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  • how to install cordova in mac os 10.10.5January 28

    all how install cordova in mac os X Yosemite10.10.5 how to install Cordova in mac os 10.10.5 for developing hybrid application by terminal. help me thanks --------------Solutions------------- You need Node.js and use Install $ sudo npm install -g cor

  • Migrating from cordova 3.6 version to 4.0 version January 26

    My project is built with cordova 3.6, after updating to cordova 4.0 I get lot of compilation errors. Are these version compatible ? For example : IceCreamCordovaWebViewClient - is missing CordovaWebView's methods has different signatures and class no

  • How to download image from server and save to sdcard in phone gap applicationJanuary 18

    Download image from server and save to sdcard using cordova android application. I followed the FILE TRANSER API and followed stackoverflow code(Phonegap - Save image from url into device photo gallery) its creating folder in sdcard but not saving th

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