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  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • Box View Developer, Cannot create a View ApplicationFebruary 17

    This question has been asked by someone else (How to create a Box View app?) but was down voted for some obscure reason and so I will try and explain more. I have a box developer account. According to their guide: https://box-content.readme.io/docs w

  • Send post body after process response headers with libcurlFebruary 15

    TL;DR: As topic says - need send multipart post body ONLY after process response headers, received after established connection. According to libcurl documentation, CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION gets called by libcurl as soon as it has received header data.

  • Error : Android BOX integrationFebruary 5

    I am developing an android app with box api integration. In which I have to fetch videos from logged in users' uploaded videos. I also need to show video thumbnails. I found something from below link. Link:=> https://box-content.readme.io/reference#g

  • How to get box api web app integration folder idFebruary 3

    Hi I am trying to create a Box Web app integration which is triggered from Folders. https://box-content.readme.io/docs/box-web-application-integrations I can't passover the Folder_ID to my app. It seems like #file_id# is the only parameter available

  • How to create folder in box using App Users?February 2

    I am trying to create the folders in box by using the App Users. I already created the App User by following the below link given at box documentation: https://box-content.readme.io/docs/app-users But when I try to create the folder by following the

  • Issue with error catching in MeteorJanuary 31

    I am calling an external API (Box) using the HTTP methods in Meteor. These work fine, but I am trying to implement some error handling and am running into issues with catching the errors. Meteor.methods({ copyTemplateFolder: function () { this.unbloc

  • Trying to make the boxes in this last row appear

    Trying to make the boxes in this last row appearJanuary 30

    New to this and trying to make the attached layout. I can't seem to get the last row of 4 boxes in the middle section to appear. Once I do I will adjust all the surrounding widths and heights to make it nice and clean. I looked on line and it seems l

  • php pagination with selectbox?January 29

    i want to make pagination with php select box, to pagination I don't have problem, when I going page 2 then I have problem but, not have information first page I have information but second page and another pages not have information... function Bayi

  • Opencv 4 Android detect boxes

    Opencv 4 Android detect boxesJanuary 28

    i'm developing an Android app that recognizes, from a store shelf image, all the boxes (products) present on the shelf. My approach so far is the following: grayscale bilateral filter (or GaussianBlur, but I've found that using bilateral filter is be

  • cross domain ajax calls and 302 responseJanuary 27

    I am trying to make a cross domain ajax call to app.box.com. If I just enter the url in the browser it succeeds. I can see that the response is a 302 redirect to dl.boxcloud.com which returns a 200 response with a coors header. Ok so if make an Ajax

  • signing into a mailbox via php curlJanuary 25

    i have a code to log into mailbox, but this doesnt work for me. Can you help me to repair it? What am i doing wrong? I made an example mailboc for you, so feel free to use it. Login form is on this page <?php $ch = curl_init (); $Url = "https://lo

  • Update a file name with the BOX API 2.0January 25

    I have a pretty simple PUT request being made to BOX using a library in Node.JS called Request. Here is the request below: request({method:"PUT", url: "https://api.box.com/2.0/files/" + req.body.id, headers: { 'Authorization': 'Bearer

  • levelplot box line width R

    levelplot box line width RJanuary 22

    Does any know how to change the line width of a levelplot graphic, especially that with multiple panels? The box line width should change alongside the tick marks. In base R one can use plot(x);box(lwd=10). Is this possible within levelplot? Many tha

  • Distance between a ray and a Bound BoxJanuary 22

    I have researched a lot and have found codes about: Distance from a point to a Bound Box Distance between two Bound Box Intersection of a ray in a Bound Box But what I'm looking for is: Distance of a ray to a Bound Box Considering the Bound Box with

  • Putting a box of text over a bunch of images

    Putting a box of text over a bunch of imagesJanuary 21

    I have been trying to figure out how this website managed to put a box with text in on-top of an image. Here is the link to the website: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Backgrounds_g162.html How did they mange to put a box of text over these

  • Box SDK authorize automatical to my account javaJanuary 18

    I'm working with Box Java SDK here (http://opensource.box.com/box-java-sdk/) Now, I want to access to my account through API. The problem is: I want to access only to my account using username, password, clientid, client secret to authorize. But foll

  • HTML - Choose Between Languages January 18

    I am horribly new in HTML and I want to implement a source code on HTML, which allows the user to choose content in different languages (basically EN and GER). So far I found this to give the user the opportunity of choosing a language. <form action=

  • How long does the User Token/Client last with Box Platform API?January 14

    I'm developing a server-side application to upload files to Box. I'm using the Box .NET SDK, using JWT for authentication. Here's how I set up my Box stuff: var boxConfig = new BoxConfig(clientId, clientSecret, enterpriseId, jwtPrivateKey, jwtPrivate

  • Boxing up your Apps as Phars Quickly and Easily with Box

    Boxing up your Apps as Phars Quickly and Easily with BoxJune 15

    In this tutorial, we'll use Box to package a PHP application into a Phar, in order to make it easily distributable and globally installable via Composer. On what? We need a project for this, and packaging up yet another "Hello World" script woul

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