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  • how do you link components between them on a protoboard

    how do you link components between them on a protoboard January 16

    This question already has an answer here: What is the purpose of a PCB with no copper tracks, but only unconnected copper rings? 6 answers I have the following protoboard (see picture below) Each hole has a distance of 0.5mm I want to link components

  • Please review my board design

    Please review my board designJanuary 3

    This is a follow up to my question from yesterday about my schematic Please review my RGB Controller I've fixed the incorrect DC jack component that was present in my previous question, along with adding the ESP caps across the regulator and the ATTi

  • What is the application of the SMA connectors on the DE2 115 FPGA boardDecember 23

    The SMA connectors are expected to be used for clock IO. However, the board already has oscillator and the PLLs can be used to generate a variety of clock frequencies. Besides, for any daughter board connected to the extender socket or the HSMC inter

  • Sharing a pushbutton with multiple boardsDecember 17

    I would like to have several identical boards (arduinos) each with its own power supply, and daisy chained with some wiring, each board being able to receive a signal to an input pin when a pushbutton is pressed. My problem is that I would like to ha

  • How much Should a Diode Read on a Multi Meter?

    How much Should a Diode Read on a Multi Meter?December 8

    I'm trying to self learn all this stuff as I am a programmer not a engineer by trade So any help will be great. I have a Samsung TV Model : UA46B7000WF The Problem is that the TV blew a fuse which i then replaced and then that fuse blew to, so I deci

  • Error sending data to LED Display board from a microcontroller

    Error sending data to LED Display board from a microcontrollerOctober 13

    I have a which has a RS232 connector so that we can connect it to our system. Display board accept whatever data we type in hyper terminal and display it. For e.g if I type Hello in terminal, it will display Hello. Now I have an . I have programmed t

  • Can you help me identify the antenna? Looking to add External Antenna

    Can you help me identify the antenna? Looking to add External AntennaAugust 7

    I'm looking to add an external antenna and I want to find out I add the antenna using a Mini PCI U.FL to RP-SMA Antenna WiFi Cable Signal Connector Network Adapter I got off of ebay to a Trendnet Range Extender. I'm a total newb and need help identif

  • Cheapest FPGA PCIe board for Software Acceleration July 31

    This question is somewhat related to an earlier question: Cheapest FPGA's. I have been searching for a cheap FPGA board with PCI express 2.0 or 3.x support. Such boards can be plugged in one of the compatible PCIe slot on a motherboard, and can be pr

  • Using a dev board as final commercial solutionJuly 16

    I'm working on a small embedded project which controls electrical usage of a factory/department. My solution is limited regarding the production of the solution: I may sell 50 or 100 per year. My question is: can I use a development board like Beagle

  • Build PIC development board on bread board

    Build PIC development board on bread boardJune 30

    I have PIC24FJ128GA202 IC only. Since development boards cost too much, I would like to build a development board on a bread board and try some sample programs on it. Like the image below: Is it possible to build it this way? Thanks --------------Sol

  • Impedance matching routes in Eagle board

    Impedance matching routes in Eagle boardJune 18

    I am making my second board using Eagle CAD. I have different components with a set of different sizes. I set the minimum width for lines to be x. That way, the autorouter creates EVERY line in that width. The problem is that other components are wid

  • electrolytic capacitor

    electrolytic capacitor April 18

    if i changed a 63v 1000uf electrolytic capacitor for a 35v 1000uf what would happen its a main smoothing cap on a power regulator board thats running @ 67v dc 8amp and i want to reduce the voltage it all starts with the toroidal transformer witch is

  • Arduino to read file data from SD storage board, and PC user to update same file via usb cable as neededApril 10

    I have a project where in the finished product (sketch loaded to Arduino and it's running on its own), Arduino needs to regularly read data from a text file stored on a SPI Micro SD storage board (the ones sold on ebay). The problem is that the same

  • is this circuit board usable

    is this circuit board usableMarch 17

    I was carrying out a modification on an xbox 360 controller and there were 3 spots I needed to solder wires to. The first two went well. However, I had a problem with the third. Each spot I was soldering to already had solder on it. The first two wir

  • Can the EasyPIC PRO v7 from mikroe be used with CCS compiler or MPLAB

    Can the EasyPIC PRO v7 from mikroe be used with CCS compiler or MPLABMarch 9

    I am not aware if any developments have taken place here. Is it possible for me to use my EasyPIC PRO v7 PIC development board (http://www.mikroe.com/easypic-pro/#mikroprog) with Microchip's MPLAB or the CCS C compiler? Does it only work with tools d

  • Completing circuits with transistors and arduinoFebruary 20

    Hello and thanks to anyone who helps. I am trying to create a test bench for a control board we commonly work on at our business. One control board has 11 pins that a ribbon cable would be connected to. To use the functions on the board we use a wire

  • Custom board cutoffs pcb

    Custom board cutoffs pcbNovember 22

    I have been playing with the board shape, im planning to send this to OSH spark for manufacturing, however i have doubts about if they can do cutoffs of the boards like this or any other possible form i desire, or should i just stick to square shaped

  • Using Nexys 4 audio port October 23

    I have a digilent Nexys 4 board that I am using for learning Verilog. I have written a code that requires connecting an audio speaker to the board for evaluating. What is the speaker that can be used for Nexys 4 board? Nexys 4 manual: http://www.cs.u

  • Designing a board for NXT/EV3 with MANY portsOctober 7

    I'd like to design a board for Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3 that has many I/O ports. The board, like the original "smart" bricks, would have 2 kind of ports: sensor ports (two modes: analog, and I2C) motor ports However, unlike the original "sma

  • Connecting FT2232H board (60 MHz via 2.54 mm header) to FPGA boardSeptember 20

    I am trying to connect FT2232H breakout board (http://www.digikey.com/catalog/en/partgroup/ft2232h-evaluation-board-ft2232h-mini-module/15377) to DE0-Nano FPGA board (http://www.altera.com/education/univ/materials/boards/de0-nano/unv-de0-nano-board.h

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