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  • fb ios sdk 4.8 share image with redirect to website on clickFebruary 17

    I'm trying to share am image on fb that will redirect the user to my website when he clicks on it. The problem is that with the new sdk I can do this only if the image is also an URL (i want to upload the image from the app). Is there a way to do thi

  • Facebook iOS SDK: FBSDKMessageDialog switching back to AppFebruary 15

    I have an App which uses the FBSDKMessageDialog from the actual Facebook iOS SDK to communicate with friends. Actually i have the problem that the Facebook Messenger is directly switching back to my App (80% of all tries - sometimes it works). Withou

  • FBSDKLoginKit breaks after pods installationFebruary 15

    After installing FBSDKLoginKit through CocoaPods, I get the build errors No known class method for selector 'areAllPermissionsReadPermissions:' No known class method for selector 'areAllPermissionsPublishPermissions:' both located in /Pods/FBSDKLogin

  • Logging in to Facebook pre iOS 9February 12

    I am using Xcode 7 to write an app targeted to iOS7, using Facebook iOS idk v4.1. When I execute a facebook login, [FBSDKAccessToken currentAccessToken] is still nil in the FBSDKLoginButton callback. I have tried several SO solutions for fixing this,

  • FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() found nilFebruary 10

    i just integrate facebookm in my application. but everytime FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() found nil so i am not able to fetch user data. here is my code override func viewDidLoad() { if (FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() != nil) { print("

  • FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() found nil everytimeFebruary 10

    I integrate facebook in my app. but after login FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() found nil . Here is my code: override func viewDidLoad() { if (FBSDKAccessToken.currentAccessToken() != nil) { print("Not loggedin...") } else { print("lo

  • App won't start with Xamarin iOS Facebook SDKFebruary 2

    I have no idea what's going wrong. I just want to integrate the Facebook iOS SDK from Xamarin and call the 'ActivateApp' Event, so that I can see how many users opened the app from the Facebook-App with an ad from me. I created a blank Xamarin.Forms

  • FBSDKShareDialog doesn't post my contentFebruary 1

    Facebook ios SDK v.4.9.1. With 4.8.0 was the same. FBSDKShareLinkContent *content = [[FBSDKShareLinkContent alloc] init]; content.contentTitle = title; content.contentURL = url; content.contentDescription = description; content.imageURL = imageUrl; [

  • iOS Facebook social framework can not work at Share ExtensionJanuary 30

    I develop the app which can post to Facebook timeline by using iOS Facebook SDK. The posting contents are URLs and comments. And I develop share extension for the app. Also, I want share extension to post Facebook timeline. But share extension does n

  • Graph API only returning 9 tagged in photosJanuary 28

    So when I query the graph api with this GET /v2.5/me/photos It only returns 9 of my tagged in photos. All of them but one have been uploaded by me. On my Facebook account I have many more photos in which I am tagged. This test was done in the Graph A

  • Testing user_birthday permission - FB Graph APIJanuary 27

    I'm trying to test possible responses from the user_birthday permission. From the docs: "[user_birthday permission] may or may not include the person's year of birth, dependent upon their privacy settings" I'm trying to recreate this scenario. I

  • iOS: Share a run on FacebookJanuary 25

    I am trying to share an activity that the user recorder to facebook, but just can't figure out how to get a nice GPS route of the run. Here's what I have so far. I can set the fitness:metrics:location:latitude/longitude and on facebook a map will app

  • How to limit number of selected friends when send facebook private messages using FBSDKMessengerSharer or FBSDKMessage DialogJanuary 19

    I want to send message to friends, and find out 2 ways: FBSDKMessengerSharer and FBSDKMessageDialog But I need to limit the number of selected friends before the messages go to the friends inboxes. For example, I have a list of 500 friends, but for e

  • Locale-independent FBSDKGraphRequestJanuary 18

    I am interested in fetching user's gender from Facebook. The device locale is set to Russian. Code: let FBRequest = FBSDKGraphRequest( graphPath: "me", parameters: [ "fields": "id, gender", "locale": "en_US&quo

  • Integrate facebook account with user account in my iOS applicationJanuary 18

    I'm using Facebook iOS SDK 4.0 in my iOS application. I want to integrate Facebook accounts with the user profile of my application. It is used for sharing purpose and I want the integration to be maintained for the user across multiple devices. As r

  • Custom login with facebook button. Not getting info other than name and UserIDJanuary 15

    I'm trying to get email from my logged in user using Facebook SDK. Here are 2 of my login methods -(void)loginButtonClicked { FBSDKLoginManager *login = [[FBSDKLoginManager alloc] init]; [login logInWithReadPermissions: @[@"public_profile", @&qu

  • unable to get friends id on selection from friendPickerController in iosJanuary 14

    my Code Snippet for (id<FBGraphUser> user in self.friendPickerController.selection) { NSLog(@"Facebook Name: %@ ID: %@", user.name, user.objectID); NSString *url = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"http://graph.facebook.com/%@/pictur

  • How to change Facebook iOS SDK's done button color when login?

    How to change Facebook iOS SDK's done button color when login?January 13

    My app use white UITabBarItem text color and orange UINavigationBar BarTintColor, when click the Login button added from Facebook SDK, it will popup a webview for login. but the topbar background color always light gray, if I change the UITabBarItem

  • Facebook native login is not opening facebook app even if its installed in device?

    Facebook native login is not opening facebook app even if its installed in device?November 28

    i have followed every step described in the docs of facebook-iso-sdk 4.8.0 for iOS 9, but still couldn't preform app switch on "login-with-facebook" in my app, even if facebook app is already installed. As you can see in screen shot below i have

  • com.facebook.sdk.core error 8July 28

    This is more informative than anything. I couldn't for the life of me find anything on error code 8 when trying to access the login prompt (aka safari) when debugging my ios app. After I hit the log into facebook button in my app it would attempt to

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