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  • Any algorithm for leveling system based on difficultyOctober 1

    so I'm trying to create a leveling system for a sport we play in town. However, I'm kinda having trouble thinking of the correct way of implementing the algorithm. These are a few things I want to take into account when calculating how many points to

  • Clickable area of an Expand/Collapse buttonFebruary 11

    I have an Expand/Collapse button with text beside it and the button occupies an entire row/block on the page: [+] Text Here What should the clickable area of this button be? Should it be just the icon [+], the icon and the text or the entire row? ---

  • How comfortable are users with sharing their numbers with mobile apps?January 21

    There are applications which request the user to share their mobile numbers for various reasons(like for authentication, OTPs and so on).Are the users comfortable with sharing their numbers? --------------Solutions------------- There is a lot of cont

  • Is OTP (one time password) the best way to authenticate a user?January 21

    Are one time passwords the best way to authenticate a user when he/she logs-in the first time in a mobile application? Or are there better ways to authenticate a user in terms of user experience? --------------Solutions------------- When it comes to

  • User experience evaluation: How to use AttrakDiff?January 12

    How can AttrakDiff measure pragmatic quality of a website if users just visit the site, maybe for the first time. Lets say it is a shop, and they haven't bought anything yet. Does this matter? Pragmatic Quality (PQ): Describes the usability of a prod

  • Where to find ISO-standards on UX? January 11

    Trying to find definitions on UX. What is the newest definition? Where do i find them? "1 "User Experience includes all the user's emotions, belief, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviours and accomplishments t

  • User experience: Enjoyment, pleasure, fun, joy January 10

    Enjoyment, pleasure, fun, joy in relation to user experience. Article "The semantics of fun: Differntiating enjoyable experience" : Over the last 20 years repeated attempts have been made in HCI to put enjoyment into focus. How-ever, it is only

  • Why is sound sparingly used on websites?

    Why is sound sparingly used on websites?December 21

    In an application like Skype for example, there is a thoughtful sound design that complements the user experience - for example, when an user logs in/out. There are multiple examples of such interfaces, but quite a few that you can think on the websi

  • Feedback on a page please?

    Feedback on a page please? December 8

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask for feedback on something I'm working on but it'd be great if I could have your expert thoughts. I drive people through PPC to the page below because I want to make contact with them and get their busine

  • Should I allow the user to select an amount to donate or have them enter the amount?

    Should I allow the user to select an amount to donate or have them enter the amount?November 20

    I am figuring out what is best for the user and ease of experience. Should we give them pre selected amounts or let them enter in whatever amount they desire? Example: --------------Solutions------------- Providing a list of suggested donation amount

  • How to write correctly the term "User experience"?

    How to write correctly the term "User experience"?November 19

    I'm filling an user experience portfolio for my business and there is bagarre how to write "user experience" correctly. The terms now inserted are much fragmented like: User eXperience user experience User Experience Do you know some grammar cor

  • Designing progression levels

    Designing progression levelsNovember 5

    I'm new here so forgive me if I have some lingo wrong. I am designing an app for hockey players that trains them in stickhandling skills. The app tracks time you watch videos/do the exercises. We want to have the players progress through levels (34 l

  • Working Between Desktop and Browser ApplicationsOctober 8

    Background Client is updating a legacy Windows application in phases, moving toward a browser based system. The first phase is a redesign to a customer manager where users update and delete customer information. This customer manager is currently use

  • Is it a good idea to hide logout button with error/warning message?

    Is it a good idea to hide logout button with error/warning message?September 26

    I'm building a secure website, closer to banking. I'm bit hesitant to hide the logout link with the error/warning message. I think design look simplistic when I add error/warning over the logout panel. I want UX experts out there to help me out with

  • Why does too much customization feels dull and disjointed?September 16

    We are developing a saas program for the ecommerce platform. Each product has a name, price, sku, description, variant and etc. By going into a product page, users can edit each product. Instead, our developers suggest we just have a huge table like

  • Back/Cancel Button on Registration/CheckoutSeptember 2

    It's generally recommended to place a Back, or Cancel button depending on information committed, on multi-step systems to allow the user to escape a process. It is one of the most basic heuristics for interaction design to support user control and fr

  • User experience issue and technical limitation in drag and drop functionality

    User experience issue and technical limitation in drag and drop functionalityAugust 29

    In order to provide more information I am explaining you with more pictures with actual functional scenario. I am creating internal ticketing support system where super admin can able to see list of fellow admin people and number of tickets raised by

  • Forcing a user to sign up to download a file

    Forcing a user to sign up to download a fileAugust 24

    I don't want to compromise the user experience, but I have been thinking about forcing my users to sign-up to download free files created by myself. Although, it may sound ridiculous, nevertheless, I have seen many websites take on this approach to i

  • Confirmation Yes/No button pattern

    Confirmation Yes/No button pattern August 20

    This question already has an answer here: Should I use Yes/No or Ok/Cancel on my message box? 13 answers I have 2 questions. Can we ask the user in a confirmation dialog, "Do you really want to discard changes?" Is this the right way to ask? Als

  • What should happen after soft deleting a record?August 19

    Scenario as follows, example is an online survey (policy is to not hard delete anything): You open a survey from the survey list. On the survey, for admins only, there is a special Tools menu in the top right corner. The Tools menu includes admin fun

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