android beaconFebruary 1

    How to change uuid, major and minor of an android beacon in android studio? I am trying to develop an application to change these characteristics and would love to learn. Thank you.

  • Android beacons - "didEnterRegion" or "didExitRegion" aren't calledFebruary 1

    I am trying to make an app that searches for a beacon and if the mobile is in the range of that beacon, then enables a button. For that I am using the Android Beacon libraryand im trying to modify one of the given examples. However I cannot trigger d

  • swift nearby api doesn't find beaconsJanuary 31

    I want to use my swift ios app to scan for beacons using google nearby api (not iBeacon api) I saw Google developer doc, and I took the git sample from the same site. Here is my code I have installed the app on a real ios device for the first time bu

  • Proximity Beacon API vs Android Beacon Library?January 30

    I'm new with the beacon technology and I have some doubts. What is the difference (who is better) between the Proximity Beacon API vs Android Beacon Library? Proximity Beacon API is completely free? I was searching and I saw in the Google Developer C

  • controlling a bluetooth hardware remotely by php(control panel website)January 27

    I am having a bluetooth low energy device which broadcasts its signal every 30ms. and I have a website as a control panel to show some devices statistics and to send some commands to the device. I want to control the intervals between signals that bl

  • simulator Corebluetooth in swiftJanuary 25

    I programing an app in swift language for communicate my machine (macbook pro med 2012, support BLE) with a Beacon how use BLE for transmit a signal. I'm working with Xcode 7.2 for a simulation and import the Corebluetooth, and can't communicate beca

  • Arduino, bluetooth low energy nRF24L01, how to send number?January 23

    I use this tutorial http://simonebaracchi.eu/posts/temperature-beacon/ to creat simple beacon. I just want to send integer number and display this in phone. Everything is perfect, except data type. nrf_service_data buf; buf.service_uuid = 0x1809; buf

  • App for deteacting BeaconJanuary 22

    I'm trying to implement the beacon detection in my App, and I'm using the altBeacon Library, I have taken the the example showed in the site of the Library, but ti seems to not working. Here it the code: public class BeaconActivity extends BaseActivi

  • how to use beacon scan nearby api for ios?January 19

    I'm new to xcode and ios development. I write new project using swift. I want to add code that scans for beacons and gets the message\attachment of the nearest beacon. I want the app to also tell when that's beacon is not in range anymore. 1) I saw i

  • iBeacon to push another view! iOS AppJanuary 16

    What I am trying to do is make it so that when an iBeacon has been found (when the user is on the home screen), it sends them to another part of the app. Essentially it pushes another view of the app from the storyboard. For example, iBeacon1 pushes

  • How to Prototype Beacon Apps with Estimote and Evothings

    How to Prototype Beacon Apps with Estimote and EvothingsNovember 23

    Bluetooth beacons are an incredibly valuable way to set up location based triggers for apps. Estimote have a range of Bluetooth beacons that are quite easy to set up and experiment with. One of the tough parts of testing out Bluetooth beacons is that

  • Introduction to the Beacon API

    Introduction to the Beacon APIJanuary 9

    The Beacon API makes it easy for web developers to send small amounts of data, such as analytics or diagnostics data, back to the server asynchronously while the current page is unloading. In this article, we'll look at some of the problems the Beaco

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