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  • Cross Browser Test With Coded UI Locate BrowserFebruary 17

    I am currently using Coded UI to test on IE and am using the Selenium cross browser components to extend this testing onto Chrome. Before the most recent update to the dot net bindings from selenium these lines worked fine BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowse

  • Coded UI Test Button Click ErrorFebruary 17

    Issue I have been learning about the Coded UI Tests that are available in Visual Studio 2012. I am getting stuck on an issue and was wondering if someone could help. I recorded my test using Microsoft Test Manager and then opened the code up for this

  • How to access and read app setting keys from QTAgentService.exe.config from codeFebruary 15

    I need to read and set the key "ControllerConnectionPeriodInSeconds"'s value from QTAgentService.exe.config file (this file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE). Read about ControllerConnectionPeriodInSe

  • Access Calendar through Coded UI

    Access Calendar through Coded UIFebruary 15

    For Coded UI, I want to access the Calendar through Hand Coding and Note that Textbox which displays the selected date is not editable manually so Setproperty does not work. Please Help. --------------Solutions------------- try { if (!IsPostBack) { t

  • Selenium user interface test inconsistently fails during ajax requestFebruary 14

    I'm making a selenium UI test in visual studio in c#, and it randomly breaks when an ajax request is made. During the test I enter a string into a text input, then find a different element and click on it, this is to make the the onblur event fire fo

  • Coded-UI reports only 1 assertion failure when you have multiple Test Methods

    Coded-UI reports only 1 assertion failure when you have multiple Test MethodsFebruary 12

    First and foremost similar questions are posted by other users but this question is little different as it has multiple Test Methods. As per the following approach; I have placed only 1 assertion per Test Method. I have done this because, Coded UI wi

  • Is there any way not to close the Desktop Application Window after a Test Method in CodedUIFebruary 12

    I have a desktop application and I want to execute set of test method but the second Test Case is dependent on First and so on, so is there any way that the Application does not closes after a Test Method

  • Run a test that disconnects Internet on MTM without effecting MTMFebruary 11

    I'm supposed to test the reaction of a page when net is disconnected while on the page. (errors get thrown). My Method does the following - the page loads, i disconnect net, verify if the right actions take place and then connect the net back up and

  • System.ArgumentException: The encoded string can only be used for a passwordFebruary 9

    I tried to enter a password to WPF passwordbox and got System.ArgumentException: The encoded string can only be used for a password. /// <summary> /// Type '********' in text box /// </summary> public string UIItemEdit1SendKeys = "nAI/+1Y

  • How to add assertion on column values of a grid containing more that one row in CodedUITest of Visual Studio?February 9

    I have to add assertion cases on values of a grid containing more than one row. I am trying to create CodedUI Test in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition Grid -: Param Spec Width A SA121 1300 B SA122 1450 Assertions are like -: a) Width < 1400 for al

  • Data Driven testing using Coded UIFebruary 9

    Is it possible to access more than 255 columns of Datasource (Excel) using Coded UI, currently I am using VSTS 2013 and found that Coded UI is not able to access more than 255 columns from the DataSource. Is there a way to overcome this limitation? I

  • FailedToPerformActionsOnBlockedControlException By Coded UI Recording and Playback

    FailedToPerformActionsOnBlockedControlException By Coded UI Recording and PlaybackFebruary 5

    I am getting the above error. When i debug the Coded UI script. I Recorded closing a window by clicking on "X" and when i play back it is giving this error. When i try to drag the crosshair on to the Closing Button of the window ("X").

  • Is there any way to find previous sibling in Coded UIFebruary 5

    I have a Control which is first children of the Parent but nothing is unique in Parent and in the Control. I can find unique properties for Scond children so I need to find the previous Sibling of Second children --------------Solutions-------------

  • Microsoft Test Manager Not executed is shown in the test runFebruary 5

    I try to execute a test case automated. But just after pressing run test, the test has a Not Executed status. It displays Pending for a while, then Active. but nothing can be seen in the test controller side that the test runs. Then the Not Executed

  • Quickest way to get ID and Name of all fields in single goFebruary 5

    Currently, I am using the traditional way i.e. 'Inspect Element' (or Firebug or IE Developer) for getting value of ID and Name attributes of any field present over page for which I am creating test cases. But, it is sometimes very time consuming espe

  • Issue with Radio buttons selection in Coded UIFebruary 2

    I am using Coded UI for creating some test cases for a web application, while doing the same I have encountered an issue. I am not able to select a Radio Button using their Displayed Text, however if I use the ValueAttribute then its working fine. Bu

  • How can I check if the new activity was startedFebruary 2

    Scenario: The user starts the app The user goes to the "CreateAccountActivity" In order to use the application the user has to enter the email and a password The user clicks "create" which switches to the next activity. @Test public vo

  • Removing Standard Output Messages from Console WindowFebruary 1

    I'm using vstest to execute tests on local. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe\" "C:\Debug\Solution.dll /Tests:VerifyTest1,VerifyTest2 /Logger:trx"

  • Coded UI for Dashboard or ChartsJanuary 30

    I am trying to automate the PowerBI Dashboard, but the challenge is to find the dashboard controls. If any one is having any idea on how to capture the controls in dashboard

  • Loading Frame Hangs During Automated Coded UI TestJanuary 29

    I am using a recorded action via coded ui tests in Visual Studio 2013 to launch an internal website and log in. All of this processes normally, except after logging in a loading animation continues to spin until the test fails. Attempting to log in n

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