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  • Filtering commons browsing widget by userJanuary 21

    I'm trying to filter commons browsing widget by user to add a posted content stream on every user page. I have tried adding a Contextual Filter for "Content: author uid" but had no luck. Is it even posible to achieve this functionality?

  • I want to import a community database into drupal commonsJanuary 20

    I built a community webapp and now I want to migrate the database into drupal commons. Is there a way to do that? I have search the google and can not find information about it.

  • Cannot enable node_view in ctools page_manager permanentlyJanuary 18

    I have a strange problem. If I enable node_view in page_manager everything works as expected and the node layout is according to my settings. If I then do a menu cache clear node_view is not used anymore and my node layout is as without node_view. If

  • How to switch language on login based on user profile?January 13

    Is there a way when a user login to automatically switch him in then language setup in his user profile. --------------Solutions------------- In "Configuration -> Regional and language -> Languages -> Detection and Selection" enable det

  • How to remove all commerce coupon from database?January 7

    Hi I have used commerce coupon module. I have lot of entries of used coupon. So, right now I want to delete all commerce coupon from database. I have 860000 coupon entries in database. How can I delete all entries using custom module functionality? -

  • How to run a drupal application in github?January 6

    I am trying to setup Drupal Application in Github and was able to successfully setup the instance and moved the project to github. Can anyone help me with as how to execute a drupal application in github,as I am finding tools to run html files but ex

  • How to create a includes folder inside sites/all/module/custom/ includesDecember 29

    I want to create a folder name include in-side sites/all/custom/contrib/ and inside this want to write some .inc files like date.inc, string.inc in each file a class is created which holds function. Now I want to use this functions in each module und

  • Updating simplenews subscription on user profile, changes user roles insteadDecember 8

    I am using Simplenews module. I don't know how the "Newsletter" tab in my "User Profile" is behaving weird. What's happening is when I go to "Newsletter" tab in my "User Profile" (path is user/%/edit/simplenews), an

  • Flag module integration with Message moduleNovember 20

    I am using Rules, Message, Message Notify and Flag modules. I added a message to the activity stream when user flags a node as "Favorite". My problem is I am getting notification, but the node that was flagged seems to be missing from the messag

  • Drupal Commons update is having troubles using drushNovember 19

    I have Drupal Commons distribution's based website,everything was good untill I updated the site with drush. The problem is drush downloaded the file to sites/all/modules instead of profile folder. Now I am getting bunch of redeclare function error.

  • How to disable a feature whose checkbox is grayed out?November 14

    I would like to disable some features, but they are grayed out. What does that mean? I assume some kind of dependency? (I am using Drupal Commons and would like to disable groups.) --------------Solutions------------- This is true for Module page and

  • Drupal 7 commons AJAX bulk operations active queue errorNovember 4

    Drupal 7 commons site with private trusted contacts enabled. When the accept trusted contact or break contact button is clicked this error appears. An error has occurred. Please continue to the error page An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code

  • Drupal commons utility links not displaying default valuesNovember 4

    I have a Drupal Commons (DC) site with the Aurora subtheme. I like the DC function of splitting the notification count and label through the function commons_origins_commons_utility_links_alter(). My subtheme doesn't display the span classes notifica

  • Choosing when to be notified in Drupal 7October 23

    I am new to Drupal so I want to know if exists any module that allows to the users choosing when being notified: e.g. given a list of all available contents, choosing which ones I want to know when they are created. --------------Solutions-----------

  • Create a block with information regarding the number of comments and contents created in a specific groupOctober 16

    I am using Drupal commons 3.31. I would like to know how many contents and how many messages are written within a group and make a block out of it. Also be able to see how many comment,page a specific user has created. Thank you --------------Solutio

  • Add trusted contact relationship in drupal commons viewOctober 16

    Anyone knows how to add a filter? exposed to visitors? i.e. in the post view that may limits the content based on the trusted contact relationship? Thanks

  • After translating website I get a lot of activity streams errorsOctober 15

    As written above for translate my commons website I've running perfectly all the steps described in the Acquia Tutorial. Then I went to translate all the commons activity stream messages in admin/structure/messages. Then I tried to insert a content a

  • Max length of text field

    Max length of text fieldOctober 14

    How can I increase the max lenght of Tab-Title ? --------------Solutions------------- With module: Title you can convert title to field and then you can change the field length For title-tab goto: admin/structure/types/manage choose your content type

  • How to show comments in teaser?October 10

    As the title says, I'm looking for a way to show the node comments in teaser. Anybody knows how to do? --------------Solutions------------- You can use the EVA module, it provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached

  • Is it possible to move product category description alignment in drupal September 28

    Can any one suggest me to move Product description from top to bottom in drupal product category page. Example Like : First all product Image. And Bottom content are shown. --------------Solutions------------- This can be also done through the admin

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