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  • CoreFoundation -[__NSCFNumber length] CrashFebruary 11

    When loading my iOS app, I will occasionally get a CoreFoundation crash. I am using custom fonts. Tried removing and re-adding to the workspace, and double checked all suggestions from this post. http://codewithchris.com/common-mistakes-with-adding-c

  • Repeating function invoking like NSTimer in CFebruary 11

    I find myself in need for a repeating block of code I can execute. If I were in an object I could simply pass self to the NSTimer scheduling. I am in a pure C project at the moment and I don't see any obvious NSTimer analogs. Is there a correct way t

  • Calling CFDictionaryContainsValue() in SwiftJanuary 24

    I have a Core Foundation dictionary that I would like to find a specific value in. Naturally I would use CFDictionaryContainsValue() provided by Core Foundation. The first argument is the Core Foundation dictionary to search and the second argument i

  • Unmounting Drive/volume without ejectingJanuary 15

    I am want to unmount a disk WITHOUT EJECTING. To do that I tried following code { NSString *path; CFStringRef *volumeName=(__bridge CFStringRef)path; DASessionRef session = DASessionCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault); CFURLRef pathRef = CFURLCreateWithStrin

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