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  • Are there "4 horsemen" that indicate a bad job going south?February 13

    When a romantic relationship is falling apart, people talk about the "4 horsemen" of criticism defense contempt stonewalling A job is more one-sided. A bad manager has power over the employee. Still, are there "4 horsemen" of a bad job

  • How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued or Hurting Morale

    How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued or Hurting MoraleFebruary 9

    Almost every manager says firing people sucks. Not only is it painful to tell someone he or she has lost the job, but it also means you have to go through the time-consuming and expensive process of interviewing, selecting, and onboarding a replaceme

  • I've started, but have never completed an application. How does this affect my employability? October 19

    I've been learning programming on my own for a bit now, and have worked on one Unity game for a year with a buddy, and several of my own WPF applications. None have ever been completed. My current program allows the user to pull in stats from the RES

  • Spare time development for work and ethics September 12

    I'm working as a programmer and I sometimes have new ideas that are outside the scope of my work on which I can't help but to spend my free time (outside business hours) due to sheer passion. I've started by implementing cool new features, then full

  • How to watch my employee screen July 4

    Is there a way? I want to be able to see what they're doing. Preferably without them knowing it. Is there software, preferably free, that allows me to do so? --------------Solutions------------- Yes you can try the realvnc viewer and server. First yo

  • Is it advisable to create an ad-hoc open source software license? March 29

    IANAL I have several private projects that I might be needed to show to my prospective employers. I haven't uploaded them to any online version control system because not only do I not have the patience to filter the many many licenses available and

  • How to use my proprietary framework on a new job without making it open-source? August 2

    I have been working on a framework for years. It is solid, extensive and tested. It is exactly what the employer needs for the foundation of its new project. There is no point in rewriting the whole thing from scratch or using a competing open-source

  • Working in a multi-disciplinary team; with a specific skill set - time management? July 8

    I thought I'd post this here for the anonymity of someone I was speaking too recently at a social event for developers. Amongst the trading of "war stories", he presented the following dilemma.. (Specific questions below) At the moment I'm worki

  • What do employers look for in self-taught applicants? August 12

    I'm a self-taught programmer about to enter the job market. What I want to know is what is the best way to show my experience to employers? What do employers want to know about my programming experience? Do employers want to look at code I wrote or c

  • How can I evaluate a candidate's knowledge of Html/CSS during an interview?

    How can I evaluate a candidate's knowledge of Html/CSS during an interview? May 11

    I am trying to determine some good interview questions to assess the ability of people coming in for a Html/CSS job, however that topic is extremely broad, and I'm not sure what sort of questions I can ask to properly evaluate someone's HTML/CSS know

  • Does not documenting code result in job security? April 2

    Possible Duplicate: Should you write good documentation and clean code to increase the "Bus Factor"? I often ask young programmers why they are not documenting their code. Their responses, perhaps jokingly, frequently include "job security.

  • Struggling as a programmer. Need some advice December 28

    I've been a developer now for a number of years. I'm pretty good at what I do and can "get the job done". But, there is a difference between "getting the job done" and "doing the job properly". Let's use an example. Recently

  • How/where would I best advertise my open source project, in order to maximize my odds of finding collaborators? December 22

    I'm working on an open source project, and am looking to find collaborators. What's my best bet, in terms of advertising my project, with an eye specifically towards finding other developers interested in contributing? --------------Solutions--------

  • Why are part-time jobs in programming an anomaly? November 24

    I've recently quit my full time developing job at mega-corp, and I decided that I'll look for a part time job. Since then I've talked to half a dozen potential employers, and every one of them had the same reaction when I said the magic words "part-t

  • Why is it so difficult to get a programming job? October 13

    I Have been looking for a job in the past 10 years. Since I believe the subject I know better is programming, I have been trying to find a programming job. I send my curriculum to a lot of companies, and they basically don't even reply. Lately I sent

  • How do I convince my employer to hire an additional developer without selling myself short? September 30

    I'm the only developer at a small company. I've slowly moved into development here; until ~4 months ago 50-75% of my time was spent on operations. Now, 50-75% of my time is spent on development, with the rest split between operations and various IT s

  • What are good projects to create to show your future employers? September 24

    I'm finishing my last year of school while working full time and currently, I have a job that's completely unrelated to programming (student job to pay the bills...). I'm trying to find a job as a programmer (or website developer) or in a related fie

  • What core skills does a new Computer Science Graduate need to be employable? September 14

    This question already has an answer here: What are the skills you look for when hiring a fresher/newbie for developement? [closed] 8 answers A computer science degree (like any undergraduate degree) does not prepare you to be productive immediately.

  • Moving from academics to workforce August 10

    I have worked for the past 4 years as a programmer and research assistant. It is my second major job out of college(CS degree). It was a good position at the time, but I grew frustrated at the slow pace and decided to enter the private sector. My que

  • Should I be paid for time spent learning a framework? June 29

    To give light to the situation: I am currently one of two programmers working in a small startup software company. Part of my job requires me to learn a Web development framework that I am not currently familiar with. I get paid by the hour. So the q

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