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  • Display conversion table from 2 user inputsFebruary 1

    This is the code I have written using html and javascript and it essentially gets the user input (n) from the first text box and converts miles to kilometres from 0 to n, however, I have now created another text box which needs another user input (x)

  • fotorama.js is not working in dynamically generated page content using ajax in phpFebruary 1

    Fotorama is not working in dynamically generated page content using Ajax in Php . how to add photo gallery in dynamic page content

  • Create "L" shape curved line with dynamic data

    Create "L" shape curved line with dynamic dataJanuary 23

    I want to draw a pure dynamic view like below image I have two arraylist List<String> type and List<Float> level; type have name(max,type1,type2, etc) and level have marker value of type level will always lie between 0 to 1 and type will be a

  • Suggestion about how to implement a service providing infinite scroll on dynamic dataJanuary 18

    I would like to implement a client application with infinite scroll capabilities on a dataset. Only, while the user "navigates" through the view, the table may be edited: some lines could be deleted, some other modified, some other added. My fir

  • Project architecture for application with dynamic databaseApril 13

    We've a project that has some tables are defined and some will be generated runtime, means dynamic and no pre-defined structure. We generally use Entity Framework to communicate to the database(in our case MS SQL). But for this kind of requirement, w

  • What is the best way to create dynamically a DOM?January 13

    I know that there are plenty answers to this question on stackoverflow, but I canĀ“t find one that give me an answer that can help me to solve a question that came out after read a lot of Javascript, JQuery articles and using those languages for sever

  • Creating objects with user-defined variable namesMay 22

    Context: I am making a learning project in XNA. What I would like to be able to do is allow the game to be moddable by allowing the users to place arbitrary values into a JSON data file which is read into the game. The thing is that I want to avoid h

  • Is a PHP array an example of a dynamic data structure?April 5

    I did my homework, and it says that dynamic data structures are "data structures that change in size as a program needs it to by allocating and de-allocating memory from the heap". So I was wondering, are PHP arrays examples of dynamic data stru

  • Display dynamic content from embedded web serverMarch 7

    I have an embedded device running a slimmed down version of a HTTP server. Currently, it can display static HTML pages. Here is an example of how it displays a static HTML page: char *text="HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n" &qu

  • How to : Nextag and such other dynamic data pulling websiteDecember 20

    Yesterday, I came across Nextag which is a website for comparing prices of various products from different retailers. Is this site automated? Can the process of data pulling from various sites can be automated for comparison with each other. I tried

  • Why does jQuery UI's datepicker break with a dynamic DOM?June 29

    I'm working with a dynamic DOM here, and have called the jQuery UI datepicker to all inputs with a specific class name, in this case .date It works great with the first, static, construct but when I clone it the event handlers don't seem to want to m

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