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  • Dell Studio 1749 AC Adapter Cut OutSeptember 30

    The problem I have a Dell Studio 1749 laptop, well outside of warranty (unfortunately) that developed a strange problem. Basically, the power adapter cuts out when you plug it in while the computer is running. If you plug the adapter in while the com

  • USB keyboard not working on a Dell laptop running Windows 7September 2

    I plugged in my Dell keyboard (I don't use the laptop's) and it won't work any suggestions? There is one USB on the right and two on the left... Maybe I am doing something wrong? I use a mouse as well (not laptop).

  • What is Quickset64 on my Dell machine?June 16

    I was browsing through my list of installed programs to come across some Dell shipped with my computer. One of them is called "Quickset64". I did some Googling and learnt that it's supposed to take care of my wireless network card, however, I al

  • How do I fix my DELL Studio 1535 audio ports?

    How do I fix my DELL Studio 1535 audio ports?April 19

    for a while, my audio ports have been acting up. I have 3, one is mic and two are headphones. The two headphone ports do not work properly and I have to spin and wiggle the audio jack inside the port to make contact which is like fishing while blindf

  • Dell studio 1535 does not boot on pressing Power ButtonDecember 15

    I have a dell stdio 1535 model. When I press the power button, it produces 6 Beep sound and doesn't boot up. Please suggest some way to overcome it. --------------Solutions------------- According to the chart on Dell's website, 6 beeps means there is

  • Dell studio laptop shows white screen only

    Dell studio laptop shows white screen onlyNovember 25

    I have a dell studio laptop. My screen shows white screen and on pressing with fingers on some parts of the screen, the display comes back but has some lining. Do I need to replace the screen totally or replacing the lcd video cables will fix this ?

  • My Dell studio 14" doesn't load boot bios, OS and even firmwareOctober 15

    Dell studio 14" doesn't load boot bios, OS and even firmware it only displays gray light and after some time laptop shutdowns. It doesn't even read any external drive. Could any one help me with this. Thanks in advance. --------------Solutions-------

  • Wake Up PC from Hibernate stateJune 21

    Is there a way to set a specified time for Wake Up of PC while it is Hibernated state. I want this feature in Windows 7, running in Dell Studio 1555 laptop. --------------Solutions------------- Use Freware: WakeupOnStandBy, SmartPower Prop: Auto Powe

  • Laptop mysteriously goes blankApril 19

    My Laptop screen turns off randomly The facts : Dell Studio 15 Laptop display randomly and mysteriously goes blank . Randomly comes back if I try turning it on and off about 10 times or maybe give the laptop a little shake. Last time this happened I

  • Touchscreen touches go to the wrong monitorApril 16

    I have a Dell Studio 17 running Windows 7 64bit. It's been fine for years but a month or two ago I noticed that when I have an external monitor plugged in, if I try to use the built-in touchscreen all touches go to the external monitor. The touchscre

  • Using two external monitors with a laptopMarch 11

    I have a dell studio 1558, it has one HDMI and one VGA connection. I am able to connect and detect both of them (one on HDMI and one of VGA) at the same time, but I can't get a picture to both. I tried everything, but I can't find any way to do it. -

  • Dell Studio 1558 - Missing Drivers after Windows 8 upgradeFebruary 1

    I have upgraded my Dell Studio 1558 laptop to Windows 8 Pro last week (fresh upgrade without keeping anything from previous OS). Microsoft has provided almost all essential drivers out of box, but not all. And, Dell is just not thinking about it anym

  • Dell Windows 7 Synaptic Touchpad behaving erraticallyDecember 31

    UPDATE:: solution: For anyone who may land on this in the future: I ended up having the entire trackpad/armrest replaced, as nothing else seemed to fix the issue. Short version: My touchpad on a Dell Studio 1558 running Windows 7 behaves erratically.

  • Two RAM modules with different FrequenciesDecember 26

    I have a Dell laptop which I bought 3 years ago. its a First gen i7 and its absolutely working fine. Since i use softwares like Photoshop Illustrator and Dreamweaver. I want to upgrade the RAM. I called Dell Care and asked them for an additional 4GB.

  • How to determine the SATA port revision?November 23

    I saw this product advertised at various places on the internet; it's a 2.5" HDD caddy to replace the optical drive in laptops. My question is, how to find out if the DVD drive has a SATA II or III interface? My laptop is a Dell Studio 1558. --------

  • Metro apps unable to connectNovember 11

    Ive got an active internet connection, and my browsers can access it. However, none of the metro apps are able to connect. They all indicate that the system is offline. I'm quite sure it's because my network and sharing center says "No Internet Acces

  • Windows 7 is very slow on Dell Studio 14 October 4

    My laptop model is Dell Studio 14 and it has 3 GB ram with Intel Core i3 Processor & ATI Radeon 512 MB PCI Express Graphics card. I haven't given Windows 7 Setup since it was bought two years ago , it was working smooth, but recently its responding v

  • Disable Digital Keyboard Buttons Dell Studio XPS 16April 27

    On my Dell Studio XPS 16, there are digital buttons which control wireless (on & off), volume (up & down), mute, eject, etc. Currently, these digital buttons become glitchy and get triggered even though I didn't touch it at all. Because of this, s

  • Restoring Operating System & Preloaded Apps on Dell LaptopJanuary 4

    I got a virus on my computer and wanted to do a complete re-install on my computer. I got the re-installation disk provided when I first got the computer. I had three partitions OEM, Recovery, and OS, i deleted the Os and created a new on and install

  • What is the correct antenna configuration for an Intel Centrino 6300 module on a Dell Studio XPS 16?

    What is the correct antenna configuration for an Intel Centrino 6300 module on a Dell Studio XPS 16?November 28

    I purchased an upgraded wireless card (Intel Centrino 6300) for my Dell Studio XPS 16, and need to know the correct antenna configuration. There were no install instructions for the wireless card, nor does the laptop itself explain the antenna config

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