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  • Cairo-dock menu/dialogue box outline color - how to disable it?

    Cairo-dock menu/dialogue box outline color - how to disable it?January 22

    For clarification, I include an image showing the outline/border of the menu, which is black in color. I tried to look at cairo-dock configure -> appearance -> dialogue boxes and menus, but no luck. It only allow me to change the bubble's outline ap

  • Simple dock with workspace separatorsDecember 22

    I've tested some dock applications but I'm still not able to get one simple dock with separators indicating workspaces. New windows would open before the workspace separator for each workspace. Additionally, it would be really amazing if dragging an

  • Cairo-dock ubuntu 14.04 shifts down desktop and windowsDecember 14

    Whenever I start Cairo-dock everything shifts down about 1 and half inches from the top bar. So for example, if I have my browser open it is no longer flush against the top bar but instead shows some of the desktop background above it. If I click on

  • Have Chrome Apps Get Their Own Launcher on DockyDecember 3

    How can I get Docky to file chrome app windows (I'm particularly interested in Hangouts) under separate launcher icons? I've checked the WM_CLASS values, and for Hangouts I see this: WM_CLASS(STRING) = "crx_knipolnnllmklapflnccelgolnpehhpl", &qu

  • Cairo-Dock doesn't dissapear from alt-tabNovember 22

    Cairo-Dock still appears in the alt-tab switcher for me, despite following the accepted answer for Hiding an application from switcher [alt+tab]. To verify that I have set it up correctly: I went to Window Management -> Window Rules, set the values f

  • Cairo Dock Unity Search DialogNovember 21

    I am using unity but have decided to use the Cairo Dock. I am wondering if there is a way (command and/or .desktop file) to have an icon on the dock that opens the default unity search overlay (top-left of unity launcher.) Edit: I want to replace the

  • Difference between command-line commands regarding uninstalling Cairo-Dock?November 11

    The Basis In order to uninstall Cairo-Dock completely, @Nattgew's answer to this question says that the following should be input (inputted?) into the terminal: sudo apt-get remove cairo-dock cairo-dock-core cairo-dock-plug-ins cairo-dock-plug-ins-da

  • Cairo Dock - Chrome Browser - Unity Launcher Icon and Application syncOctober 23

    My problem is as follows I use cairo dock as a replacement for the Unity Launcher on Ubuntu I used chrome desktop shortcuts to make some pseudo desktop apps of some webapps (like outlook exchange) I want these webapps to pick up the Icon I give them,

  • Second monitor stopped working (maybe) after installing cairo-dock and variety wallpaper changerAugust 30

    I'm using ubuntu 14.04 using an HMDI-to-DVI adapter in a HDMI port to DIV and it as always worked until this certain point. I'm pretty sure the adapter itself didn't suffer any damage that could disable it but, again, I can't guarantee it. I think I

  • What should I select for the option on the OpenGL dialogue box regarding Cairo Dock on ASUS laptop w / Intel Celeron(R) CPU N2830 @ 2.16GHz × 2August 11

    I'm a new Ubuntu user. I just installed Ubuntu, and it was utterly screwed up at first (wouldn't display text reliably anywhere). I'm using it to learn to program, and I don't want to spend hours every day fidgeting around with the core of the OS. I'

  • cairo-dock: system keyboard shortcuts not workingJune 20

    Cairo-dock worked fine, until one day mysteriously some shortcuts stopped working. I can still press super+enter to show the dock, but, for example, Fn+Volume Up or Super+space (change keyboard input type) don't work properly. They are correctly conf

  • Cairo Dock opens folders just minimizedJune 3

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04. When I click on the Files icon on Cairo Dock or select a folder in Shortcuts, the file window doesn't popup, instead it opens the folder minimized. However, I expect the window to be maximized after clicking. Similar problem

  • cairo-dock won't startup through lockscreenApril 1

    I installed cairo-dock (and plugins), opened it through Unity and it worked just fine but obviously I don't want them both running. So I logged out and logged in on CD and all I get is the Ubuntu default background and nothing seems to happen. No des

  • Black screen flickering after installing Cairo DockMarch 30

    I installed Cairo Dock from the repository/PPA. The problem i'm facing is that after a minute or two of inactivity, the system monitor flickers a black screen, sometimes the black screen stays and I have to move my mouse to activate the screen. What

  • Cairo Dock still visible in Dash, after removal using Software CenterMarch 14

    How can I remove the Cairo Dock Icons in Dash even though I removed the app using Software Center? I removed Wireshark using the same method and Wireshark doesn't show up in Dash. Any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- You have not removed t

  • Problem in Ctrl+Alt+Tab switchingMarch 11

    I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in my Dell Laptop. when i do the key combination of Ctrl+ Alt +Tab and holds it, it shows two window switchers.One is the default window switcher in ubuntu and other is a new one. the selection of programmes are different t

  • Disable Window Switching in Cairo-Dock February 25

    This question already has an answer here: Hiding an application from switcher [alt+tab] 1 answer I'm freshly installed Cairo-Dock in Ubuntu 14.04.when i use key combination Alt+Tab Cairo-Dock also shows up its own window switcher overlapping with Uni

  • Cairo Dock - GLX Switcher PanelFebruary 7

    (CairoDock-3.3.2) the switcher panel shows only 1 windows and I can't multiplied to 2 or more windows on older hardware. With newer hardware (Acer Netbook) no problems.

  • if the Internet is unreachable cairo-dock menu disappearsFebruary 6

    if the Internet is unreachable cairo-dock menu disappears Is there a configuration or work-around that fixes it so it stays available if the network fails?

  • Why Cairo-dock disappears in changing desk?January 23

    I have a problem with my Cairo dock. When I change the desk with the applet the sub-dock disappears (I have the dock at the bottom instead of the one at the side) and I can't get back to the main desk (I tried some board combinations but didn't work.

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