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  • Character Map is organized badlyFebruary 1

    For example, I want to find "superscript 2" but when I look in the category "superscript and subscripts" the "2" and "3" are missing; instead they could be found in the category "Latin-1 Supplement" -- whi

  • Convert all the data of table (which have both encoding data) into single encoding either utf8 or latin1 January 28

    We have table which consists of two different encoding data (utf8 and latin1) which has been inserted from two different use cases of application. We are getting broken strings issue for other languages text if we get the data in one encoding.We need

  • Characterset in SQL Server - Migrating data from Oracle 8i to SQL Server 2012January 22

    I'm migrating data from Oracle 8i to a new MS SQL Server instance (2012). My Oracle database has: NLS_CHARACTERSET = US7ASCII I'm completely new to SQL Server - how do I configure the SQL Server database to have the same characterset? Does SQL Server

  • SEO impact on using Unicode escapes over encoded characters?

    SEO impact on using Unicode escapes over encoded characters?January 15

    For text content on a site - say for example, a Chinese language site I could use HTML escapes: 库存了电气和电子应用 领域的连接器,从重型 工业连接 Or just UTF-8 encoded characters (not a representation of the above - just an example): 控制和洁净室, 测试与测量, 计算机与外围设备 Where both woul

  • How can I find the Alt KeyCode for a glyph with the Windows system tools?January 11

    How can I find the Alt KeyCode of a particular glyph (special character) using any standard utility that ships with Windows (or a ?command line statement?)? I understand this might seem like a duplicate of Find Alt Code for any Character However, as

  • howto choose the right character set in MariaDBJanuary 6

    if there are multiple character sets that can properly encode my data, how to choose one? Is there any difference in disk or memory usage? When joining tables do they need the same char set? Other toughs? --------------Solutions------------- Choosing

  • Oracle DB export, possible charset conversion if NLS_LANG not setJanuary 5

    I need to export an Oracle database from one server and import it on another server. But I am getting the following information message at the beginning: Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit Production Export done in US7ASCII

  • Cannot set character_set_database and character_set_server to utf8mb4January 4

    I'm trying to convert my MySQL server and its already existing schemas to the utf8mb4 character set. Preliminary Notes: I'm using Xampp (with MySQL 5.6.24). Default options are read from the following files in the given order: C:\WINDOWS\my.ini C:\WI

  • Which accented characters are considered the same?December 1

    In MySQL, certain characters are considered the same when performing searches, e.g. 'n' and 'ñ'; unless you specify BINARY in the condition. Is there a list somewhere of the characters that are considered the same? --------------Solutions------------

  • Properly configuring Oracle Charset and NLS parametersNovember 13

    I'm trying to figure out the reason why Oracle SQL Developer shows question marks/rubbish on non-latin symbols. Currently I have 2 DBs on separate severs/instances, one of which works fine, and the other one breaks encoding as written above. Both wer

  • Are there any known problems caused by having NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS set to CHAR on an Oracle database?October 12

    I've always thought that anyone using a database where NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS set to BYTE when using a multi-byte character set needed their heads examined, but recently a customer of ours said that they had experienced problems applying Oracle patches

  • Searching/selecting database content and smart quotesOctober 2

    I have a utf8 encoded mysql table where the content has been entered using smart quotes. My client is complaining that when users search the site content, the relevant results don't show up. This is because users don't type smart quotes into the sear

  • How to disable case sensitivity in SQL Server 2012?September 10

    I tried to update collation_name in sys.databases. I am trying to change 'SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS' to 'SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS' in order to disable case sensitivity in table. update d set d.collation_name='SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS' --SE

  • Trying to support unicode in MySQL database

    Trying to support unicode in MySQL databaseSeptember 7

    I am doing a project in which I have to save tweets into my MySQL database. The problem is some tweets contains smilies and other symbols which I am not able to save - it shows error like below: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x98\x82. ...' for col

  • Firebird 2.5 - difference between starting with and = (equal) string searchesAugust 25

    Background I have DB that was created on Windows, FB 2.5.0 (long ago). It was subsequently upgraded, over the years, to 2.5.4. Yesterday I wanted to test it on Ubuntu, which has FB 2.5.2 maintained package. Database was exported with flamerobin and i

  • Handling lossy data before character- set migrationAugust 20

    I am trying to migrate a database from US7ASCII to AL32UTF8 using CSSCAN. During the initial scanning using CSSCAN we have found the presence of lossy data both in data dictionary() and application data.Can any one please help as to how can we handle

  • Character coding on Tumblr: how it affects SEO?

    Character coding on Tumblr: how it affects SEO?August 19

    So I have a blog on Tumblr I use with my own domain name. I started it to try out how can I SEO it on my own money so I can learn new stuff. So far so good. As I started to use HTML edit mode on Tumblr I noticed that it does not use UTF8 to my best u

  • Unicode character replication MSSQL to MYSQL in Symmetric DSJuly 14

    I'm doing replication from MSSQL to MYSQL using symmetricds and it is working fine. Now , the problem is: In the SQL Server table , I have a column defined as NVARCHAR(20) which accepts unicode characters like Hindi language characters. In MySQL, I h

  • nbsp character might not be passing as nbsp to the MySQL backendJuly 3

    I am following a tutorial where a web application written in PHP, blacklists spaces from the input(The 'id' parameter). The task is to add other characters, which essentially bypasses this blacklist, but still gets interpreted by the MySQL database i

  • Oracle NLS_CHARACTERSET mismatch while importJune 3

    I have source Dump with NLS_CHARACTERSET WE8MSWIN1252 NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET AL16UTF16 Requires the target database system is with NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8 NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET AL16UTF16 Because of the charset difference I am not able to complete

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