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  • Low memory message on Windows 7 SP1October 19

    I have a big problem with a computer that is getting a Low memory message. The specifications of this computer are: Windows 7 SP1 32-bit Operating System 4 GB RAM The computer is getting the following message every 4 or 5 days: Your computer is low o

  • How do I obtain Windows command line report of total committed memory (commit charge)?

    How do I obtain Windows command line report of total committed memory (commit charge)?June 26

    I want to have a small batch script which runs on a server and every hour logs memory statistics. I already have the script log the process-specific info I want via other tools, but I want to know of a way (either directly on cmd or via a program) wh

  • Windows Commit Charge lower than Physical RAM usage?

    Windows Commit Charge lower than Physical RAM usage?December 2

    I have seen this question and it is not a duplicate, title notwithstanding, since the given answer does not answer my question. I currently have a Windows XP system that reports system Commit usage as less than the Physical Memory usage. My understan

  • Is there Special Paging mode in XP for high memory usage scenariosOctober 14

    I have observed that once my PC (WinXP-x86) has a Peak Commit Charge exceeding the Total Physical Memory (as reported by Task Manager) that my PC grinds to a halt. Obviously paging is going to be the cause of this, but the strange thing is that it do

  • Commit Charge Physical Memory?

    Commit Charge Physical Memory?July 24

    If Commit Charge is the total amount of physical memory and virtual memory; how can Commit Charge ever be less than Physical Memory? For example; I have in System Information in Process Explorer registering 1.8GB for Commit, but 1.9GB for Physical. -

  • Old computer runs out of memory even when idleNovember 27

    I'm trying to speed up an old computer running XP, and it seems the problem is mainly that it's constantly losing RAM/virtual memory until it runs out. If no programs are running (System Idle Process is the only thing taking up CPU time), the compute

  • How to add or commit files to assembla repository from linux?November 10

    I know how to commit a file and add a file on a linux svn but how do I commit or add a file to my assembla svn from linux ? Let's say I am working on my project: svn co https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/my_project/trunk so I have: /root/trunk Now I

  • CM synergy file mergingMay 20

    I am using CM Synergy 6.4.3410 version And each time i do a code change ,if some one else does check in on same file its nightmare We need to reconcile it and take latest version from server then manually do the merging and check in . There is an opt

  • What could be causing such a high commit charge in XP?November 19

    I was getting out of memory errors running virtual machines in VirtualBox so I checked my commit charge and lo and behold, it's 1913 MB! I only have 2GB physical RAM. After closing all "applications" I have 1800 or so MB still in commit charge.

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