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  • Does attraction of charges or voltage cause a currentFebruary 14

    Does a current flow in a circuit due to voltage (potential difference between the 2 points of the battery) or due to the attraction of unlike charges (e.g. an electron and the positive terminal of the battery). Also, imagine there is an ideal circuit

  • State of Charge instead of Ah?

    State of Charge instead of Ah?February 7

    My Goal is to monitor the battery's level. My first idea was to build a circuit that would detect its Ah. But I have not come to a solution that is that simple. So I have researched and found out about state of charge. And have learnt that the voltag

  • Does a bit in Flash memory store net charge

    Does a bit in Flash memory store net chargeJanuary 21

    This is with regards to the discussion in the comments in my answer to this question with regards to the charge stored in a Flash. The way a Flash memory works is that it either stores a small charge (signifying logical 0) on the gate of a floating g

  • Do all components obey Kirchhoff's Current Law?January 15

    Kirchhoff's Current Law states that the net current through a node is always 0. AFAIK this derives from conservation of charge principle. My question is, is KCL applicable to any electrical component? For example is it applicable to transistors, inte

  • Charged capacitor as outputJanuary 6

    Ok this is a two part question, it's so that I can make the question as clear as possible. Let's say I have 1 watt of input power into a circuit or device and 1 joule of energy sitting in a capacitor as output, for example 100V at 200uF. Is a capacit

  • Voltage increase per cycle across capacitor for a boost converterJanuary 3

    So I'm looking to make a high voltage capacitor charger using a boost converter and I'm wondering how much voltage the capacitor will increase per cycle of the boost converter. In reality, I would most likely design around a high powered inductor, ch

  • Portable speaker project

    Portable speaker project December 25

    I would like to create my portable speaker box. I am new so please be patient with me. My idea is use TP4056 chargers to charge two li-ion, then via step-up boost modules feed PAM8403 3W amp, and PAM8610 10W amp. I will use two 4Ohm 3W bass speakers

  • Is it safe to discharge my body's static electricity onto my MacBook Pro?December 10

    Often in the winter (low humidity), getting up from and sitting down onto the seat at my desk, or taking off a jacket, and such will build up a static electric charge on my body. Sometimes I don't remember to touch a metal object before touching my M

  • Why does electrical charge concentrate at sharp points?

    Why does electrical charge concentrate at sharp points?December 9

    Think of a metal object with one side round and the other side sharp. And we charge the metal either negatively or positively. Why is charge more concentrated at the sharp point? Why Don't electrons repel each other stronger at sharp point? So that t

  • How is voltage applied across a capacitor changing when I connect it to a DC power source?December 6

    Current entering/leaving a capacitor is proportional to the change in voltage applied across its plates. Lets say I have a capacitor in series with a DC power supply, a resistor, and an open switch. Once I close the switch, the voltage across the cap

  • Charge Stripe billing address erroring if it includes a hyphenNovember 25

    I am getting a "Must be a valid string" error on the billing name field in a charge form if the name contains a hyphen. Any idea where that is coming from? I can't track it down. --------------Solutions------------- I got an email back from Char

  • Set action dynamically in Charge subscription formNovember 25

    When using Charge to handle subscriptions is it possible to set the Charge Action (not the HTML form action parameter) dynamically based on which subscription option has been chosen in the form? For instance, I have 3 different subscriptions availabl

  • How do I charge my iPhone 6 without it being on the whole time?November 23

    I've tried shutting off my iPhone 6 AFTER plugging it in to charge, and it will turn back on. How can I make sure it stays off while charging so that it charges more quickly? --------------Solutions------------- Plug the phone in to power Then turn i

  • Electrostatics - Calculating the vector of electric field

    Electrostatics - Calculating the vector of electric fieldNovember 21

    Most of the problems I run into while studying electrostatics are ones regarding a charged thread for which I need to calculate the vector of the electric field. The thing that is confusing me is how to integrate dE. For example, I need to find E for

  • plug in charger when using OR charge it when low batteryNovember 16

    I am working in an office for 8 hours a day. And I am using a macbook pro retina 2015 during that 8 hours for work. What habit should I be use to treat the battery better. There are two choices for me to treat it. (1) Plug in the power for the whole

  • How to prevent internal MOSFET from being precgharged?

    How to prevent internal MOSFET from being precgharged?November 2

    For MOSFET circuits: – Schematic created using CircuitLab Say, how do we make sure that the gates M3, M4 are never pre-charged, so that they will always produce the right result at boot-up? Though I realize this is a poor example as this one will sti

  • Self capacitance of an isolated object

    Self capacitance of an isolated objectOctober 29

    A few times I've been reminded that an object can have self capacitance and it's just not registering with me how this can be so. I'm sure there's a good explanation. Here's the explanation I am usually given but I'm still not grasping that capacitan

  • Why does a resistor not affect Charge on capacitor

    Why does a resistor not affect Charge on capacitorOctober 20

    – Schematic created using CircuitLab For a circuit like the above - why is the charge on the Capacitor right after the battery is added Capacitance * Voltage of the battery and not Capacitance * (Voltage of Battery - Voltage Drop due to Resistor)? Is

  • charging batteries with automatic car charger through solar charge controller October 14

    Rustic cabin off grid. Seperate wiring for 110AC and 12VDc. Using solar panel through a Steca PR1515 charge controller to charge 2 12v batteries in parallel. If not enought light (at night) to charge batteries using solar, would it be OK to disconnec

  • What will be the time to charge a capacitor if there is no resistance?

    What will be the time to charge a capacitor if there is no resistance?October 9

    A capacitor charges to 63% of the supply voltage that is charging it after one time period. After 5 time periods, a capacitor charges up to over 99% of its supply voltage. Therefore, it is safe to say that the time it takes for a capacitor to charge

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