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  • biometrics machine with C# support [on hold]February 16

    I need to know about any biometrics machine which can support C# development. I bought a machine(realtime t60) and tried everything I could to connect to it using the SDK but it doesn't work as it seems that it doesn't have the support for C# languag

  • sdk for morpho (safran) biometric scanner deviceFebruary 15

    i have one safran device and its driver software. but i want to control it using c#. but i am unable to locate the SDK for this morpho biometric scanner. can anyone help me, so that i can make an home application with help of that. i have tried with

  • ZkemKeeper attendance record format [on hold]

    ZkemKeeper attendance record format [on hold]February 12

    I have download the attendance record from ZKEMKEEPER but the format of the data is not readable. but i want to convert this to the USER_ID | Date | TimeIn | Timeout

  • Protect value with fingerprintFebruary 1

    I'm implementing a "use fingerprint instead of password" feature for devices with nexus imprint. It's fairly easy to prompt for a fingerprint and see if was correct or not but I'm scratching my head trying to protect a value with fingerprint, I'

  • sciplot barplot with SE bars

    sciplot barplot with SE barsFebruary 1

    I am brand new to R. Just started this semester. Working on a homework problem and I am stuck on figuring out arguments for sciplot. I am trying to create a barplot using sciplot and input SE bars. My code keeps coming up with an error: Error in eval

  • java - How can I use Fingerprint Scanner in Firefox?January 29

    There is a Java application that runs in Internet Explorer. I have Cogent CSD200 Fingerprint Scanner and it works perfectly in Internet Explorer using ActiveX. But, what if I want to use the scanner in Firefox. Like ActiveX is for Internet Explorer,

  • How to use binary values to classification in RJanuary 18

    I have a biometrics dataset. I'm using neuralnet library in R to predict user classification. I have 3 different threshold values. I have to apply decision function to neuralnet output which is return 1 If neuralnet output value greater than or equal

  • Securely verifying a user based on bio metrics November 12

    This question already has an answer here: Why do we even use passwords / passphrases next to biometrics? 13 answers So we all have cameras on our phone, and we all have faces on our bodies(hopefully). We all also have a want to keep our data safe and

  • False Match vs False AcceptanceNovember 3

    Studying up on biometric security terms, can someone clarify the difference between 'Match'/'Non-Match' and 'Rejection'/'Acceptance'? --------------Solutions------------- There are a number of ways of phrasing the same things, personally, I prefer "T

  • Does a Smartphone contain all the essential properties of a Smartcard? If not, what is missing?October 28

    Can a smartphone, alone, be a valid substitute for a Smartcard? If not, what is missing technically speaking? Does the TPM chipset (which I assume is in the phone) provide enough security to "act as" a smartcard in various situations? Since smar

  • How are FIDO and NSA (Natural Security Alliance) different in biometric security? October 27

    Fido Alliance and Natural Security Alliance both work on certifications of biometric authentication. How are those different / complementary? What are their targets for making business for themselves? Which one is better choice?

  • Selfie as form of authentication for credit card transactionsOctober 8

    I read in a news snippet on various sites (cnn for one), that one of the large credit card companies wants to implement some sort of authentication whereby credit card transactions are authenticated bio -metrically with a selfie. I would assume that

  • What advantage does the Bloomberg authentication system have over traditional 2 factor?

    What advantage does the Bloomberg authentication system have over traditional 2 factor?October 4

    Bloomberg clients have an interesting way to authenticate to the server. This seems involve some of the following: Logging into a secure website, that displays a flashing square Swiping your finger against a portable fingerprint reader Placing the re

  • What are the implications of 5 million peoples fingerprints being stolen from the US Government?September 23

    The recent OPM hack has revealed more fingerprints were stolen than previously believed. One of the scariest parts of the massive cybersecurity breaches at the Office of Personnel Management just got worse: The agency now says 5.6 million people's fi

  • Cannot add fingerprint login to non-standard account in Windows 10September 18

    Tl;dr:I have successfully added a fingerprint to an administrative account, but it won't work with the built-in one. Bug? When attempting to add fingerprint login with Windows Hello under the built-in administrative account in Windows 10, the Windows

  • How to configure biometric logon on Windows 10 WITHOUT enabling PIN?September 12

    In Windows 8.1, i could enable fingerprint logon on my laptop. In Windows 10 i get a message "You need to configure PIN logon to add another fingerprint". I am currently using a password to login into Windows. A PIN would be unwieldy to enter, c

  • 32 bit drivers for egistec ES603 windows 10/8August 15

    I recently purchased a EgisTec ES603 for use with the new windows hello feature and biometric security in windows 10. The 64 bit drivers are easily found however i have a 32 bit tablet and would greatly appreciate if anyone knew where to locate the d

  • How to store/encrypt fingerprint?August 11

    Storing password is a no brainer : use a password hasher. But.. How do you proceed to store fingerprints securely on your server? Meaning that even if your server and all it's data is stolen, someone cannot retrieve the fingerprints. From what I unde

  • Biometric device instead of password - signature securityJuly 26

    Lets assume that there is a biometric algorithm for user authentication which compares fingerprints with an user's signature saved in database (comparing function is not important here). Next there is a device with fingerprint sensor and a memory to

  • Can I use fingerprint reader to login through SonicWallJune 25

    One of the directors didnt know where to put his head. So he introduced new security measures. Now I have to type login and password every time I login into the office VPN (I work from home so it is annoying). It is SonicWall 4.9. Is there a way to u

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