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  • Multiline code listings in CWEB

    Multiline code listings in CWEBMay 4

    Perhaps this is insane, but I would like to include code listings in a CWEB program, because the program is processing source code in another language. But how do I create multiline verbatim code listings in CWEB? @ Let's say we want to write a \.{CW

  • eplain macros in CWEB

    eplain macros in CWEBApril 10

    I would like to use eplain macros in a CWEB program, but eplain and cwebmac seem to conflict in their PDF support. Specifically, they both define \ifpdf. The cweave program turns the code below (mwe.w) into a .tex file with \input cwebmac at the top.

  • eplain TeX footnote spacing

    eplain TeX footnote spacingNovember 14

    I've been experimenting with the features provided by eplain and for the most part, I quite like them. I'm confused about one thing though. I don't seem to be able to adjust the inter-line space in the foonote section at the bottom of a page, when us

  • \xrdef and \xref in eplain

    \xrdef and \xref in eplainOctober 5

    I tried to upgrade eplain used in the book "TeX for the Impatient" from version 1.9 to latest version 3.6, but came across the following problem with new eplain. The follwing code could be compiled with eplain 1.9 but not with eplain 3.6: \input

  • Stopping the accidental absorption of digits into literalsJuly 23

    I recall that I was once writing some TeX code, and I encountered something like this \count\foo \foo=2\otherMacro [\the\foo] If \otherMacro was defined as something like \def\otherMacro{9 cats is too many} then \foo in the above line would actually

  • LaTeX graphic[sx] package with eplain fails with driver dvipdfmxJuly 14

    According to UK TeX FAQ, in order to get bounding box support (with .xbb and .bb files) with dvipdfm[x] and non-eps graphics files, one must specify the driver as in: \usepackage[dvipdfmx]{graphicx} Unfortunately this fails with Forbidden control seq

  • eplain access to \li number

    eplain access to \li numberJune 3

    What is the best way to get the "marker" for the current item in a list in the eplain format? \numberedlist \li Here's an item \li And this is another and it's marker is: \marker \endnumberedlist I've tried using "\marker" but from wha

  • Conflict between eplain urls and pgf(math)

    Conflict between eplain urls and pgf(math)December 31

    I tried to insert a hyperlink with xetex and eplain, and here is what happens. \input eplain \enablehyperlinks \input pgfmath \href{http://www.google.com}{google} \bye prints this weird error in the log file: ! Undefined control sequence. \color ...g

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