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  • Facebook Graph API: Download all posts with likes and comments of those posts at the same time (paging)February 16

    I am trying to download all the posts and the comments(and replies to comments) for that post in a public facebook page. Here is the code that I am using: from facepy import GraphAPI import json page_id = "Google" access_token = "access_tok

  • Getting 'picture' from post using facepyJanuary 24

    After getting posts from a group using the facepy package I noticed that some picture are being retrieved whilst others are not. I am aware that some posts do not have any pictures attached but I have found others which do not have a 'picture' key en

  • How to get all of the Facebook Graph API page feed?January 20

    Using Python: from facepy import GraphAPI key = 'My Access_Token' a = GraphAPI(key) response = a.get('Page_ID/posts') print response If I run this code, It shows me data in JSON format! And Limited Data. I want to get Years of feeds from my page. In

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