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  • How to modify UIButton title cutting when applying custom fonts

    How to modify UIButton title cutting when applying custom fontsFebruary 7

    Hi I have applied custom fonts in my App.In this when i am applying "HelveticaNeueLTPro-Roman.otf" font for button title, Top of the title is cutting.How to resolve this,please help me some one. see below image what i get. --------------Solution

  • Java, smoothing custom fonts on numberPickerJanuary 31

    I have a numberPicker in the main activity that I want to change the color and the font of its elements (using custom font). Thanks to this post, I used the code below to change the color of items of numberPicker: import java.lang.reflect.Field; publ

  • Custom font not working at runtime in AndroidJanuary 27

    I made a custom TextView to load font (in my case it is IcoMoon font). My custom TextView class looks as below: public class CustomTextView extends TextView { public CustomTextView(Context context) { super(context); init(context); } public CustomText

  • How do I enable CORS in an online server using AJAX and PHP to get font for use on another BigCartel siteJanuary 18

    I am currently using BigCartel to design a website. I wish to use a custom font. No matter which server I use (currently a free Hostinger server) I cannot enable CORS using htaccess. Added to .htaccess: # Header always add Access-Control-Allow-Origin

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