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  • Swift CLLocationManager(didUpdateLocations) is called too oftenFebruary 17

    Can anyone explain, why the delegated method 'CLLocationManager(didUpdateLocations)' is called for 4 times although I immediately stop updating? I need the current location only once :) import UIKit import MapKit class ContactView: UIViewController,

  • significant location change does not trigger on deviceFebruary 17

    I am using significant location change monitoring. When I run the code in the simulator and check Freeway option I get periodic location updates. I grab these updates and save them in NSUserDefaults and than update tableview every 10s, so I can see i

  • iBeacon Monitoring ReliabilityFebruary 17

    I am looking for help in understanding some iBeacon reliability issues that I have been observing when monitoring for iBeacons using CoreLocation. I have a set of beacons with the same UUID, but different major and minor numbers. My program is set up

  • 99% CPU usage of UICollectionView - Significant Location Change not calling "didUpdateLocations"

    99% CPU usage of UICollectionView - Significant Location Change not calling "didUpdateLocations"February 17

    What works is that the app gets launched into background on significant location change. In AppDelegate I check for the UIApplicationLaunchOptionsLocationKey and init a location manager: locationManager.delegate = self locationManager.desiredAccuracy

  • startUpdatingLocation returns nilFebruary 17

    I am trying to use CLLocation. Every time I try to call the method startUpdatingLocation(), the values of of the current latitude and longitude are always nil. I included locationManager.delegate = self and locationManager.requestWhenInUseAuthorizati

  • travel distance needed to trigger significant location change update and accuracy of given locationFebruary 15

    I've searched the SO on this topic and the newest result I could found was from march 2014 and iOS7. How are things regarding significant location changes standing now? I am interested in the accuracy of the location I get and more importantly, how m

  • CLLocationManager startMonitoringForRegion crashes on ios 8.4

    CLLocationManager startMonitoringForRegion crashes on ios 8.4February 15

    I discovered that startMonitoringForRegion crashes on only iOS 8.4 giving me this error: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** setObjectForKey: object cannot be nil (key: major)' *** First throw call

  • Why does didUpdateLocation value differ from "my location" on map?February 14

    I'm getting a user's location over time and continuously overlaying this information on an MKMapView. My problem is, the location isn't correct. Hear me out. MKMapView's blue dot for my current location is showing my location EXACTLY correct. Correct

  • Retrieve users address using core location

    Retrieve users address using core locationFebruary 14

    So I've been trying to retrieve the users location as an ADDRESS from the press of a button. I can't seem to find any up to date examples that will work with SWIFT 2. My best find so far has been this website here (Get your current address in Swift),

  • How does geofences behave when there are overlapping CLRegionsFebruary 12

    I can't seem to find any information on how Core Location handles overlapping geofences. In my particular case I was wondering if a smaller geofence would be registered over a bigger, overlapping region. Does someone know this? --------------Solution

  • Get Current Location Using tvOS Core LocationFebruary 11

    I am working on a map app for tvOS (Apple TV 4). I have added a map to it and enabled Core Location and Show User Location, but it doesn't display. Does anyone know how to import it and make a map show my location?

  • CoreLocation : efficient way to keep track user's locationFebruary 9

    what's the efficient way to keep track user's location? I mean I do not care if the location has been change slightly, because it will waste the resources. i used in my code: LocationManager.stopUpdatingLocation() to stop every small changes in locat

  • Get Core Motion Updates when app is in backgroundFebruary 9

    I am building a location based app. But, when my app is in the background, location updates continue and it drains the battery. So I chose to use Core Motion to detect if user is in Automotive mode, and only use Core Location if that is the case, and

  • MKMapView default region or copy/duplicate initial state?

    MKMapView default region or copy/duplicate initial state?February 9

    After creating a Map View in the storyboard, the default location on the simulator shows up as the United States. Looking from other SO posts, there seems not to be a way to replicate this image since we are not given the default span or region (or a

  • CoreLocation not working on WatchKit 2.1February 8

    The 2015 WWDC session 'What's New in Core Location' shows how to obtain the User's location on the watch. I followed the steps there and it didn't work. Went back to the session and noted that the speaker mentions a sample app: PotLoc. Downloaded bui

  • Apple Watch coreLocation error *** Assertion failure in -[CLLocationManager requestLocation]February 7

    I tried to get user current location on Apple Watch with coreLocation. Whenever I run -[CLLocationManager requestLocation], the app quits and give the following error. 2016-02-07 16:38:39.392 Placescope Apple Watch Extension[6255:1471552] *** Asserti

  • IOS Core Location framework accuracyFebruary 7

    I am writing an app in Swift to capture and save the location of the phone. I am planning to use Core Location framework. This framework provides several services that you can use to get and monitor the device's current location. Here are a few quest

  • CLLocationManagerDelegate not receiving updatesFebruary 6

    I have a view controller which hase these functions: func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation]){ print("loc") } func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager, didFailWithError error: NSError){

  • Getting directions via MapKit and location servicesFebruary 3

    I am trying to display directions from user location to some destination. However, when I initiate the directions request I get some error back like this one: "The operation couldn't be completed. (MKLocationErrorDomain error 0.)" UserInfo=0x7f9

  • Core location wont workJanuary 30

    I have been trying to make an app that allows the user to retrieve the current location using the core location framework. I wanted to be able to get the coordinates of the device that is using the app when the app launches and be able to display the

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