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  • Unresolved external symbol error when compilingFebruary 17

    when ever am trying to compile it, i get an error message unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl showarray(int * const,int)" am not sure what i am doing wrong? what should I do, my code looks like this #include<iostream> #include<stri

  • Arranging a character array using bubble sortFebruary 17

    Here is my code so far. I am perfectly able to sort files holding numbers but clueless when it comes to characters. It takes in a file of my choosing and outputs another file with the sorted array. But so far all I'm getting are blank files and I can

  • Bubble Sort with multiple threadsFebruary 12

    Hi I am looking at writing a program that compares the times between executing a bubble sort wholly sequentially against executing part of the work in parallel. for the parallel implementation I plan to spit my unsorted array into equally sized secti

  • Sorting between signed and unsigned zeros c++February 7

    I have to be able to sort negative zeros and zeros for an assignment i am doing at university using c++, could someone tell me why the following code does produce a negative zero? i'm stuck and i am not sure why this works... cout << "Enter the

  • How to modify bubble sort code to show results in decimal number in assembly 8086January 31

    So, I have this code given by the professor and when you execute it, it will sort the numbers in the array. The display will show them as hex. I'm asked to modify this code so that they will be displayed as decimals. Tried some subroutines ,I've foun

  • Bubble sort returning long integer in CJanuary 30

    I have defined my int array like so in main, followed by a function call for the bubble sort: int numarr[6] = { 6, 4, 3, 5, 1, 2 }; int arrsize = 6; bubblesort(&numarr[0], arrsize); My bubble sort function looks like this: int bubblesort(int num[], i

  • javascipt Bubble sort problems (probably very easy)January 28

    <html> <script> var tal; var array = []; var element=parseIFloat(); function bubbleSort(A){ var swapped, len = A.length; if(len === 1) return; do { swapped = false; for(var i=1;i<len;i++) { if(A[i-1] > A[i]) { var b = A[i]; A[i] = A[i-1]

  • The complexity of bubble sort and insertion sort for a list with a given number of inversionsJanuary 26

    Let the length of a list be n, and the number of inversions be d. Why does insertion sort run in O(n+d) time and why does bubble sort not? When I consider this problem I am thinking of the worst case scenario. Since the worse case for inversions is n

  • Bubble Sort not Sorting One ElementJanuary 15

    I have two Methods which have to be void methods, they are using a propriety from the elements in the list named Magnitude to sort them using bubble sort from the smallest to largest, the method OnePassBubbleSort orders one element at a time and sort

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