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  • What are main differences between ERwin vs Visio 2010 vs Oracle SQL Data ModelerFebruary 10

    What are the main pros and cons between ERwin, Visio or Oracle SQL Data Modeler and the key differences between them ? Thank you.

  • Reorganizing a subject area in ERwinJuly 15

    I have a data model in ERwin (r7) that has about 1000 tables in it. I'm right now in the process of splitting it up into various different subject areas to make it a bit more manageable. Here's the issue: I create a subject area with approx. 50 table

  • How do I open an ERwin Naming Standards file (.nsm) in Excel?June 16

    I have a Naming Standards file in ERwin (.nsm format) that I want to be able to open up in Excel (for example, in order to compare 2 .nsm files). How would I be able to do that? --------------Solutions------------- First, you need to load the .nsm fi

  • Comparing the contents of 2 .nsm (naming standards) filesJune 15

    I have 2 naming standards files from ERwin (.nsm extension), and I want to compare them to see if they contain the same rules. Is there some sort of automated way to check this? If there isn't a way to compare the two within ERwin itself, is there a

  • oracle DB connection - hostdef extension doesn't exist

    oracle DB connection - hostdef extension doesn't existJune 12

    I am trying to connect to an Oracle DB through ERwin, yet I keep getting this error message: I know that the DB exists, as my coworkers are accessing it. The Username and Password are also correct, and I've had a few other coworkers try their credent

  • How to find usage of each object in other objects from a database?July 22

    I am with the task of taking an old SQL Server database and identify all of it's objects and their relationships, because the one who made it did not bother to use any foreign key, he just made all relations inside the code. So my mission is to ident

  • Managing version control of Erwin file changes with multiple environmentsMay 22

    What is the easiest way to manage three environments (DEV, QA and PROD) within a single Erwin file or multiple Erwin files? The Erwin file is separated by subject area, so I'm not sure reverse engineering is a viable option. We perform migrations eve

  • ERWIN create and use databaseNovember 23

    I'm trying to generate physical database from my logical model using ERWIN 7. All is well in the script that is generated automatically, there is only the problem that the model is created in the database "master" which is the default SQL Server

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