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  • How to prevent additional distros from installing their own GRUB boot loaderJanuary 17

    I recently installed Kubuntu 15.10 on top of a dual-boot with Ubuntu Studio 15.10 and Windows 10. Yesterday I removed the Kubuntu, as I felt it wasn't stable enough. As I had suspected, the Kubuntu, when installed at the time, replaced the GRUB in Ub

  • Windows 10 & Ubuntu dual boot not working correctlyAugust 7

    Basically, I had Windows 10 and then installed Ubuntu to dual boot with it. The dual boot prompting screen only works if Ubuntu is selected to be the first boot in the BIOS. So, when I restart my computer after changing it to be first in the BIOS I g

  • Insert ubuntu OS next of the windows7 in boot order September 26

    This question already has an answer here: How do I set Windows to boot as the default in the boot loader? 16 answers How do I customize the GRUB 2 menu? 2 answers I usually work with windows 7 and just using Ubuntu for work with some special software

  • Windows 8.1 boot option disappeared when selected logical installation 14.04September 21

    I made a bootable USB and tried to install 14.04 so that the new computer would be dual boot with Windows 8.1. After getting the WiFi working, in "Installation type" I first selected "Something else" but could not figure it out. So I w

  • windows 8.1 changes boot orderAugust 5

    I am running dual-boot with Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8.1. Everything works great without needing to live boot... except one problem I can't figure out. Every time I boot into Windows, it rearranges the boot order to what appears to be default setting

  • Can't set assigned Ubuntu hard drive in boot sequence

    Can't set assigned Ubuntu hard drive in boot sequenceJuly 21

    I want to become a first time Ubuntu user. I have a desktop with Windows XP running on it. Now I want to set up a multi boot. I have two hard disk drives. One 60 GB with Windows XP (we call it A). The second drive has 500 GB (lets call this B) and ju

  • How do I find out if a configuration setting is running?May 15

    I use a High-DPI monitor on my Lenovo Yoga2 Laptop (like a retina display) so I have to change the overall font-scaling. There are many ways to set the text-scale-factor, for example dconf-editor, I used unity-tweak-util, but in the end they seem to

  • I can't change the boot order!December 10

    I can go and and play with the boot orders all I want but my computer will always read my hard drive first. What do I do to get Ubuntu on my computer? Computer Info ------> http://instagram.com/p/hrCjIQLa8a/ Computer Info ------> http://instagram.co

  • Computer does not boot from DVDNovember 16

    I'm new to Ubuntu. My OS is XP service pack 3. I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04.3 32bit ISO file. I burnt it to a DVD. I put the DVD in my DVD drive and rebooted the computer. The install routine does not start and the computer boots to my XP desktop. I ass

  • Loading up Ubuntu from a USBNovember 3

    When I try to boot Ubuntu when it gives me a choice between Windows 8 and Ubuntu, it comes up with a screen that tells me to put in the Windows Installation Disc. I started to use a USB. I downloaded Ubuntu i3 onto the USB through pendrivelinux. I ha

  • How do I change the boot order to boot the disc first?July 22

    I was upgrading from ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 when my laptop crashed and I was left with a wacked out version of 13.04 with no dashboard or any accessible apps. I have another live cd that was burned correctly and I'm trying to re-install the OS, but my

  • How to boot Ubuntu from SSD drive which cannot be selected as boot device?December 29

    I have freshly installed Ubuntu 12.10 (64 bits) on an Asus S405CM-WX117H laptop (similar to this one) which features a 24GB SSD drive and a regular 500GB hard drive. I placed the / (ext4) root file system in the SSD drive and partitioned the regular

  • How to boot from CD using GRUB?December 21

    so I have this dualboot config in my pc with ubuntu precise and win 7 running alongside. I need to reinstall win 7 since its acting a bit strange lately; but during bios my keystrokes are not recognized for some reason. Since I can't change the boot

  • UEFI and Lubuntu 12.04December 20

    Community, I'm new at Lubuntu and don't know more than a simple user - so I need someone who explains me the installation and configurations in a very simple way (and if posible in german?) My problem: Yesterday I bought a new Laptop from HP with pre

  • Where to install bootloader when installing Ubuntu as secondary OS?

    Where to install bootloader when installing Ubuntu as secondary OS?November 19

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu as secondary OS on my laptop. I have Windows 8 already installed on my laptop. Now, I know how to run Ubuntu from USB drive, I created addition partition and formatted it to EXT4. So I'm ready to install. Now, 'Device for

  • How to change default boot disk and skip the Grub screen?November 6

    I probably did something really stupid. My primary hard drive on my laptop was getting full so I decided to install Ubuntu 12.10 on an external hard drive. When I have the hard drive plugged in, I am first presented with the Grub screen where I have

  • Question About Changing the Boot Order+Advice before Installing UbuntuSeptember 5

    So here are my two questions: Boot Order Hi, as per the guides given in the ubuntu.com help wiki, I'm supposed to ensure that my boot order is set to give highest priority to the CD drive first and then the hard drive before trying to install ubuntu.

  • Dual-boot computer won't boot without external hard drive

    Dual-boot computer won't boot without external hard driveAugust 21

    I have Ubuntu loaded on my external HDD. I tried to unplug the external drive so that this way I could run Windows as the default OS to boot when the computer turns on, but it gives me an error. I need to know how I can make it so that when my comput

  • How do I change the the boot default from Ubuntu to Windows? February 22

    Possible Duplicate: How do I set Windows to boot as the default in the boot loader? 9 days ago I added Kubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) to Windows 7 on my computer. Since then I have spent 12 hours plus trying to change the default grub selection from

  • How can I change the boot order (grub2)? February 20

    Possible Duplicate: Change the grub boot order for ubuntu 11.10 I saw guides of setting first operation system to boot. How can I set also the second operation system to boot? --------------Solutions------------- Take a look at this answer.

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