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  • Set matrix rotation in glm::mat4February 12

    I'm trying to port some code from Autodesk FBX SDK to use glm instead. The Autodesk SDK has a class called FbxAMatrix (FBX affine matrix class - similiar to glm::mat4) which provides the funtion: void SetR(const FbxVector4& pR); /* Set matrix's Euler

  • Keep the prefab connection when updating FBX assetFebruary 12

    The steps I have perform: Added an Fbx to UnityProject FBX added to scene hirarchy I made Prefab of That Scene Object(previously imported FBX Object) Everything is working fine. I did assignment to that gameobject which is now link with prefab NOT FB

  • FBX node transform calculation

    FBX node transform calculationFebruary 6

    Recently, trying to use FBX sdk to import a 3d model made with 3dmax, i almost immediately got in trouble with transformations. A very simple mesh(a sphere split in two halves) consisting of two nodes has one of it's nodes offset no matter what. I tr

  • Unity slider controlling animationFebruary 1

    I'd like to create a slider that displays the current frame of an animation within unity, and when you move the slider it updates the current frame within the animation. So far I have (edited code) using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using Syste

  • Create 3d text in Unity

    Create 3d text in UnityJanuary 16

    How can I make text that looks like it's 3d, e.g. the one in Crossy Road, and implement it in the Unity game engine? As you can see in the .GIF below, this is 3d text... Is it an .fbx? I want to use a similar-looking text as a title in my game, the s

  • Need universal solution for importing/exporting fbx externally with 3ds MaxJanuary 15

    I'm working on a toolbox and come to notice that we don't have a very versatile solution for importing/exporting fbx to/from max externally. For max it's pretty hard to pass parameters directly through command line (or impossible? as I haven't found

  • Cannot obtain correct bone transform matrix dataJanuary 11

    I tried to obtain bone transform matrix for animation implemented with Directx11 and FBX sdk. I found this function in some web resources: fbxCluster->GetLink()->EvaluateGlobalTransform(); // base pose It seems that it is able to recursively calcula

  • Unreal Engine 4: How to make blueprints with FBX chunks of DestructibleMesh?January 8

    Into my project I imported a .FBX file that contains several small pieces. It's a helicopter rotor with about 220 parts. I now want to write blueprints with these pieces but not only with the whole thing. I already created a DestructibleMesh out of t

  • Loading FBX Files into a DirectX 9 Application

    Loading FBX Files into a DirectX 9 ApplicationJanuary 5

    I'm having an extremely difficult time trying to convert an FBX file into a format that can be used with DirectX. I've read a lot of articles on forums all over the internet and have followed instructions carefully but have not yet been successful in

  • How to generate tangent and binormal(bitangent) of a triangle polygon meshDecember 8

    I am currently using FBX sdk to acquire mesh information from obj and fbx files. However, not all meshes contain tangent and binormal(bitangent) information so I have to use the method GenerateTangentDataForAllUVSets to generate the information first

  • How to use .fbx for 2D animation in unity 2DNovember 17

    I am new to unity so please bear with me. I have come to know that for animations it is better to fbx format in unity rather than sprite sheets. I am using unity 5.2 and till now i created all my animations inside unity using sprite sheets. I have be

  • DirectXTK Model : How to draw with custom vertex & pixel shader?

    DirectXTK Model : How to draw with custom vertex & pixel shader?September 21

    Here is the code I use to render a .cmo (from .fbx) mesh : void Render() { assert(g_d3dDevice); assert(g_d3dDeviceContext); Clear(Colors::LimeGreen, 1.0f, 0); //g_d3dDeviceContext->VSSetShader(g_d3d_GEOM_VertexShader, nullptr, 0); //g_d3dDeviceContex

  • Texture not getting loaded in FBX , exported using FBX SDKSeptember 8

    I'm working on an OpenGLES2 project (iOS) in which I have to export a scene/model in to FBX format, so that it can be opened using FBX review app. I have made up to the point where the model getting loaded , with normals and material working fine , b

  • Unity - custom Export and Import FBX DataSeptember 2

    I am trying to write custom data inside a FBX file from 3dsmax at export time. This might be possible even if I don't know right now how to do that. But my question would be how can I read those custom FBX data inside Unity on import. Thanks a lot. -

  • How do I extract the UV data from an FBX file?July 23

    I've written a FBX file loader for my 3D graphics application. The FBX file was created with Blender and saved in ASCII format. I'm having trouble converting the UV data. In the file is the following: LayerElementUV: 0 { Version: 101 Name: "UVMap&quo

  • Animation not visibleJuly 6

    I made an animation with keyframes in Blender with a rig and exported it to a FBX. I then loaded it in into UE4 and I just saw the mesh fine (except for the materials, but that is another story.). So i clicked on the animation and suddenly in the edi

  • How to apply transform matrices retrieved from FBXJune 26

    I'm trying to import a skeletal animation using FBX SDK. I followed this article, managing to load all the needed data, but when I try to display the animation the mesh falls apart. My knowledge of skeletal animation is fairly limited which may be th

  • Unity not importing pivot points?May 19

    To start things off, I begin with the following set of procedures: Begin with a model in 3DS Max, which I will refer to as Cube. Confirm that Cube's pivot point is exactly in the center of it, which it is. Export Cube in FBX format. Import Cube into

  • Specific bone not present in the skeleton XNA

    Specific bone not present in the skeleton XNAMay 15

    I have created a human mesh, bone structure, and animation rig in 3ds max for an XNA game I am developing for school. I am currently having a problem with one specific bone upon build in Visual Studio. It's the 3rd bone of the right pinky and I have

  • 3ds max CAT Animation layers export

    3ds max CAT Animation layers exportApril 19

    I've made 3 absolute layers Each layers has it's own animation cycle. Now I would like to export it as FBX and import to unity3d, however, it would import only active layer. Is it possible to export it the way, it would be possible to choose later on

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