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  • How to create and load a configuration file in dxlFebruary 17

    I have a script which save some files in the given location. It works fine but when I send this code to someone else, he has to change the paths in the code. It's not comfortable for someone who don't know what is in that code and for me to explain e

  • How to open a location of DOORS through command line?January 26

    I can open DOORS by this command line: doors.exe -user "my_user_name" -password "my_password" but now how to open a location of DOORS directly through command line ? For example I have location is "https://abc.com-O-8882-00066f60?

  • Why don't toilet doors also latch and change their status when closed? October 23

    On aeroplanes when the passenger closes the toilet door it keeps the door closed and changes the status to occupied in a separate (or sometimes the same) action as closing the door. I am wondering if there are any specific reasons that this design on

  • Which way do the Metro North doors open?

    Which way do the Metro North doors open?May 9

    Does the arrow mean that the door will open at the right (moving left), or that the door will move right as it opens (opening at the left)? And of course the real question: how would you improve this sign to make it immediately clear? --------------S

  • Why do we say that door knobs afford twisting?

    Why do we say that door knobs afford twisting?April 23

    So many basic discussions of affordances begin with the example of door knobs affording twisting. It seems to be the second example used in Norman's 1988 definition, even. However a symmetric round non-knurled door knob gives absolutely no obvious cl

  • Why do revolving doors rotate counterclockwise?April 3

    In all my life I have never seen a clockwise revolving door. How did counterclockwise become standard? --------------Solutions------------- Revolving door traditionally revolve in the direction based on the locations driving habits. That is, right-ha

  • Can a lock picker slowly undermine the security of a deadbolt door?November 25

    I have a space for computers secured with a simple deadbolt. Someone keeps coming to pick the lock. While working there, I have scared them away three times. There are cameras, but not in useful places or all exits and the building manager won't let

  • Different levels of user experience in public transport system stop informationJuly 30

    On my infrequent trips overseas I have taken some interest in the public transport systems and how they announce or display the stops, in particular for high volume metro systems. In Australia and US they will announce or display the next stop, and a

  • "Do Not Disturb" tags in hotels, how can they be improved?

    "Do Not Disturb" tags in hotels, how can they be improved?July 23

    We've seen keys being replaced by key cards, new LCD TVs, WiFi and LAN in each room but the one thing that doesn't seem to have changed is the "Do Not Disturb" tag that can be hung on the doorknob outside the room. In the majority of hotels I st

  • What risks are there with a Bluetooth based door lock, and are there any mitigations?August 12

    There are a few interesting Bluetooth door locks on the market that use version Bluetooth 4.0 however there seems to be a few issues with this E0 Encryption flaws Risks during pairing Attacks unique to operating environment (temperature, installation

  • Door locks & deadbolt appropriate for exterior office door with decorative glass next to it

    Door locks & deadbolt appropriate for exterior office door with decorative glass next to itAugust 12

    Suppose I have an office door that has decorative glass on one side of the door. The risk to me is that the window pane could be shattered and a gloved hand can manually unlock and open the door from the inside. Question What terminology and type of

  • Risks of Mullions in High Security Areas

    Risks of Mullions in High Security AreasAugust 15

    I have a storage space full of information assets. The room itself is sound; there are no windows, the walls go all the ceiling, and there is only a single entrance with two good stout doors and high precision locks. At the risk of sounding purposefu

  • Cheap door logging for home?April 19

    Does someone here knows a cheap DIY door logging system? What I have: - 2 doors that needs to be logged - 1 netbook (running OpenBSD with internet connection & root permissions), the two doors are 1 and 4 meters away from it. What I need: - Every tim

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