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  • Call C#(codebehind) with Ajax in AX 2012 Enterprise portalFebruary 17

    It seems like the only possible way to call a method in codebehind is with Ajax. Ajax calling WebMethods or ajax calling an asp webservice (asmx). The problem is that I'm working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Enterprise Portal and creating WebMetho

  • CMS for medium-sized enterprise websitesSeptember 12

    I'm searching for a "CMS" that would meet those requirements: free, possibly affordable (should handle 30.000-40.000 pageviews per day) should run on Linux should give the end-user (our internal users) the possibility to publish new images/new c

  • Intranet solution (enterprise portal) with trophies/achievements functionality?

    Intranet solution (enterprise portal) with trophies/achievements functionality? August 18

    Our company, a call center enterprise, is considering implementing a corporative intranet (enterprise portal). Not talking about all the basics functionalities a intranet must have, I am thinking of using one with achievements functionality, based on

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