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  • emojii sofkeyboard without drawableFebruary 17

    I implemented the ankushsachdeva_project to display emojii in my SoftKeyboard. Is there a way to modify this library to display the unicode character in the popup (edittext) instead of the corresponding drawable? I want to do this so that every devic

  • How to detect keyboard type changes with the size, type, suggestion bar height of new keyboard type?

    How to detect keyboard type changes with the size, type, suggestion bar height of new keyboard type?February 16

    Is there any way to detect keyboard types changes with the size, type and suggestion bar height, change like from English keyboard to Hindi which contains some kind of suggestion bar (see screenshot). Normal English Keyboard First Problem After chang

  • How to type emojii android keyboard with different unicode?

    How to type emojii android keyboard with different unicode?February 13

    I have been using this library to implement emoji on Android SoftKeyboard. The library works fine, but when I use emoji in TextMessage, they appear like android style and not like they are in the library (Whatsapp style). This is the screenshot: How

  • How to programmatically insert UIImage into any given textField such as facebook messages or iMessages? February 11

    I'm trying to build a keyboard extension. As buttons we have pictures just like stickers on facebook. So far my buttons assembles pictures and the idea is to print the image into a textField, the user can send in fx Imessages. The func buttonPressed

  • Deleting Keyboard Settings Every time I Test Custom Keyboard iOSFebruary 9

    Every time I want to test my custom keyboard on the simulator or on my device I have to quit Safari (app I'm using for testing the design), go to: Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Delete my Custom Keyboard (because it's null) -> Add Keyboard

  • Get a layout file from another package without missing referencesFebruary 7

    I have a CustomKeyboardView in my application that should be inflated from a layout xml file and has some reference drawable attributes that I can customize my view by assign different drawables to these attributes. Now I want to create another app a

  • App with own soft keyboard by defaultFebruary 4

    I'm creating a app and want him to have his own custom soft keyboard by default, but I don't know how do this. So far I have the app and a separate app for the keyboard, I tried to set the custom keyboard by default but don't managed to do that, the

  • How do I restrict the combining diacritic acute mark to remain over an individual vowel which does not have it's own acute accent?February 3

    How do I restrict the combining diacritic acute mark to remain over an individual vowel? I've put an Android keyboard together using an Anroid tutorial from another site but when I type the combining diacritic acute accent mark above an ogonek vowel

  • Custom View above a keyboard not working in ios9February 1

    Have added a custom view consisting of buttons on top of the keyboard. The buttons are being displayed correctly but on tapping on the buttons, the underlying keys of the keyboard are pressed instead of the button actions. UIWindow* tempWindow = [UIA

  • Custom Keyboard in iOS 9 crashes after adding an UICollectionViewFebruary 1

    My custom keyboard runs smooth and nice. Now, I wanna add an UICollectionView. I added it in the control to my view in the Interface Builder and the data source and delegate protocol to my view controller which is the File's owner of the related xib

  • how to make custom keyboard with multiple language..?February 1

    I want to make custom keyboard in my app which have multiple language..By clicking the language button it shows particular language keyboard and display in chat..I am new in android ..please guide me to make this happen and provide me related link fo

  • How to know does custom keyboard appear on the host app?January 27

    I want the host app recognize what kind of keyboard is appearing. I saw some app can do it. Some can force the custom keyboard to display like : Swiftkey. So, how to do it?

  • How can I use CLLocationManager on my keyboard extension

    How can I use CLLocationManager on my keyboard extensionJanuary 27

    I want to handle the device movement in my keyboard extension. But even adding the request permision in the hosting app I'm not getting calls of delegate functions for CLLocation manager. Also calling [CLLocationManager locationServicesEnabled] retur

  • Custom keyboard: stabilityJanuary 26

    I created some custom keyboard, and although I wasn't able to really test it I have an impression that my keyboard is extremely unstable on device. In some cases it just isn't loaded in app (I have it with Telegram messenger; when my keyboard is acti

  • NullPointer Exception in android Keyboard whenever click space key?January 22

    I am working on android custom keyboard for that follow android source code My Code is as bellow: public class LatinKeyboardView extends KeyboardView { static final int KEYCODE_OPTIONS = -100; static final int KEYCODE_LANGUAGE_SWITCH = -101; private

  • Getting the wrong Keyboard Height in iOS ExtensionJanuary 22

    I am trying to get a custom keyboard extension height and width on device rotation. The weird thing is that the width is correct but the height is out of sync. I tested it on an iPad simulator, any advice? Thanks a lot! override func didRotateFromInt

  • How can i make an app that adding custom emoji to iOS keyboardJanuary 20

    As you know, iOS8.0 and later allows to create custom keyboard.So i want to add custom emoji to it and able to send them to other iOS devices. Looks like this: Video Link

  • Windows 10 universal app keyboard alternativeJanuary 18

    i have to create a keyboard (layout) or something simular for an universal app. I need an "keyboard" which allows me to show some own Emojies and on pressing adding them (coded) in a Textfield. So like in public Apps like Whatsapp just more basi

  • How to show list of keyboards

    How to show list of keyboardsJanuary 18

    I have created my own custom keyboard and I want to show list of keyboards view as Apple does. How can I reach this? --------------Solutions------------- This is not possible. Apple documentation for developing custom keyboards says (emphasis mine):

  • Enlarging UIButton in a Keyboard extension

    Enlarging UIButton in a Keyboard extensionJanuary 17

    I am trying to make a keyboard extension. It has a nib file that is filled with buttons. The buttons are arranged by rows of stackviews (horizontal equal distribution). The rows of stack views stacked inside a "wrapper" stackview (vertical equal

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