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  • Bugzilla integration with svn and TortoiseSVNFebruary 28

    Currently I have a server with a set of svn repositories. I also bugzilla server, but the problem is that not find a way to link the svn repository to buzgzilla so that when using the svn tortoise can update the issues in bugzilla. I followed this tu

  • error while setting up bugzilla checksetup.plFebruary 2

    I am setting up bugzilla in my WINDOWS 8.1 machine, I got the error while setting up bugzilla checksetup.pl, I am stuck at this stage.. Please help on this Enter the e-mail address of the administrator: [email protected] DBD::mysql::db selectrow_a

  • Update bugzilla login_name for new email domainFebruary 2

    I have a bugzilla installation in a company which has changed email domain (all addresses have simply changed from, for example, [email protected] to [email protected]). I would like to mass update the user accounts to their new email addresses. On a t

  • HttpClient.PostAsync causes 400 error when passing JSON to APIJanuary 28

    I am trying to pass some data in JSON format to the Bugzilla API but am getting a 400 response. I am using Netwonsoft.Json to generate the JSON and it from what I can tell it is generated fine so I am not really sure what is causing the 400 error. Co

  • How to get all bugs I fixed?January 20

    This is probably obvious to any seasoned bugzilla user, but using the UI, how do I see all the bugs I have fixed? I have looked in the search window, and there are lots of variables i can select from but nothing like resolved_by or similar.

  • Not able to file a bug with attachment on Bugzilla 5.0.2 Perl 5.2 on xampp windows 7

    Not able to file a bug with attachment on Bugzilla 5.0.2 Perl 5.2 on xampp windows 7January 19

    I completed setting up of Bugzilla v5.0.2 on xampp in windows system with the help of this link: https://thiscouldbebetter.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/installing-bugzilla-on-windows-with-xampp/. I can file a bug without attachment, but with attachment I

  • bugzilla attempt to reload Storable.pm abortedJanuary 19

    I was trying to setup Bugzilla on my windows XP V2002 Machine. I followed the below youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nx46ssK5Q0 for complete setup of mysql,apache server and active perl as specified. I have installed all the dependecie

  • Perl - Can't load Expat.xs.dllJanuary 17

    Dear all I try to get XML RPC running on Bugzilla. I installed all perl modules what has been described by mozilla. but when I like to access the perl cgi script http://localhost:8010/xmlrpc.cgi I get the following error. Can't load 'C:/Strawberry/pe

  • How to restrict bugzilla non-authorized access? December 15

    I have a Bugzilla server and I found a security issue. If I make logout on web interface I still can read bugs by direct link. Enumerating bug ID in the URL I can read all bugs already exists. I was unable to found how to restrict access Bugzilla for

  • Any way to hide the plain text bugzilla password from POST request?December 7

    I have one bugzilla setup working with me. I have hosted the same on apache. When we login to bugzilla, it sends the POST request Form Data which has password as plain text. Form Data: Bugzilla_login:[email protected] Bugzilla_password:test Bugzilla_log

  • Bugzilla command line interfaceDecember 4

    Researching command line interfaces into Bugzilla. The most frequent tool discussed on the web is the "bugzilla" xml-roc CLI provided by Bugzilla. Downloaded the complete bugzilla server and not seeing how to install just the CLI. Asking communi

  • Give read only access in BugzillaNovember 27

    I've been researching this problem for an hour now and it's getting kind of frustrating. I have a project in Bugzilla that I need to give read only access to some users (our BRM team). When I go to groups, I only see two checkboxes: "Can add to this

  • Is there a way to enable a log file to spawn-fcgi and fcgiwrap?November 23

    I'm trying to setup Bugzilla. I'm getting a 403 error. There are no error messages in the nginx error log file. I'm pretty sure that the 403 message is being sent from upstream. I say that because I can create a 403 error in the nginx error log by me

  • Email gets heavily delayed in BugzillaNovember 22

    In my bugzilla (hosted in Ubuntu 12.04), emails are geting delayed upto 24hrs and sometimes even more than that. I have also installed Jobqueue.pl as well. But whenever i am checking the jobqueue status, it gives below output: $> perl jobqueue.pl -f

  • Bugzilla automated email settings fileOctober 7

    Several months ago I've successfully installed bugzilla on local test server. Now, I wanted to change my credentials email in bugzilla and I've got following email: Bugzilla has received a request to change the email address for the account [email protected]

  • iptables outgoing default policy is accept, but some ports appear blockedSeptember 30

    I'm new to servers and iptables. I have a web app (happens to be bugzilla) running on my Centos 6.7 apache/httpd server, and it attempts to connect out to the web (updates.bugzilla.org) via port 80. It also attempts to connect out (to smtp.gmail.com)

  • Jenkins and Bugzilla IntegrationAugust 18

    I have Bugzilla with Testopia instance installed on a CentOS 6.5 system. I want to integrate it with Jenkins which is on my Windows 8 Instance. I am able to remotely login into Bugzilla instance. I have configured the Bugzilla instance in Jenkins Con

  • Problems in installing bugzilla on ubuntu 15.04July 27

    I'm trying to install bugzilla. I have phpmyadmin installed in my systema so I can't follow the instructions on bugzilla site that tell me to remove /var/www/html folder because I have phpmyadmin in there. Besides I have seen the instructions here on

  • Changing Bugzilla server URLJuly 23

    I've just installed Bugzilla, finally, and it works. Yay. But, I would like to change the address that the user types in to get to it, and I suspect I can do that via modifying the Apache httpd.conf file. Bugzilla is the only thing being served via A

  • apache2 and bugzilla helpJuly 22

    I have a problem with the bugzilla and restarting apache2. When i try to reload apache2 it says: The apache2 configtest failed. Not doing anything. Output of config test was: AH00526: Syntax error on line 3 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/bugzilla.conf

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