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  • Complex Calculation Challenge Using simple operands - default minimum valueFebruary 17

    I am working with some legacy code that includes calculating values using simple mathematical operations with tokens from a table and an application. Order of operations is not normal, in that it strictly follows a left to right process: 99 + 1 / 2 =

  • What is 100% in calc functionFebruary 10

    Within the css calc() function, what does 100% refer to and what is the equivalent code in JavaScript? #div1 { width: calc(100% - 100px); } JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/xoufnm6v/ --------------Solutions------------- 100% refers to 100% of the width

  • OpenOffice Calc complex functions

    OpenOffice Calc complex functionsFebruary 9

    I'm wanting to set up a Calc sheet that will offer me stock reorder points on items that sell at a fast rate. In other words, using =Wanted In Stock # - (cell quantity) lets me know if I need to reorder the item or not. I have set up an example of th

  • Simple calculator program in JavaFebruary 4

    I am a newbie coder in Java and I am trying to make this calculator in java where a user can enter two numbers and select the operation to be done on those numbers. However when the code comes to selecting the operator it skips the user input and the

  • standard deviation function throws error when na.rm=TRUE while using calc() in raster packageFebruary 4

    I am attempting to calculate a simple standard deviation function from a raster brick object using the calc() function in the raster package. I have missing values and want them to be excluded. I think I should be able to exclude them by including th

  • Calc for responsive text is an invalid propertyJanuary 27

    I made an scss @mixin responsive_font-size($viewport-min : "320px", $viewport-max: "1320px", $font-size-min:"16px", $font-size-max:"40px") { font-size:calc( #{$font-size-min} + (#{$font-size-max} - #{$font-size-min}

  • Google Sheets Count Frequency of Row Based on Value

    Google Sheets Count Frequency of Row Based on ValueJanuary 22

    I have a two columns that looks something like this Sports | Baseball Sports | Soccer Clubs | Chess Sports | Hockey Sports | Baseball Clubs | Chess Clubs | Math What I am trying to do is get two new rows that looks like this: Baseball | 2 | Soccer 1

  • Calculate the time difference and the calculation between of two rowsJanuary 18

    I have a table with a specified id, valued, validate and value MyTable looks like this: +------+------------+---------------------+-------+ | ID | VALUEID | VALUEDATE | VALUE | +------+------------+---------------------+-------+ | 1 | 2 | 2015-12-21

  • How to find words in Excel?January 14

    I need help with Excel. I have a cell A that contains a long internet address like: xxxxxxx.htm and a cell B that contains an address like: xxxxxx.Htm I want to write a function that will check if the word htm or Htm is in the address and print out "

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