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  • Samba Domain is same as hostname, fastest way to change?February 11

    So, I've been following this tutorial for my first ever samba Domain Controller setup. However, I wasn't really thinking straight during the process, and assigned the domain name the same as the hostname. domain: example.local Hostname: example.examp

  • Forcing password policies - domain user management like Active DirectoryFebruary 8

    Good topic: user management for 10+ ubuntu machines The goal: force globally password policies on Ubuntu Desktop machines (force password change, force password complexity). Would be good but not required - manage user accounts. I do not fully like a

  • What should be /etc/hosts entry so that it works fine for both localhost & IP address?December 29

    Sample etc/hosts: localhost DEVubuntu 192.xxx.xxx.xxx DEVubuntu This is not working for me. I am not able to run Zookeeper and I am sure it's related to the etc/hosts file. What should be the ideal mapping in etc/hosts file like l

  • Connect to server DomainDecember 22

    I want to Connect Ubuntu to the active directory i have made in ubuntu server14.04 so that my staf should easily share files and the staff may work in domain enviroment

  • How to join Ubuntu 15.04 / 15.10 to Windows domainDecember 14

    Could you help me with Ubuntu 15.04 or 15.10 Desktop in join a windows server 2008/2012 domain. I have tried google this problem but none of them work. I was not able to get likewise an powerbroker to work. I am very new at Linux Ubuntu I need all th

  • How to install dbvisuallize on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-57-generic x86_64) serverNovember 20

    I want to get data from h2 database which my server is using. After some google i found that Dbvisullizer may help to read data from a h2 database .mv file but could not find a way to install it on server --------------Solutions------------- Download

  • Network environment configuration - domain, subdomain, proxyNovember 13

    I'm working on an University project and I don't clearly understand the task I was given. Configure network environment with 2 subdomains Install SQUID Allow access only for chosen subdomain of internal network (using SQUID) Reject connections to sit

  • can join a ubuntu server to a windows serverNovember 13

    You can attach a ubuntu server to a Windows server, but that is secondary server ubuntu? I'm trying to create a forest with different domains and servers that can handle the domain of the secondary servers from the primary server.

  • how to points my domain name server to my local ubuntu pc?September 26

    I have bought one domain now i want to host my website locally in ubuntu desktop as long as my pc gets on my website would run if shuts same and vice versa. So for that i need to configure my domain name server with my ubuntu desktop now how can i ma

  • Can't access my shared server with SSH keySeptember 6

    I have a shared Linux server from godaddy. I want to connect my shared server with ssh key and PuTTY from Ubuntu so I can access the server terminal but unfortunately I can't access it. It shows "server unexpectedly closed network connection putty&qu

  • Creating 2 DNS names for 2 domains on one static IP - UbuntuAugust 23

    I have VPS Ubuntu 15.04 and there I have configured DNS for one of my external domains. This is sample of configuration at '/etc/bind/named.conf.local': zone "test.com" { type master; file "/etc/bind/zones/test.com.db"; }; and inside '

  • Ubuntu + Samba 4.1.6 as Primary Domain Controller no LDAP - Windows 7August 10

    I thought I'd put together this bare-bones tutorial since it took me about a month of going through other online tutorials to finally get this to work. The intended audience is more advanced I.T. professionals with a good background in both UNIX and

  • Set different domain name on different portJuly 21

    I am new in Ubuntu. I have created my website in node. where I am using different port for different modules. like http://localhost:5555/ this is for admin, http://localhost:5050/ this is for client access.' I am using Digitalocean ubuntu server and

  • Can't login to Ubuntu 14.04 with domain user without network connectionJuly 2

    I'm not an advanced Ubuntu user so please be patient with me. I've installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, signed my computer to a Windows domain (using nis) and was able to login with my domain user. I've also added my user to the sudoers group. Now I have tw

  • How do I add an existing ubuntu user to a new domain?June 29

    Our organization is making some changes in their security model and they have created a domain server with which each machine would be linked. For this, they have created a new user on my laptop which is linked to the domain and network and follows t

  • make domain name point to home server May 30

    I have a dedicated working server at home (LAMP and localhost). I also have a domain name. My questions is, given my domain name, how can I make that public .com site point to my home computer? --------------Solutions------------- Get your ip address

  • I have no SOA how to edit the db.domain fileMay 29

    I am in a private network having . I have a wireless router, i am providing wifi hotspot to my users with wireless router and i have 100 users in the network. I want to provide name to my webserver's ip. for that I selected bind. But i

  • Windows domain users cannot login Ubuntu 14.04May 20

    I have an assignment that requires windows domain users to be able log in with their designated username and password, but it's not working for me. And Yes, I have enabled and configured that file to allow Ubuntu to show the "manual" log in menu

  • Samba AD and PDC doesn't work after Ubuntu Server UpdateMarch 21

    I am running Ubuntu Server 14.04.1. The server uses Samba 4.4.6 to implement an Active Directory and is the primary domain controller. Each time I update the server I can no longer log into the domain. To fix the issue I reinstall samba and set up th

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows Server 2003 ConnectionFebruary 17

    I am having some trouble getting things working. Let me explain my setup. We have a Windows 2003 server running Active Directory and we want to add an Ubuntu machine to our domain as a file server. I have set up the Ubuntu server in a VM and installe

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