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  • Does cloning duplicate data fragments?January 22

    If I have a fragmented hard drive, will duplicating the drive recreate the data fragments? Or does the duplication process clean those up? Does it depend on the duplication tool? --------------Solutions------------- It depends on the methods you choo

  • Performance benefit of defragging laptop hard drivesJanuary 17

    It seems like defragging is becoming much less important now that hard drives are faster and SSD and becoming popular. I'm curious: what kind of performance improvement does defragging have on laptop hard drives? It seems like these would be the best

  • Is it safe to defrag a virtual machine on an SSD?December 23

    As part of my coursework I need to show some evidence (screen shot) of myself defragmenting a computer. Since I missed out doing it at college, I need to do it at home. This requires me to use a Windows virtual machine since I have a Mac (needs to be

  • Why is it bad to defragment an SSD? December 5

    This question already has an answer here: Why can't you defragment Solid State Drives? 8 answers I heard on the internet that defragmenting an SSD is quite harmful. I was wondering if it is true, and if so, why? I've already done it a few times and i

  • Windows 10 "optimize drives" shows SSD as "hard disk drive"November 29

    I upgraded my old computer with a Samsung EVO 850. I did a clean Windows 10 installation. Installed Samsung Magic and fixed all the AHCI settings. Now I have full 6Gb/s transfer speed. However, my problem is Windows "Optimize Drives" tool wants

  • Will fragmentation of a virtual machine's disk also cause host OS disk fragmentation?November 23

    I run a number of virtual machines using VMWare Player on top of host Windows 7 OS. Let's say I am using the VMs for everything from web browsing to actual work, file transfer, etc. for a long period. Will this cause fragmentation within the host Win

  • Do I still need to defrag my hard drive?

    Do I still need to defrag my hard drive?November 19

    I've looked around and found multiple answers around the web on this. I turned off auto defrag on my Windows 7 machine because some people have told me it creates more wear and tear on the disk (using a regular magnetic platter hd), and that its also

  • Strange hard disk information after defrag

    Strange hard disk information after defragNovember 13

    I just finished a defrag on one of my drives and I am now getting some bizarre info with regards the available space. I had half written this post titled "Why has defragging used all my disk space" but I changed it as I have found something very

  • Cannot defragment hard disk, error in CSC1.tmpNovember 6

    My computer is running absolutely fine, but when I run the disk fragmentation tool (right-click C:\, then Properies > Tools), the progressbar gets nearly to the end and then pops up an error in the file C:\Windows\CSC\CSC1.tmp. This fill is not norma

  • Special defrag options to place boot files in special order (for fastest boot)?October 28

    How can I defrag an HDD of a Windows OS in such a manner that the boot files which Windows loads are placed sequentially each one after another to get the fastest boot time? (incl. drivers etc) Which options do I need to use in the windows defrag uti

  • Defrag & Pre Optimize OS & Data Partition when cloning from SSD to HDD?October 25

    There are times I have had to clone an OS or Data partition from an SSD to a HDD. It results in major performance losses, obviously until I can sit and Defrag/ Optimize / Boot Optimize the partitions. Since the SSD to HDD copy itself takes a lot of t

  • Swapfile.sys cannot be disabled on Windows 10 [confirmed bug]

    Swapfile.sys cannot be disabled on Windows 10 [confirmed bug]October 23

    I want to delete the swapfile.sys from my C: partition because it prevents me from shrinking the drive. I set the Paging File option to 'No paging file' in the 'Virtual memory' window for my C partition and restarted but the swapfile.sys is still the

  • Is this a bug in Auslogics defragmenter?

    Is this a bug in Auslogics defragmenter?September 27

    When Auslogics defragmenter is done it shows a link to see a report: However, when I click the link the file explorer becomes active in the Firefox installation directory, with firefox.exe selected, but not executed. Did anybody else encounter this b

  • Disk defragging with unmovable files

    Disk defragging with unmovable filesSeptember 2

    I moved my hard disk from my laptop to my desktop in order to defrag it. I am using MyDefrag to defrag the disk. I was hoping that since the OS used was my desktop's and not my laptop's, the system files wont be unmovable. So far, I was able to defra

  • How many passes does Defrag take in Windows 10?August 29

    How many passes does Defrag.exe take in Windows 10? New laptop, and I started a while ago and it's now up to Pass 14 --------------Solutions------------- Disk Defragmenter might take from several minutes to a few hours to finish, depending on the siz

  • Hard disk drive's full capacity is not recognized

    Hard disk drive's full capacity is not recognizedAugust 19

    I have a HDD (wdc wd30ezrx-00mmmb0 western digital 3gb, Link to HDD specifications) I purchased a while back and it had an original capacity of 3TB. Some unknown error happened to my computer which rendered my HDD's max capacity to 746.52 GB . The HD

  • Bluescreen at win7 Boot (Boot time defrag routine failure)July 20

    I had this drive set up for boot time defrag (only once). It contained a pagefile which was fragmented. Next time I restarted my PC, I got a bluescreen (dumping memory). After a few repair attempts, windows finally gave up. The error that I got said

  • How to disable auto-update in Auslogics Disk Defrag?July 10

    How can I disable Auslogic Disk Defrag's auto-update functionality? My task bar is at the top of the screen and it keeps popping up to cover my system tray.

  • How do I efficiently redistribute massive amounts of data spread across multiple drives with almost no space on them?July 6

    My problem is simple but severe. I have a huge amount of data (many files in many folders) on multiple drives (4 external HDD). Each drive is at least 1TB in size and the overall size of this "pool" is > 7TB. No drive has more than a few GB f

  • What is the location of Defrag.exe on the Windows 7 DVD?June 28

    I can't find defrag.exe on the Windows 7 DVD in its default location, which is supposedly here: C:\Windows\System32 Knowing that you can defragment using the GUI tools from the DVD (which I don't want), defrag.exe must exist somewhere on the DVD. But

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