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  • How to set radial ProgressTimer progress to start increasing from the bottom(6 o'clock) to top?February 17

    Currently if you apply ProgressTimer on a sprite and set any percentage, it will start its progress from top mid (12 o'clock) to whatever the percentage provided. I want to start the progress from bottom mid (6 o'clock), i played with the setMidpoint

  • 'VungleSDK/VungleSDK.h' file not found in cocos2d?February 17

    GoogleMobileAds.h, VungleSDK/VungleSDK.h',UnityAds.h and many file are not found in cocos2d.I removed these file and follow there all steps Remove references to the framework from project navigator Click on your project in the project navigator, then

  • C2664 cannot convert * to ^February 17

    I am coding in windows 10 UWP with cocos2dx 3.8 and i want call a function in c++/cx with xaml from game sence( cocos2d ,c++). and now Error C2664 "void CocosAppWinRT::PayHelper::SetGetPay(CocosAppWinRT::OnStateChanged ^)": 无法将参数 1 从"Platfo

  • How to blend two DrawNodes in cocos2d

    How to blend two DrawNodes in cocos2dFebruary 10

    I need some help with cocos2d DrawNodes blending. I have DrawNode with sprite on it: And another DrawNode with drawn polygon (polygon area is less than heart sprite). As a result of blending I need to have only a part of heart sprite inside polygon,

  • ReferenceError: sdkbox is not defined cocos2d-jsFebruary 7

    I have been unable to integrate the SDKBOX successfully. I am on windows and using Cocos Code IDE. I used the guide at http://docs.sdkbox.com/en/plugins/facebook/v3-js/ and followed all steps but I am unable to configure the SDKBOX into my project.As

  • How to check for active internet connection in cocos2dx for android with C++?February 7

    I've gone through all the search results in Google to find a working code snippet for checking if my android device is connected to the Internet, but there seem to be no working ones. Thus, I'm looking for an example of code for checking android devi

  • cocos2dx detect intersection with polygon spriteJanuary 30

    I am using cocos2d-x 3.8. I try to create two polygon sprites with the following code. I know we can detect intersect with BoundingBox but is too rough. Also, I know we can use Cocos2d-x C++ Physics engine to detect collisions but doesn't it waste a

  • I want to highlight the border of a sprite .January 29

    I want to highlight a border of a sprite. I have a sprite type variable "m_sprImage" in which I want to highlight border. I used below codes but not highlighting as per my game requirement. TintTo* action = TintTo::create(0.1f, 255, 0, 0); TintT

  • Want sample code for drawing on finger movement in cocos2d 3.9?January 27

    how we can achieve this in cocos2d 3.9 with explanation of virtual void draw(cocos2d::Renderer *renderer, const cocos2d::Mat4 &transform, uint32_t flags) override; and what is this parameter inside this method?Thanks in advance. --------------Solutio

  • Child is already added is comingJanuary 27

    sprite=Sprite::create("bg.png"); sprite->setPosition(960,640); this->addChild(sprite,0); sprite1=Sprite::create("face.png"); sprite1->setPosition(960+x,640); sprite->addChild(sprite1,1); sprite2=Sprite::create("eyeLeft

  • Change source from 1.5 to 1.7 (Using the cocos command line tool)January 26

    I am trying to compile my android project using the following command line: cocos deploy -p android -m release But i keep getting some errors saying the following: error: diamond operator is not supported in -source 1.5 I tried manually modifying the

  • Third party Error While building project in cocos2dXJanuary 22

    I am getting the below error when I am trying to build the cocos2dX code. ./build_native.sh NDK_ROOT = /Users/Marine/Documents/android-ndk-r10e COCOS2DX_ROOT = /Users/Marine/Documents/Cocos2dXReq/cocos2d-x-2.2.6 APP_ROOT = /Volumes/Data/NewData/Proje

  • want to know how to draw line spirally using cocos 3.0January 20

    Since I'm new to cocos I wanted to know how to draw a spiral kind line, which should draw only when the touch move starts from initial point to destination point. After I reach to destination again same condition applies between second and third poin

  • Why isn't touch listener removed when Sprite is removed?January 19

    I have the following code for checking for touches on a sprite: void SpriteBlock::addEvents() { auto listener = cocos2d::EventListenerTouchOneByOne::create(); listener->setSwallowTouches(true); listener->onTouchBegan = [&](cocos2d::Touch* touch,

  • Cocos2d JS import external librariesJanuary 19

    I'm using Cocos2d JS 3.8 in my project. I need to use a bunch of external libraries in this project, but i can't figure out how to import them, so i can use their functionality in my app.js file for example. So how to import an external JS library in

  • Cocos Studio: Cocos Framework is not installed error

    Cocos Studio: Cocos Framework is not installed errorJanuary 16

    I installed Cocos Studio v2.3.3 to C:\Cocos using the link to a non-framework included package on the cocos2d-x.org site. I then unpacked cocos2d-x v3.9 using the zip file provided into the C:\Cocos\frameworks\cocos2d-x-3.9 - but Cocos Studio doesn't

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