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  • Unexpected SYSDATE behaviorJanuary 28

    I have a SQL trigger which adds the old value ,new value and time of update for column based on update, insert, update or delete. To update the time we used SYSDATEand inserted record from trigger. This trigger was working fine for a long time. Few w

  • RMAN Performance Problems following Platinum Patching on Exadata DBFebruary 26

    I backup my dev,tst and prod databases (9 in all) to ZFS on two RAC servers on an Exadata 1/8 rack machine. Prior to quarterly patching, our backups were set up in 30 minute intervals and each completed in that amount of time. After Platinum Services

  • Exadata RMAN vs. Non-Exadata RMAN - any differences?November 6

    Can you please let me know the differences, if any, in the architecture of the non-Exadata RMAN vs. that of the Exadata-RMAN from an SBT plugin perspective? Have you observed from your vast experiences when non-Exadata RMAN and Exadata RMAN existed a

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