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  • CKSDev alternative for Visual Studio 2015October 22

    CKS Dev does not yet have a version for VS 2015. Can you recommend another tool to quickly update assemblies and layouts pages from Visual Studio 2015 ? --------------Solutions------------- With a trick, you can install CKS Dev for Visual Studio 2015

  • SharePoint 2010 Farm Solution Deployment Error Using Non-admin AccountsOctober 7

    I am trying to deploy a farm solution using Visual Studio 2012 on SharePoint 2010. I receive the following error when I try to build or deploy using any admin group accounts other than the Farm Admin account. I strictly followed this guideline to set

  • Activate only selected features on SharePoint 2013 deployment

    Activate only selected features on SharePoint 2013 deploymentMarch 6

    Using Visual Studio 2010 and CKSDEV 2010, I was able to select to set of features (right click on project, select features to activate). Then using a custom deployment configuration, I used to specify "Activate selected features" in my deploymen

  • Securing Individual Methods on Custom Web Services in SharePointNovember 8

    I've created several WCF services USING CKS:DEV to be hosted in SharePoint and accessed on SharePoint pages using SharePoint. I'm using the MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory for hosting purpose and I've set up general security on the service b

  • Error when opening CKSDEV projectAugust 14

    I just started getting this error: Unhandled exception occurred while calling method 'projectService_ProjectMenuItemsRequested' of type 'CKS.Dev.VisualStudio.SharePoint.Deployment.DeploymentSteps.ActivateSelectedFeaturesProjectExtension, CKS.Dev, Ver

  • Is there a way to us CKS Dev Tools to find undisposed of objects?June 12

    I thought I had used CKS Dev tools to display warnings about undisposed of objects in Visual Studio in the past, but we just stood up a new server and I can't seem to find a way to do it. Can it be done? If so, how? --------------Solutions-----------

  • Custom WCF service - includeExceptionDetailInFaultsMay 28

    I've got a custom WCF service that I created using the CKS toolkit for SharePoint. How do I enable includeExceptionDetailInFaults in these services? The way I understand it is, when using BasicHttpBindingServiceMetadataExchangeEndpoint SharePoint cre

  • Changing SharePoint 2010 Feature name and installation directory after deploymentJanuary 6

    I need to change the name and installation directory of some features that are already deployed in a client's environment. I can change the feature name from the feature designer, and change the installation directory from the properties dialog. I'm

  • Posting JSON to a REST WCF endpoint in Sharepoint using cksdevDecember 14

    http://ranaictiu-technicalblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/sharepoint-2010-access-wcf-service-with.html?showComment=1323864446083#c4340503928745769810 has an example of using JQuery Ajax to GET or POST to call a WCF Rest service. It uses cksdev. I have done

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