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  • Windows / Apache 2.2: Can't reach virtual host by DynDNS due Apache access restrictionsJanuary 14

    I have configured my Apache 2.2 in Windows as follows: First deny all access top-down from the top-level-path ... <Directory "/"> Options None AllowOverride All Order deny,allow Deny from all </Directory> Second configure the virtual

  • AD Dynamic DNS Updates not triggering on clients

    AD Dynamic DNS Updates not triggering on clientsJanuary 14

    The problem Recently the computers at our organization moved to a new AD domain, due to a merger. We are having problems getting the clients to dynamically register their DNS records in our AD-integrated DNS. When a registration is triggered manually

  • How to assign domain name to a machine inside LAN with dynamic IP on gateway?January 12

    I'm stuck for a while on this question : I got several raspberry pis on my LAN, all with DHCP IP addresses served by MAC address resolution. I use them over several protocols : SSH, TCP. My ISP provide dynamic address, but I have a dynamic DNS system

  • How to use Apache web server through proxy (hide real ip) on windows? December 26

    What I want to do is: (1) internet -> domain name -> proxyip:port -> apache web server (and) (2) apache web server -> proxyip:port -> internet Looks like I have already set (1) with the help of dynamic dns service, but how to do (2) ? And I

  • How to remote access using command line to a computer using dynamic IP?December 5

    I want to access my other computer (mac osx) which on the other place. The simples solution is maybe like using teamviewer and logmein, but in this case i want to remote using command line /terminal. The problem teamviewer and logmein don't support t

  • Resolve Dynamic DNS to internal IPNovember 20

    I am not very familiar with dynamic DNS, and was curious if I could get it to work for a certain use case. I have a few Raspberry Pi's I'm setting up for mocking server setups of applications we use at a small scale of our larger setup. They have wir

  • How do you debug broken home networks?November 17

    I have a small home network, and I'm having trouble accessing one of the computers on that network. The home network is NAT'ed, and I've set up some port forwarding and a dynamic DNS. rye sits on my home network. Public-facing port 2222 of my router

  • bind: "nsupdate -l" failed with status "update failed: REFUSED"November 3

    I just switched to bind 9.9.5 dynamic DNS feature with semi-automatic manage of DNSSEC entries, the whole process went good and my zone files were updated well, but now I can't update or add entries via nsupdate tool. The /etc/bind/named.conf.local:

  • HTTP server through NAT (without access to the router config) with a fixed domain nameOctober 22

    I need my client to connect to my http server from outside and I don't have access to the router settings, we are trough NAT. Let's say the domain is going to be example.com My client must change his windows host file to point example.com to my publi

  • Disabling dynamic DNS updates with Group Policy

    Disabling dynamic DNS updates with Group PolicyOctober 5

    I am administering a system which for reasons beyond my control have a disjoint DNS namespace. I don't like it, but that's how it is, and I have no way of changing this. The reason is that the servers need to co-exist with a pre-existing DNS infrastr

  • How to ssh to a computer using a ddns serverOctober 2

    I have Duck DNS installed on my linux machine and I want to be able to ssh to it remotely. The thing is I don't understand the port forwarding step. To complicate things, I live in a large house and my desktop goes through two routers to get to the W

  • Dynamic DNS points to local IPAugust 24

    I have this surveillance cam set up at my home. It shares the same internet connection as that of the home router. I created a hostname, say abc.no-ip.org and configured the DVR to use the same. Also, I did port forwarding on my router. The DVR does

  • How do you update a DNS server through an SSH tunnel?August 22

    I have a Linux machine which is set up to use dynamic DNS. My organization blocks access to the DNS server, preventing me from updating the IP address. I was wondering if I could make an SSH tunnel to the remote machine and run the update through tha

  • 2 servers behind single IP using DD-WRT and Dynamic DNSJuly 8

    I current have a single server running at home. I use freedns.afraid.org to route the domain name to my current ip. I wish to setup an additional server on a separate domain. How best to achieve it so: domain1.com -> DDNS -> current ip -> DD-WRT

  • Multiple Physical (and Virtual) servers (mail, web, etc.) on single link. Can I use DDNS to use top level domains to each box? June 25

    This all started last year when I switched to a LISP based solution for my old "C" address block without the expense of T1 lines. I have a cable link and a dsl link into my Cisco 2800 that then processes LISP and feeds the LAN. I have/had at lea

  • Setting up a webhosting at home with own domainJune 15

    FIRST OFF ALL: I understand that hosting sites from home is a terrible idea, but the point is that I have to test some sites with a very custom apache/php setup so I don't want to spend money renting some custom VPS servers because I have a domain na

  • Bind9 dynamic zone: where does the delay between update and availability come from?June 3

    I have set up a bind9 name server and created a dedicated (internal) subdomain, which can be updated by everybody for whatever purpose. The setup is very in simple and does work in general, but there is a delay of up to several minutes, before update

  • Can I define a sub-domain for a record set at my ISP? June 1

    My ISP for home internet is giving me some kind of DNS record that lets me redirect a name to my dynamic IP address, I set something like MYNAME.go.myisp.tld So accessing that domain shows my home web server and things like that. But ... is it possib

  • Bind DNS A Record priorityMay 18

    I am working on 2 scenarios: Scenario 1: DNS A Record with 2 IPs [Default it works on Round Robin], but I am looking for option where if First IP not reachable then share 2nd IP. Scenario 2: DNS A Record with 2 IPs [Default it works on Round Robin],

  • dnsbind not working from client endMay 9

    I am trying to configure dnsmasq in a virtual environment. I have created 2 VMs in VMWare Work Station. Was successful in installing and configuring DNS Server and able to do nslookup of client and server. However, I am unable to resolve IP to Addres

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